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Chapter 198: Cruel Punishment

Chapter 198: Cruel Punishment
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Ling Xiao's planning was quite perfect, but it did not receive Lan Luofeng's approval. In fact, when Lan Luofeng heard that Ling Xiao had decided to let Ling Lan study in the First Men's Military Academy anyway, she went berserk.

Lan Luofeng did not want her daughter to continue impersonating a man. Ling Lan was already 16 years old — this was the best time for a young girl to develop, but because she had to impersonate a man, to avoid being discovered, Ling Lan had always been injected with hormone suppressors, restricting the oestrogen levels in her body to prevent the development of her gender. The military had always insisted that hormone suppressors were harmless to the human body, and that once one stopped using them, one's body would quickly recover its equilibrium and return to normal.

Of course, the military had not invented this hormone suppressor for contraceptive purposes, nor was it meant for turning women into men — rather, it was meant to ensure the survival ability of female soldiers on the battlefield.

Mind you, there would always be several days every month when a woman would be inconvenienced and feel uncomfortable, their spiritual energy and physical strength dropping below their usual standards. It was still fine during regular times, but in the event of a battle, these reasons would cause a female soldier's combat capability to drop, risking her life. Thus, any female soldier who was about to enter a battlefield would be injected with a shot of hormone suppressor beforehand, ensuring that they were not bothered by feminine issues for half a year.

Of course, agents such as this hormone suppressor were categorised as semi-restricted medicinal agents, unavailable to the general populace. However, the Ling family had had two generations within the upper ranks of the military, after all. Even though Ling Xiao had died, the connections he left behind had still been enough to gain these not highly sought agents for the Ling family quite easily.

Ever since Ling Lan turned 10, she had begun injecting herself with these hormone suppressors, and this had continued for 6 years. Lan Luofeng had always been concerned that Ling Lan would suffer some lasting complications due to the long-term use of these hormone suppressors. After all, female soldiers would not be injected with hormone suppressors over a long period of time like Ling Lan — they would only take a shot right before battle during critical periods, and once the battle ended, they would stop using the suppressors immediately.

This time, Ling Xiao's sudden revival had given Lan Luofeng a great joyful surprise while also letting her put down the great rock she had pressing on her heart all this while. Lan Luofeng thought that as long as Ling Xiao was back, Ling Lan's impersonation as a man would naturally be resolved.

This was why when Lan Luofeng had first heard that Ling Xiao had bumblingly sent their daughter into the First Men's Military Academy before knowing the truth, though she had been stunned, she had not been worried or angry. After all, Ling Xiao just hadn't known that Ling Lan was a girl at the time. Therefore, Lan Luofeng had rationally pulled Ling Xiao back to their bedroom to discreetly tell Ling Xiao this secret.

Lan Luofeng had initially hoped that Ling Xiao would then think of a way to refuse Ling Lan's acceptance into the First Men's Military Academy, but unexpectedly, the answer she received in the end was still to let her precious daughter continue living as a man for another 6 years. Not just that, she would have to do so living under the same roof as a group of other men ... this made Lan Luofeng blow her top.

"No way! I will not allow my daughter to enter the all-male First Men's Military Academy. Ling Lan is a girl!" Lan Luofeng was currently extremely thankful that every bedroom in the Ling family mansion had been installed with soundproofing — even if the two of them were screaming at one another, no one outside would be able to hear.

"I know. I promise I will arrange everything properly. No one will discover Ling Lan's true gender." Ling Xiao tried to reassure the hysterical Lan Luofeng, trying to calm her down.

But these words of his just made Lan Luofeng even madder. She pointed an angry finger at Ling Xiao's nose, "Ling Xiao, what is the basis of your promise? 17 years ago, you promised that you would return, but you broke your promise, ending up 'dead' for a whole 17 years, leaving me and Ling Lan to suffer and be bullied, even ending up in this kind of difficult situation. Now, you're talking to me again of promises? Will you only be content after Ling Lan's life and reputation are utterly ruined?"

At this moment, Lan Luofeng was completely unwilling to believe anything Ling Xiao had to say. As a mother, her concerns and fears were much greater than Ling Xiao's — she knew well that if Ling Lan's true gender ever got out while she was in the First Men's Military Academy, Ling Lan's life would truly be over. No one would be willing to believe in her chastity and innocence, especially since she had been living together with so many men in one place.

Even if Ling Lan did not mind, and Ling Xiao did not mind, as a mother, Lan Luofeng could not accept her own daughter being side-eyed and treated with scorn by others. This would drive her mad!

"I had already had everything planned out, letting Ling Lan distance herself from Doha, distance herself from the sights of the upper ranks of the military so that she could slowly fade out and recover her true gender to live freely ... but all this was ruined by you! Why did you not return earlier or later, choosing precisely this time to come back?"

So speaking, Lan Luofeng's eyes were glittering with resentment. She hated that Ling Xiao had returned at such a coincidental time, returning at this critical period when Ling Lan was about to decide her future path ... and then presumptuously changing the path they had already arranged, causing Ling Lan to once again fall into such a dangerous plight.

"I'm sorry, Luofeng, I was too impatient. When I saw that Ling Lan had missed the opportunity to enter the First Men's Military Academy due to her injuries, I lost control. I just didn't want my child to be disappointed — she was so exceptional at the scout academy; she must have wanted to enter the First Men's Military Academy ... I just assumed." Ling Xiao hugged Lan Luofeng close as he apologised repeatedly, "What's done is done. I can only do my best to make up for this mistake. Refusing is not impossible, but the risk Ling Lan will face in doing so will not be any less than if she were to enter the First Men's Military Academy!"

When Lan Luofeng heard there would be risks involved either way, she calmed down and waited. Ling Xiao immediately took the chance to explain to her the reasoning behind his decision.

Ling Xiao belonged to the marshal's camp. There were many in the military who did not submit to the marshal — among the nine great generals, four belonged to other factions, while two maintained their neutrality. If these factions had not been at each other's throats fighting for power constantly, not at all cooperative with one another, the marshal would not have been secure in his First Marshal's seat for over 10 years.

But even so, at any sign of trouble, the opponent would look for an excuse to attack the marshal, so the marshal could not guarantee that his position would continue to remain secure. Ling Xiao had no choice but consider this as well. It should be known that the marshal had invested a lot in gaining special admission into the First Men's Military Academy for Ling Lan.

If Ling Lan refused this admission in the end, the opponent factions would certainly not let this opportunity go by. They would set their targets on Ling Lan and monitor her from the shadows to find out the true reason for her refusal ... Even if they found nothing, they were also likely to manufacture something that would cause the marshal, who had approved and fought for her admission, to lose face ...

This would definitely cause the marshal's camp to descend into a passive and disadvantaged position. As part of the marshal's camp, Ling Xiao naturally did not want to see this happen, but most importantly, he was afraid that with his lone pair of fists, he would not be able to keep Ling Lan safe from danger.

Even if Lan Luofeng heard nothing else, she got the point that Ling Lan would be in danger if this resulted in long-term surveillance. Lan Luofeng was an intelligent woman — she quickly figured out which option would be more beneficial to Ling Lan. Ling Xiao's decision was not wrong.

Still, although she understood, the rage in her chest was still simmering. It was this Ling Xiao before her with his presumptuousness that had forced her precious daughter to have no choice but to delay regaining her true identity by 6 years ... no matter how she looked at Ling Xiao right now, she just felt irritated!

"Ling Xiao, do you still remember those promises you made when you proposed?" After calming down, Lan Luofeng was rather scary.

Cold sweat welled up on Ling Xiao's forehead, but he did not dare not to answer, "I remember."

"Back then, what was the 4th promise you made to me?" asked Lan Luofeng icily. Right then, she seemed to have the air of a soldier about her.

"After marriage, I will make sure my wife is forever happy and well. I will never make my wife angry. If I break this promise, punishment is up to my wife." Ling Xiao's memory was excellent; he could immediately recite his 4th promise.

"Ling Xiao, right now I am very unhappy, very unwell. I am very, very angry. What do you think I should do?" bit out Lan Luofeng, word by word.

"I know, Luofeng. Tell me then, I will take any punishment." Ling Xiao grimaced. He had no excuse — it was true that he had not upheld the promise he had made back then. Not only did he leave for the battlefield when they had just been newly wed, causing Lan Luofeng much distress, he had even gone missing for 17 years after that, leaving Lan Luofeng to hold up this family all on her own. And now, when he returned, he had immediately created another mess, causing Lan Luofeng to boil over in rage ... he indeed deserved punishment.

"I have decided. Before Ling Lan regains her female identity, I will not allow you to step one foot into my room ..." With that said, Lan Luofeng turned away without a backwards glance at Ling Xiao, opening the bedroom door and walking out.

Ling Xiao was left gaping blankly, before he came to himself and ran after her, shouting, "Luofeng, don't treat me this way, let's discuss things properly ..." He gave chase, pleading with Lan Luofeng to take back those terrible words.

Lan Luofeng's punishment was just too cruel — wasn't this forcing him to become a monk for 6 years? Although he had already abstained and been one for 17 years, at that time he was being a vegetarian without meat in sight 1 , so of course he could bear it. But things were different now. His favourite dish was tempting him every day in front of his eyes, but he was not allowed to eat it? This was definitely a type of flagellation and abuse from the soul ...

Ling Lan saw Lan Luofeng charging back huffily, ignoring Ling Xiao chasing behind her, and just knew that the situation was probably not good.

Meanwhile, the moment Ling Xiao arrived at the dining hall, his initially frantic emotions silently faded away, to be replaced with a calm gentleness. However, Ling Lan could still clearly sense that trace of awkwardness remaining in his heart ... looks like, against Lan Luofeng in a towering rage, Ling Xiao was equally as helpless.

Lan Luofeng's displeasure was really too obvious. He Xuyang did not dare to linger; he swiftly finished off his breakfast and then found a random excuse to leave the dining hall. Ling Lan's gaze signalled for Ling Qin to follow him and send him off, but it was actually to ensure there was no one else in the surroundings because what's next would be a discussion for their family alone. It was really very important that no one else learned anything of it.

Even though Ling Xiao was calmly eating his breakfast, he was still observing the expressions of everyone in the dining hall. Seeing Ling Lan's caution in handling things, a surge of pride rose in his heart: Look, this is my daughter!

Compared to a son, Ling Xiao was even worse at resisting a daughter ...

"Is the decision for me to enter the First Men's Military Academy set in stone?" After receiving Ling Qin's confirmation that the coast was clear, Ling Lan stared at Ling Xiao steadily as she asked.

"Well, no, but the risk of refusing is too great, both for you and for me." Ling Xiao did not prevaricate. He then detailed all the possible consequences of refusing to Ling Lan, and concluded, "The final decision is still up to you. If you really don't want to go, I, Ling Xiao, can still take the fallout. However, the danger to you will be a little greater."

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