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Chapter 210: The Operation Begins!

Chapter 210: The Operation Begins!
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Qi Long's speed was very fast, moving almost between blinks. Because the young leader was currently fully focused on Luo Lang, he was not on guard against a sneak attack from Qi Long. Thus, Qi Long's unexpected strike hit the other square in the face, and the young leader was sent flying by this one punch to crash heavily to the ground ...

"Leader!" The crew members on the scene cried out in shock. They were shocked that their leader had been struck down with just one punch, and also furious at the other side's shameless sneak attack.

Seeing this, Luo Lang stopped attacking and stood to a side. He cast a discontented glance at Qi Long. "I could have handled him." This one glance was unimaginably flirtatious 1 !

Qi Long seemed oblivious — he only lifted up his right hand to reveal the communicator on his wrist. Luo Lang instantly understood — Boss Lan's orders must have arrived.


"Right now, the one that attacked, is he that youth's team leader?" In the captain's room, the major's interest was piqued by Qi Long who had abruptly attacked.

"He should be!" said the captain, frowning. He rather disliked this sneak attack method of Qi Long's.


Meanwhile, in the cafeteria, five or six furious crewmen leapt at Qi Long, prepared to teach this despicable punk a lesson.

Qi Long stood his ground, glaring coldly at these crewmen coming at him. Right before they could touch his body, he gave a great bellow, the Qi-Jin in his body circulating rapidly as he stomped the ground heavily with his left foot. With the rebound force produced, he sprang into the air, and let loose with both legs ...

"Bam!" "Bam!" "Bam!" ...

Consecutive sounds of bodies being kicked rang out, and these crewmen were sent flying back like flower petals being scattered by a heavenly flower girl 2 . They fell heavily to the ground and tumbled to the side. One of the crewmen even ended up being bowled in Luo Lang's direction. Facing this sudden human projectile, Luo Lang shifted one small step, and with a slight twist of his body, the crewman grazed by him to crash into the ground ...

At this moment, the young leader had already got back on his feet. Seeing Qi Long knocking down these crew members so easily, he could not help but exclaim with a dark expression, "Qi-Jin stage!"

These three words were hissed through clenched teeth. He would never have thought that such a monster would be concealed within this batch of new cadets. A 16-year-old at Qi-Jin stage ... this was absolutely a legendary existence.

"Qi-Jin stage? How can this be?" The captain, who had been paying close attention to the situation in the cafeteria in his room, heard what the young leader said and could not help but shout.

The major smiled wryly, "Perhaps, the Central Scout Academy has been so quiet for so many years because they were focused on cultivating this monster ..." Ye Yifan, are you preparing your comeback now?

"The military academy may really be in for an upheaval," sighed the major.

"If the other is really at Qi-Jin stage, Lil' Ghost is definitely no match for him!" said the captain with a grim countenance, "I must go and see." He could not afford to let the boat capsize in a ditch 3 . Failing to teach these fresh cadets a lesson, while his capable subordinates were beaten so badly they fell into a funk in the end.

"Mm, it's time for you to go quell the situation." The major was in full agreement. If they did not suppress that Qi-Jin stage fresh cadet, their test was likely to be nipped in the bud, for those students would definitely no longer have any fear of them.

"Don't worry, I will teach him a good lesson. On my turf, no one has ever dared be this cocky." That said, the captain departed from his room.

The captain's movement was immediately reported by Little Four to Ling Lan. Ling Lan clenched a victory fist internally, mentally cheering a loud 'YES' — they had finally managed to hook the captain out of his room 4 ...

However, they still needed to wait a little longer ... Ling Lan held back the excitement in her heart. Her expression extraordinarily calm, she remained still in her seat, closely monitoring the captain's progress.

At this time, some of the students in the hall not from the Central Scout Academy were extremely curious over the large assembly of around 100 students around Ling Lan. One of them slunk up to a Central Scout Academy student right on the fringes of the group and asked softly, "I want to ask, what's the plan behind so many of you gathering here?"

The Central Scout Academy student was actually not very clear why Ling Lan had called them all here — he only knew that it would definitely be something big and exciting. He smiled apologetically at the student who asked, but did not reply verbally.

Seeing that the Central Scout Academy student had no intention of sating his curiosity, the other student could only give up and return back to his companions.

"Did you get any news?" asked one of his companions softly.

That students shook his head regretfully, but said firmly, "There must be some plot. They just do not want to let us know." He looked towards a pensive-looking youth, and could not help but ask him, "Third Elder Brother, what should we do now?"

The pensive youth was startled out of his thoughts by this question. He frowned as he lifted his head, and throwing a glance in Ling Lan's direction, he said, "Wait! So many people won't suddenly disappear. We'll definitely find out what they're up to in the end. "

Over this past half of the day, he had basically figured out that these students were all from the Central Scout Academy. In the past, the students of that academy had always been the object of their envy-jealousy-hate, but from now on, they were all standing at the same starting line.

And it was for precisely that reason that he was unwilling to be excluded by these prodigies at this juncture ...

"Okay, we'll do what you say, Third Elder Brother." These few people had only managed to qualify for the First Men's Military Academy because of him, so they were very deferential to him, willing to follow his will in all things.


When Ling Lan confirmed that the captain had entered the branch passage heading to the cafeteria, she knew that the time to act had arrived. She abruptly stood up, swept her gaze across the students around her, and said softly, "The game begins! Don't ask any questions. Just follow your own team leaders. A bit later on, they will explain what exactly we are planning to do."

Wu Jiong and Li Yingjie nodded at Ling Lan, and then they led 30 over people into passages in two different directions, leaving the main hall ... a majority of the team members followed their team leaders, nonplussed, but the ten or so team leaders present all knew what they needed to do.

The passage that Wu Jiong chose was headed for the engine room — he needed to gain control of the engine room as soon as possible. It should be known that once the power was cut in the engine room, the spaceship would enter a paralysed state where all its systems would be unable to run normally. To take control of the ship, this place was indispensable. Due to the great importance of the engine room, Ling Lan had given this challenging task to Wu Jiong.

Meanwhile, Li Yingjie was headed for the living quarters of the crew. They needed to suppress the crew members inside at soonest notice. They could not allow the crew members to catch their breath and gather together to fight back.

Ling Lan swept her gaze over the remaining people in the room, and said coldly, "Follow me!"

She led the way out of the main hall, Han Jijyun and Lin Zhong-qing close behind her. The remaining students looked at each other in excitement, and then hurried to keep up, not daring to dawdle.

Ling Lan's task was the heaviest. The path she chose required them to take control of two places, one of which was the spaceship's central control room. Mind you, all the facilities and procedures were coordinated and controlled from there. These included the power system, the gravitational system, the surveillance system, the weapons system, the mecha system, detection system, etcetera. All these systems were monitored and controlled by specialised staff. Ling Lan could still ignore the other systems, but to lock down the doors of the different sections, one needed to take control of that room.

Although Ling Lan was sure that the spaceship's side would not mobilise their mecha, Ling Lan decided to eliminate all possibility of that happening anyway. Therefore, Ling Lan decided to take control of the central control room and seal off the mecha hold where all the mecha were being kept so the other party would have no chance to even get close to the mecha!

Besides this place, the other place they needed to take control of was the captain's room behind the central control room. The core of the ship's mainframe was there — only by taking control of the captain's room could they crack the mainframe's authority and gain the right of control, thus truly obtaining the ship's control rights.

Originally, the captain's room was the hardest to conquer because the most capable captain was stationed there. However, due to Ling Lan's planning, this was no longer a problem. This made it much easier for Ling Lan and the students to gain the control rights of the spaceship.

Although the difficulty seemed much reduced, Ling Lan still did not let down her guard — because Little Four had warned her that there was still one person in the captain's room, and Ling Lan was unclear on that mysterious person's capabilities. This added a certain degree of uncertainty to their plan.

In the main hall, very soon, there was not a single Central Scout Academy student left.

"Third Elder Brother, which team should we follow?" One of the members of the group which had been watching Ling Lan and company closely could not help but ask anxiously.

"This one!" The one they called 'Third Elder Brother' still remembered who the head of that group was — it was that student who everyone reverentially called Boss Lan. He had the most interest in him.

This group of people carefully trailed behind Ling Lan's party, slowly following it deeper into the passageway.

Ling Lan's party very quickly divided themselves into combat units, three to a team for a total of 12 teams. The odd man out, Ling Lan, was a solo team on her own. Every time they came to the hiding spot of a crew member, they handled it by pitting one team against one opponent.

To begin with, these students were exceptional prodigies of the Central Scout Academy; their combat prowess was not weak. On top of that, pitting three-man teams against each crew member let them breeze through all the way, bringing down all the concealed sentries without causing much of a stir.

However, they soon met an unforeseen incident. Perhaps the smooth sailing caused the Central Scout Academy students to somewhat lose their focus — when it came to the twelfth batch of sentry crewmen, they bumped into a tough nut to crack. A three-man attack actually did not manage to put down the opponent.

That person reacted quickly — he did not choose to fight back, instead moving towards the hidden warning alarm in his hand. Just when everyone's expressions changed, silently screaming 'oh shit', that person's hand halted abruptly right before it could touch the button. Then, there was a flash of a silhouette, and that person was down on the ground.

Only then did the students notice that Ling Lan, who had been watching their backs at the flank, had finally made a move. With lightning speed, she had struck the opponent unconscious.

Ling Lan swept a cold look over all of them, and the small team which had made a mistake automatically ducked their heads, cold sweat breaking out all over their bodies.

"Be more alert!" These three cold words let the three-man team breathe out a sigh of relief even as they felt consumed by shame.

"Yes!" The three of them answered quietly. They silently reminded themselves that they definitely could not lose focus and make such a mistake again, and lose face.

They did not want to see Ling Lan's disappointed gaze. Ling Lan's greatness had already become rooted in their hearts after 10 years of accumulation and reinforcement. They believed that Ling Lan would definitely reach the pinnacle of strength; thus, they hoped to keep following Ling Lan. This was a wish born out of a deep admiration from the heart ...