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Chapter 199: Fellow Disciples?

Chapter 199: Fellow Disciples?
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At this moment, Lan Luofeng could not hold back from saying, "Ling Lan, don't worry too much. Your father can handle things." Although Lan Luofeng was extremely annoyed with Ling Xiao, her trust in Ling Xiao was still unshaken.

Ling Lan thought for a moment, and then asked, "Can you make sure my gender won't be discovered?" Since Ling Xiao had decided to send her into the military academy, he must have a sure plan.

"Yes, I will arrange everything." Ling Xiao's eyes were filled with confidence; he would never take any chances with his daughter's life.

"Then I'll go," Ling Lan decided. Honestly, the greatest reason why she had not wanted to go study at the military academy was that she feared her true gender being discovered; there were just too many events involving body check-ups over the first year. She had the confidence to hide once or twice, but with such a large number of occasions, she was uncertain she could keep the charade going. Since Ling Xiao could help her eliminate this problem, Ling Lan naturally had nothing else to worry about.

Besides, Ling Lan really wanted to see Qi Long, Han Jijyun, Luo Lang, and the others again. When they found out that she would be studying with them at the First Men's Military Academy, their expressions would probably be supremely interesting.

A faint smile bloomed on the corners of Ling Lan's lips. Honestly speaking, she had really been reluctant to part with them. She had spent so many years with the group after all ... the ties and emotions among them had already burrowed into their respective bones — they were not something she could so easily cut away.

Ling Lan's decision brought a temporary end to the fight between Ling Xiao and Lan Luofeng. The family of three could finally put their attention on their breakfast. However, as the first meal together as a reunited family, the atmosphere was a little strange. It should have been heart-warming, but due to the remnant outrage in Lan Luofeng's heart, along with Ling Lan's subtle discomfort towards Ling Xiao, the overall atmosphere was rather awkward.

Although Ling Xiao tried his best to please Lan Luofeng and Ling Lan, the latter two were in no mood to accommodate him. This caused Ling Xiao to suffer through a rather awkward breakfast, dejection colouring his brow subconsciously.

Seeing this familiar expression, Ling Lan's hand, which was holding her chopsticks, trembled. Right then, Ling Xiao's expression was almost exactly like the expression of the Ling Xiao in the legacy space when she had refused to call him 'daddy'. This made Ling Lan's heart pound, that initial sense of unfamiliarity with this Ling Xiao abruptly melting away. At this moment, she finally felt that the gentle Ling Xiao before her now who loved to smile, was truly the same Ling Xiao that she had willingly called 'daddy' previously ... the current Ling Xiao just did not know this yet.

Ling Lan opened her mouth, but still did not manage to utter 'daddy'. The spiritual entity Ling Xiao was the Ling Xiao of 17 years ago, while the Ling Xiao now was the Ling Xiao of 17 years later 1 . Whether in terms of appearance or physical aura, the two were somewhat different. This brief period of time spent together was not enough for Ling Lan to get over these differences. Besides, Ling Lan had always been a girl who did not open her heart readily to others.

"In that unknown world, were there also many strange and wonderful things?" Even though she wasn't able to call Ling Xiao 'daddy' just yet, Ling Lan still could not bear to see Ling Xiao being so awkward. So, she decided to help him out by initiating a conversation.

Ling Lan's question caused Ling Xiao's eyes to light up. His initially somewhat dejected expression instantly become energetic and lively, and he said excitedly, "Yes! Although the technology there was outdated, they had very rich mineral resources. Many of the materials there are those which the Federation lacks. But, please don't spread this information, I did not tell anyone else about this ..."

Seeing Ling Xiao animatedly telling Ling Lan all about the unknown world he had been at, a smile gradually emerged on Lan Luofeng's face. Ling Xiao and Ling Lan were the two people she loved the most; of course she wanted the two of them to get along. At this moment, Lan Luofeng had completely forgotten to hold onto her grudge against Ling Xiao.

Right then, Ling Lan was actually somewhat regretting her choice of topic. She had not pegged Ling Xiao as a chatterbox, but once he started speaking he could not be stopped ... this made a green vein pop out on her forehead, and she almost flipped the dining table to signal an end to the topic.

Ling Lan did not know that, if it wasn't for her question, Ling Xiao would not have been so excited about the topic and spilled everything about the unknown world in a rush to her. Clearly, Ling Lan's curious tone had thrilled Ling Xiao beyond reason, causing him to lose his composure. He just wanted to make his daughter happy —— any Twenty-four Filial Exemplars dad would involuntarily become foolish, long-winded, and unprincipled in front of his daughter.

As if taking pity on Ling Lan's poor ears, the heavens sent someone to rescue her. A cold harrumph rang out in the dining hall, "If you've returned, why have you not scrambled over to see me?"

Ling Xiao was in the middle of his excited narration when he was shocked by this sudden voice. He leapt up quickly and choked out, "Master! Why are you here?"

"Darn brat, can't I be here?" Although Mu Shui-qing was scolding Ling Xiao, his tone was emotional. It was clear to see how much Ling Xiao's return had impacted the old man. If not because he wanted to give Ling Xiao some personal time with his family, Mu Shui-qing would definitely have come seek Ling Xiao out as soon as he heard the news.

Only then did Ling Xiao remember that it was Mu Shui-qing's appearance 3 years ago which had saved Ling Lan's life. His master must have been worried that Ling Lan would suffer another assassination attempt, and so had remained at the Ling family mansion to protect her.

Ling Xiao was instantly overcome with remorse. Because of him, his wandering master had no choice but to stop his travels to stay at the Ling family mansion to protect Ling Lan. In the end, it was still his failing ...

"Ling Lan, bring Ling Xiao over to see me." Mu Shui-qing did not bother himself with Ling Xiao's thoughts. He gave an order directly to Ling Lan, and then went utterly silent.

"Yes, Master!" replied Ling Lan calmly. Her voice was not very loud — you could perhaps even call it very soft — so Ling Xiao, lost in his guilty feelings, did not notice what she said.

Ling Lan's cold face could not help but twitch as she glanced at the pensive Ling Xiao. She had forgotten that she had another identity — as a disciple of Mu Shui-qing as well, Ling Xiao would be her senior brother ...

They were father and daughter, but also fellow disciples of the same sect ... the seniority and relationship hierarchy between them was really such a mess!

Conflicted, Ling Lan put down her bowl and chopsticks. Standing up, she waved goodbye to Lan Luofeng, and then departed swiftly from the dining hall. Alright, right now, she too was utterly confounded by the complicated tangle of her relationship with her father.

Ling Lan's greeting startled Ling Xiao out of his reverie, and without her having to call him, Ling Xiao too said goodbye to Lan Luofeng and followed Ling Lan out of the house to arrive at a back courtyard —— the site of Mu Shui-qing's seclusion.

The moment they entered the yard, they saw Mu Shui-qing sitting up straight on a wooden chair in the garden. Ling Xiao saw that Mu Shui-qing's hair was all white now. Though he continued to smile, his eyes abruptly turned red as he cried out softly, "Master!"

Mu Shui-qing peered intently at Ling Xiao, cataloguing the condition of his body, before nodding in satisfaction. "Not bad, no signs of any latent problems." Apparently, Mu Shui-qing's first priority was to scan Ling Xiao's body for any problems. After all, back then, Ling Xiao had been blasted by a tremendous force to an unknown world — though he managed to survive, he must have received some heavy damage back then.

Mu Shui-qing had been extremely afraid that Ling Xiao had paid the price of depleting his vital energies to earn the chance of survival. But now, from the looks of it, the situation was not as horrible as he had imagined. This reassured him greatly.

"Thank you, Master!" said Ling Xiao gratefully. He naturally knew what Mu Shui-qing had done.

"Other than to check you over properly, there is one more thing I want you to do," said Mu Shui-qing.

"Please instruct me, Master," said Ling Xiao respectfully, slightly toning down his smile.

"Help your master assess Lan-er 2 ," said Mu Shui-qing, pointing to Ling Lan, who was standing behind Ling Xiao.

"Ah? Master ..." Ling Xiao's small smile froze. He would never have expected that this was what Mu Shui-qing had wanted him to do. Ling Lan was only 16 years old — could she withstand the force of presence of a god-class operator?

"I forgot to tell you. Three years ago, I've already taken on Ling Lan as my true disciple. In fact, she is already your junior sister." After spending three years together, Mu Shui-qing naturally knew Ling Lan's true gender by now.

That said, Mu Shui-qing began to laugh heartily. Ling Lan could just feel the trace of mischief running through Mu Shui-qing's laughter — he really gave off the impression of an old prankster right then.

Hearing this, Ling Xiao's expression changed drastically. He almost spewed blood, and could no longer hold onto that unchanging smile on his face. Flustered, he said, "Master, Ling Lan is my daughter!" Couldn't you have taken on Ling Lan as my disciple on my behalf instead?!

Mu Shui-qing glared at him. "Before me, the only thing that matters is the relationship within the sect. At other times, it's up to you what you want to call each other."

Mu Shui-qing's determination caused Ling Xiao to rub at his forehead, head aching. At this moment, he no longer had any bit of his usual genial air, his entire aura rather prickly. Godd*mmit, what the hell was this?! He had not even gained his daughter's acknowledgement — and now his seniority was undercut by a whole generation, making him his own daughter's senior brother? No wonder the common folk all called his master an old beast — sure enough, he did not act on logic, but on personal whim.

Ling Xiao began to resent his master's offbeat manner of doing things.

"Master, father and I do not suit this type of address. Let us just address each other as normal." Ling Lan was just as conflicted, suddenly finding that calling Ling Xiao 'senior brother' was even harder than calling him 'daddy' ... Previously, since Ling Xiao was dead, Ling Lan had not thought this would be an issue.

Hearing Ling Lan verbally acknowledge him as her father, Ling Xiao felt a frisson of joy course through his heart. But he was immediately depressed again. This meant that Ling Lan only acknowledged their blood relation; it did not mean that Ling Lan had accepted him emotionally, otherwise Ling Lan would have just called him 'daddy' rather than 'father'. Ling Xiao was very clear on the difference between the two forms of address.

However, Ling Xiao immediately bucked up again. Since Ling Lan had already acknowledged the truth of their blood relation, he believed that it would not be long before she would be able to accept him wholeheartedly as her dad.

Ling Xiao's heart was filled with motivation — to obtain the acknowledgement of the two most important women in his life, he would definitely work hard. He would use all his love to fill up the gaps left by his absence of 17 years.

Seeing the conflicted and rebellious looks on the faces of his two disciples, Mu Shui-qing could only regretfully set aside his pranking nature. Still, Ling Xiao's reaction had pleased him well — he had finally managed to rip that unchanging smile off of Ling Xiao's face! So it wasn't that Ling Xiao was inherently even-tempered ... it was just that there had been nothing important enough in the past to warrant a change in his expression!

"Oh alright, suit yourselves." Mu Shui-qing finally let Ling Xiao and Ling Lan off the hook. This made both Ling Xiao and Ling Lan sigh internally — if Mu Shui-qing had truly insisted, they could only have obeyed their master's command against their will, and first address each other as fellow disciples. Of course, this would undoubtedly be rubbing salt into the wounds on Ling Xiao's heart. After all, right now, he still had not managed to have Ling Lan willingly acknowledge him as her dad yet.

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