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Chapter 197: A Determined Destiny!

Chapter 197: A Determined Destiny!
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Finally, at a moment when Ling Xiao could guarantee that he would not hurt Lan Luofeng by accident, he pulled her into his embrace, holding her close as he apologised over and over again, "Luofeng, it's my fault. I shouldn't have lost my temper ..."

In Ling Xiao's arms, Lan Luofeng struggled for a bit, but finding that she really could not move, her expression crumbled and she broke out into sobs, "You bastard. You already left for 17 years ... if you don't come back, that's that, but why do you bully us, mother and child, right after coming back? Who gave you the right?"

Ling Xiao rushed to apologise again, "I'm sorry! It's my fault! It's all my fault!"

"Of course it's your fault!" As a wife, Lan Luofeng was still somewhat reasonable, but as a mother, bullying her kid was definitely unconscionable.

At this moment, how would Ling Xiao dare to say anything to defend himself? He could only continue to agree, "Yes, yes, yes, it's definitely my fault!"

Ling Lan finally understood what was meant by 'even heroes need to back off sometimes' 1 ! Against her ferocious mum, her dad could only back off. However, Ling Lan could clearly tell from the light shining from Ling Xiao's eyes that this was a willing concession on his part. This also proved that all those things Ling Xiao had said in his fury previously were all true.

Seeing this, Ling Lan let out a large sigh of relief inside her heart. Being able to see her parents of this world being lovey-dovey — happiness welled up in her heart.

However, when she saw that the two before her still showed no sign of separating, she couldn't help but sweatdrop. Hells, they should really mind their shining image, right? There were still outsiders around, you know! So, Ling Lan coughed heavily and reminded them, "Perhaps, we should sit down and discuss things properly?"

Lan Luofeng was jolted to awareness, and she quickly pushed Ling Xiao away with a face filled with embarrassment. She quickly walked over to Ling Lan and holding Ling Lan's hand, she turned with a proud look to say to Ling Xiao, "Ling Xiao, this is our child, Ling Lan. The best child ever 2 !"

Ling Xiao smiled and nodded, "Yes, I know. Ling Lan, my child, is indeed very good!" Although Ling Lan was sufficiently exceptional, Ling Xiao felt that he should not praise his son too much. He needed to push him down a little, and not pamper him like he would a daughter. Honestly, he had really wished for a daughter who resembles Lan Luofeng ... but it's alright, they would just have to continue working on it in future.

Lan Luofeng shook Ling Lan's hand in hers as she smiled blissfully, "Ling Lan, he is your daddy Ling Xiao, isn't he great?" Her face was filled with anticipation, looking forward to Ling Lan's acknowledgement of Ling Xiao, and for her to call him 'daddy'.

Ling Lan nodded and said calmly, "Mm, Mum, your judgment is pretty good." But she just could not call him 'daddy' just yet.

Perhaps Ling Lan had given all her emotions towards Ling Xiao to the spiritual entity within Ling Xiao's legacy space, so now when she was facing the real Ling Xiao, Ling Lan actually felt somewhat distant from him, making her unable to call him 'daddy' right away.

Ling Xiao seemed to understand Ling Lan's hesitance. He did not push the matter, skipping past it with a smile. Lan Luofeng could only sigh. 17 years of absence made it impossible for Ling Xiao and Ling Lan to abruptly have an affectionate father-child relationship.

Ling Lan saw that Ling Xiao and Lan Luofeng seemed to have much to say to one another; knowing that this was not a good time for them light bulbs 3 to hang around, she indicated for Ling Qin and the others to leave. This included the secret service officer, that major who had entered the Ling family mansion along with Ling Xiao.

Of course, when that major left, his expression was somewhat twisted. It was clear to see that Ling Xiao's current demeanour had completely overturned the valiant and dashing image of General Ling Xiao that all soldiers had in their hearts.

By the time Ling Lan and the others saw Ling Xiao and Lan Luofeng again, it was already the morning of the second day. As for what they had been doing all this time, Lan Luofeng's bashful manner and sultry eyes were pretty glaring clues.

At this moment, Ling Lan was seated at the dining table, playing host to the only guest free to attend breakfast — that secret service officer assigned to Ling Xiao. They were eating a simple breakfast together. Seeing her parents appear in that state, Ling Lan's facial muscles twitched involuntarily. Did these two people not know how to be a little more reserved?

Ling Lan suddenly recalled that her mum was a lustful woman nearing 40 years of age 4 , and could not help but cast a pitying glance at Ling Xiao. She hoped that he had not been squeezed dry by this mother of hers who was, at present, just like a hungry tiger or wolf.

Perhaps Ling Lan's gaze had been too obvious, for Ling Xiao's handsome face actually blushed when he met her eyes. Ling Lan was very surprised by this — who knew her dad who was over 40 would have such thin skin ...?

"What are you looking at?" As she sat down, Lan Luofeng rapped Ling Lan lightly on the head in embarrassment, secretly annoyed at how strange Ling Lan's gaze was.

"Nothing!" said Ling Lan with a straight face. Her cold and stern face looked as unmoved as ever, making Lan Luofeng almost doubt whether she had misjudged Ling Lan's expression due to her own guilty conscience.

Ling Xiao, however, was a god-class operator after all; his senses were extremely perceptive, so Ling Lan's little tricks naturally could not fool him. He coughed awkwardly and then changed the topic to say, "Right, Ling Lan, I forgot to tell you some great news!"

Ling Lan raised a brow, unsure what great news Ling Xiao could be referring to.

"You will be guaranteed admission into the First Men's Military Academy! The school's acceptance letter should be here in a few days." Ling Xiao's following words made Ling Lan spit out the milk in her mouth she had yet to swallow. Meanwhile, Lan Luofeng's chopsticks fell from her hand to drop onto the plates on the table, causing a ringing clatter to echo in the room.

"What did you say?" said Ling Lan in fright as she coughed.

Smiling proudly, Ling Xiao said, "I said, you can go study at the First Men's Military Academy now." His expression that was all but screaming 'quick, thank me!' almost made Ling Lan feel like kicking him in the face.

"Don't you know that my body's injuries still haven't fully recovered? Even if I go, I won't be able to get past the first year of extra tough physical conditioning." Ling Lan's composure had finally cracked; she could not hold back her exasperation as she replied.

Ling Xiao's expression was solemn as he replied, "Of course I know. But, Ling Lan, don't worry, I have arranged everything. For the first year, you will receive special treatment and be exempt from exams. I will make sure to let your body recover fully before letting you go through physical conditioning. I will not let your body retain any latent problems."

Ling Xiao's words were said with steel-like conviction. He had already considered everything that needed to be considered, the only thing that he had not considered was the problematic off-chance that his son was actually a daughter ...

Looking at the self-satisfied Ling Xiao who seemed to have thought of everything, Ling Lan looked speechlessly at Lan Luofeng. Her eyes were questioning: Mum, did you not tell Dad about my true gender ...?

Lan Luofeng shot back with her gaze: Can't you see I just hadn't found the time yet?

Ling Lan puffed up her cheeks, filled with contempt for her mum. She dare say that the two of them had been too busy canoodling, and so her mum had completely forgotten that there was still this major issue to communicate.

Lan Luofeng glanced at the secret service officer, He Xuyang, who was stealing careful glances at them from one corner of the dining table. Ling Xiao had introduced him previously as the officer who had been assigned to him by headquarters after he became a general. Whether he was loyal to Ling Xiao remained to be seen in the coming days. As such, such a major issue as Ling Lan's gender was not appropriate to be shared with Ling Xiao here.

Yet, this matter was of the utmost urgency and could not be concealed any longer. Mind you, once Ling Lan entered the Men's Academy, she would have to undergo a full body check-up. At that time, Ling Lan's female gender would not be able to remain hidden — this was also the main reason why Lan Luofeng had not wanted Ling Lan to enter a boys' military school.

Frantic, Lan Luofeng abruptly stood up, and pulled Ling Xiao, who had just been about to eat breakfast, up with her as well.

"Ling Xiao, I feel there is something I still need to share with you," said Lan Luofeng.

Ling Xiao's face was filled with bafflement, but he still complied with Lan Luofeng's arrangement. He put down his bowl and chopsticks and left the dining hall with Lan Luofeng, returning to the bedroom where they had spent a sensuous night.

Of course, as they left, Ling Xiao happened to see the astonished expression of the major, who seemed somewhat shocked at his amazing stamina ... this made Ling Xiao's face burn with mortification — Lan Luofeng's words had truly left too much room for interpretation.

The moment Lan Luofeng arrived at the bedroom, she shut the door and pounced forward to cling to Ling Xiao and said, "Ling Xiao, Ling Lan definitely cannot be allowed to go to the First Men's Military Academy."

Ling Xiao was taken aback. "Why?" He had already arranged everything — why was Lan Luofeng and Ling Lan so against this? Ling Lan's expression at the dining table had been too obvious; he naturally picked up on his son's true feelings on the matter.

Through clenched teeth, Lan Luofeng hissed softly, "That's because Ling Lan is a girl. She's a daughter, not a son!"

Ling Xiao was instantly stupefied. Face filled with disbelief, he stuttered, "Wh-what d-did you say?"

"I said that our Ling Lan is a daughter not a son," Lan Luofeng repeated.

"Daughter?!" Before Ling Xiao could yell out in shock, Lan Luofeng had covered his mouth and forced those words back into his throat.

"It's fine if you know. What are you yelling for?" Lan Luofeng glared at Ling Xiao with censure.

Ling Xiao could not help but rub his forehead, "How did you even think of getting Ling Lan to pretend to be a son?"

Lan Luofeng said angrily, "Isn't this all because of your sudden death? In order to inherit your premium military benefits, I had no choice. Otherwise who knows if the two of us, mother and child, would have been flayed and eaten alive by those greedy Ling elite family members?"

Ling Xiao was instantly enlightened. Back then, everyone must have been eyeing the right to inherit what he had left behind. Even if Lan Luofeng had been willing to surrender Ling Lan's inheritance rights, to make sure there were no loose ends, the Ling family clan would definitely have secretly gotten rid of Ling Lan even if they left Lan Luofeng alone. Only if Ling Lan obtained the right to inherit would she also receive care and protection from the military, thus earning the safety and security to continue living. This was one of the reasons why Lan Luofeng had chosen as she had. At the heart of it, it was still his, Ling Xiao's, fault!

Ling Xiao hugged Lan Luofeng close lovingly, and couldn't help but sigh in gratitude, "Luofeng, thank you, for protecting our daughter."

Lan Luofeng pounded Ling Xiao's chest once in response, and said worriedly, "What do we do now?"

Ling Xiao's mind whirled. Because the plan to guarantee Ling Lan's admission into the First Men's Military Academy had been obtained after so much effort on his part, if he suddenly said that his son wasn't going anymore, all those involved in arranging this, including the marshal, would definitely become suspicious. This was because he had truly planned everything too perfectly, almost excluding all possible reasons not to go.

If Ling Lan did not go, they might start paying even more attention to her instead ... If Ling Lan had previously shown herself to be a degenerate good-for-nothing, they might still be able to argue that Ling Lan was unwilling to work hard and suffer through training. But unfortunately, Ling Lan had performed exceptionally well at the scout academy, and was a truly buildable prodigy in everyone's eyes ...

This would just lead everyone to speculate in other directions, perhaps even placing Ling Lan under closer military surveillance — this was definitely nothing good for Ling Lan. On the other hand, entering the First Men's Military Academy, the main issue would be how to conceal her real gender from others ...

Ling Lan's stony visage floated to the forefront of Ling Xiao's mind — there was nothing at all feminine about her. Honestly speaking, if he were to stand side-by-side with Ling Lan, and let others guess who was the girl between the two of them, the probability of others mistaking him over Ling Lan for a girl would be much higher. It was safe to say that Ling Lan had already achieved a miraculous realm with her impersonation of a man.

At this thought, Ling Xiao couldn't help but admire Lan Luofeng at her success in training their daughter to impersonate a man. No one had discovered the charade these past 16 years, including the marshal and himself — everyone had truly believed that Ling Lan was a boy.

Ling Xiao's brain began to swiftly shift through which events in the military academy would threaten to expose Ling Lan's gender, and then find a method to resolve it. In the end, he found that if he manipulated things well enough, Ling Lan could safely evade all the threats and remain undiscovered. As long as Ling Lan could graduate successfully from the military academy, Ling Xiao believed that with his resourcefulness, he could definitely construct an alternate identity for Ling Lan, allowing Ling Lan to live freely within his 23rd Division with two separate identities ...

Overall, it would be much better than thrusting Ling Lan into the military's sights right this moment! Ling Xiao decided instantly that he would still let Ling Lan study at the First Men's Military Academy.

Although Ling Xiao had decided, at the thought that he would be sending his precious daughter into a den of hungry wolves and tigers 5 , his chest felt tight and he could almost vomit blood.

He could not help but clench his hands into tight fists, and growl mentally: If any presumptuous snot-nosed brat dared to lay a finger on his precious daughter, he would definitely tear the other to pieces, crush his bones, and scatter his ashes!