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Chapter 265: A Hypocritical Person

Chapter 265: A Hypocritical Person

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The New Cadet Regiment's joy was set off in contrast with Leiting's gloomy expressions as they were still in disbelief, unconvinced that Leiting would ultimately lose this battle… Heaven knows how long it had been since Leiting last tasted defeat. However, the battle this time had given them a taste of it and this feeling was absolutely unpleasant.

Lin Zhidong looked at the elevated stage, which was almost totally surrounded by the New Cadet Regiment, with an unsightly expression. He knew that the ensuing period of time belonged to the victor's celebration and there was no longer any place for Leiting to stay. In any case, he did not wish remain and continue to see Leiting losing face.

Another matter which he had to consider thoroughly was how to give Regiment Commander Qiao an explanation … The defeat this time would definitely deal an unprecedented blow on Leiting's prestige as the opponent they had lost to were the new cadets who had just enrolled in the military academy.

Lin Zhidong could already imagine the Thunder King's rocketing fury and his body could not help but tremble. Soon after, Lin Zhidong calmed down and gnashed his teeth in frustration as he said, "Let's go!"

Following his words, the members of the Leiting Mecha Clan who felt ashamed to continue staying here soon left the battle hall. Of course, while they were leaving, they heard numerous cadets making loud booing sounds, among them the cadets from the New Cadet Regiment and also cadets from other factions. Also among them were supporters who were fond of Leiting but were currently disappointed in them.

Many senior cadets of the various influential factions were incapable of accepting the fact that Leiting had lost to the New Cadet Regiment; their feelings were directly reflected in their booing.

The deeper the love, the more profound the hate when love turns into hate. This sort of feeling was present within them and no matter what, Leiting losing this match had indeed disappointed many cadets.

Before Lin Zhidong left the battle stadium, he could not help but turn around and look at the stern, young man standing in the middle of the elevated stage accepting the New Cadet Regiment members' enthusiastic cheers. His dignified appearance resembled that of a general returning in victory and even more like a king who had opened up a new territory and was enjoying the supportive cheers of his subjects …

Actually, Lin Zhidong had misunderstood. Ling Lan's default was an ice-cold expression [T/C (ryu): Yep, it's her trademark face by now.]; she would still maintain this look even when being cursed at. In short, Ling Lan's cool and aloof expression in this situation was indeed extremely aggravating …

"Don't be too complacent … Leiting will definitely return this grudge!" Lin Zhidong's expression was chilly as he sniffed one last time before he turned and left this combat hall that had embarrassed him so.


As the members of the New Cadet Regiment rushed towards the elevated stage, Huo Zhenyu, as one of the participants of the fight, left the stage in loneliness. Other than a few of his team members, no one paid any attention to his actions as the former king of combat.

At present, everyone's attention was gathered on Ling Lan who was in the middle of the elevated stage. He was the leading role in this battle, and the newly emerged king of combat in the military academy!

Of course, Huo Zhenyu saw the people from Leiting leaving with their tail between their legs and also heard the sounds of booing which had spread throughout the battle stadium. Sadness shrouded his heart; it was his lack of strength that caused this result.

At this moment, one of his team members saw his state and hastily said, "Boss Huo, let's head to the treatment centre. Your injuries are very severe …"

Hearing the other's words, Huo Zhenyu gently patted his own right arm which had gone totally numb and said indifferently, "It's just a small injury and is of no importance. Unfortunately, I've lost and caused Leiting to lose this wagered fight …"

"How is this a small injury? Boss Huo, you still have to participate in the division assessments in a month's time." That team member was anxious, as this was related to Boss Huo's future growth.

"That's right, Boss Huo, you had best head to the treatment centre for treatment!" The other team members urged.

Huo Zhenyu no longer refused; he headed towards the treatment centre with a few team members.

On the way, one of the team members spoke with dissatisfaction. "Boss Huo, those leaders of the current Leiting are going too far, to think that not even one came to see you … If we had known earlier, Boss Huo shouldn't have agreed to participate in this fight."

"Forget it, in any case, I am still Leiting's former leader and I can't reject a request of theirs when they come looking for me." Huo Zhenyu smiled bitterly. Even if he had passed Leiting to Qiao Ting, he was still unable to reject them when Leiting was in need of help.

"Merely, it's unfortunate for Nie Feng-ming as he will definitely have to be absent for the examination a month later. He had always been anxiously longing to enlist for the 23rd Division," said another team member with regret on his face. According to the news sent over by the team members who had accompanied him to the treatment centre, Nie Feng-ming had to receive treatment for ten months before he could completely recover. That was to say, he would definitely miss this year's examination.

Huo Zhenyu went silent for a moment before saying with a heavy heart, "I've let down Feng-ming."

"No, it was Ling Lan. His attack was too ruthless," one of the members spoke as his face revealed hatred.

The few of them had formed a small mecha team in the military academy and had grown up together during these five years, and had long become brothers of different surnames with bonds no inferior to biological brothers. With Nie Feng-ming's current situation, they could not help but hate Ling Lan who had heavily injured him.

"Rest assured, I will not forget about this grudge," said Huo Zhenyu coldly.

Even though they were aware that Nie Feng-ming was partly to blame for receiving such a serious injury, but in terms of feelings, Huo Zhenyu was unable to accept his own brother landing in such a miserable condition ...

Regarding how they treated their brothers and comrades, Huo Zhenyu's and Ling Lan's mentality were more or less the same. Even if the fault was on their side, they were intolerant of outsiders taking actions!

"I've decided to apply for enlistment to the 23rd Division in a month's time and wait for Nie Feng-ming's return. Inevitably, there will be a day when we'll run into Ling Lan, and at that time, it'll be time for us to pay back what we received today."

Huo Zhenyu revealed his decision and caused the team members around him to be astonished; they knew that Boss Huo's original target was the 1st Division as his idol was the Federation's First Marshal, while the 23rd Division's commander Ling Xiao was Nie Feng-ming's idol. This was also the reason Nie Feng-ming had chosen to enter the 23rd Division's enlistment examination.

"Since Boss Huo is going to enter the 23rd Division examination, I shall follow him too!"

"I'll enter the 23rd Division too."

"Me too!"

The other team members, who were originally hesitant whether to follow Boss Huo or enter the division of their own idols, no longer had any apprehensions due to Boss Huo changing his mind and so declared their determination to follow his lead.

Huo Zhenyu did not speak but merely smiled. This was the only thing he could do for Nie Feng-ming, by setting a foundation for him before he entered the division. Once he joined them, their small team would once again gather and fight together to obtain the highest achievements. Following that, they would then find Ling Lan and return their bitter hatred of today.


Currently within the cabin, after Li Shiyu witnessed the result and saw the new cadets rushing towards the arena all at once, he turned towards Yun Xiu and said, "Let's go."

Upon hearing that, Yun Xiu was in shock as he said, "What? We're leaving right now?"

The number of cadets leaving the arena was the highest right now and in previous times, Li Shiyu would usually wait for an hour and a half for the majority of the crowd to leave before he left. However, why was he anxious to leave this time?

"I have to head to the treatment centre and look at that foolish little brother of mine, to see if he's still able to move …" explained Li Shiyu.

"Ah, so you were the type who would show love and respect as what good brothers should?" Yun Xiu did not believe the explanation Li Shiyu gave in the slightest.

Li Shiyu immediately shot a glare at Yun Xiu. Of course he would show love and respect as what good brothers would, but that was reserved for his older cousin.

Seeing Li Shiyu's stern gaze, Yun Xiu hastily raised his hands in surrender, indicating that he would not say anything else and obediently follow Li Shiyu to leave the cabin.

In Wuji's cabin, Zhao Jun yawned, and to those beside him he asked, "The fight has ended, are you all intending to stay here?"

Han Yu's expression was somewhat gloomy as he said, "I want to watch the replay. You can leave first if you're not interested."

The New Cadet Regiment was unexpectedly strong and caused Han Yu to feel threatened. In particular, the majority of the cadets in the New Cadet Regiment belonged to the Central Scout Academy's faction and so he could not help but be concerned whether they would join the Doha faction.

At the same time, Wei Ji nodded and said, "I would also like to watch the replay. All of you can do as you wish."

Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng stealthily exchanged a glance before Zhao Jun spoke up to say, "I'm not interested. We'll talk about it after they become expert mecha operators. Lanfeng, what about you, are you leaving together or would you like to stay?"

Li Lanfeng shrugged his shoulders in a relaxed manner. "It's as what you said, after they become an expert in mecha piloting during their second year, perhaps I will be interested. To invest effort in thinking about them right now is somewhat not worth it."

Hearing his words, Zhao Jun smiled. "In that case, let's leave together."

Li Lanfeng stood and replied, "Alright, let's leave together." He then said to Han Yu and Wei Ji, "It's fine to attach some importance to them, but the Thunder King will certainly be the number one person who wishes to dispose of the New Cadet Regiment." His words implied that it was too early for Wuji to be apprehensive towards the New Cadet Regiment; it would be more suitable after the New Cadet Regiment had weathered Thunder King Qiao Ting's fury.

Han Yu and Wei Ji smiled in response, and only after Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng left did Han Yu put away his smile as he snorted coldly. "Does he truly think he's Wuji's strategist?"

Li Lanfeng's attitude of being superior in all aspects caused Han Yu to be increasingly discontented with him. Unknowingly, he started disliking Li Lanfeng more and more, but in the past, he had definitely felt that Li Lanfeng was a good person. However, why does he seem so pretentious right now?

Wei Ji replied unenthusiastically, "There's nothing to be done. Two years ago, we had indeed relied on many of his schemes, so although he isn't our official strategist, everyone in Wuji considers him as one." After speaking, Wei Ji could not help but look towards Han Yu. "I don't know why you do not see eye to eye with Li Lanfeng. I feel that he doesn't have huge ambitions and has been diligent regarding Wuji's affairs …"

Han Yu furrowed his brows. "Actually, it was from last year that I started to always feel that something's slightly off with Li Lanfeng. Right now, the more I see him, the more I feel that there's a problem with him. Don't you feel that his smile is very fake?"

Wei Ji smiled bitterly and shook his head. He truly did not see anything wrong with Li Lanfeng. If not for Han Yu being extremely discontented with Li Lanfeng, he really did not wish to fall out with the other. After all, the relationship between the four of them had been very good in the past.

Han Yu looked towards Zhou Ya and Wang Hui. "What do you think?"

Wang Hui followed Wei Ji in shaking his head, expressing that he could not identify what wrong there was with Li Lanfeng.