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Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils

Author:Black Eyed King

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Updates:Chapter 179: Extreme Luck

Official Description Su Yu was in a third rate university when the “Sky Holes” appeared, his school fell through the “Sky Hole” and appeared in the middle of a forest that was teeming with terrifying creatures. Witness a fearsome transformation that originates from his hand… Short Translator Synopsis Basically a bunch of students fighting to survive in this new world that is full of bloodthirsty monsters that give crystals(exp) when they die. These crystals enable them to “evolve” and gain unique powers. The characters have to deal with various issues such as food, water, shelter, monsters and sometimes other humans. Plenty of deaths and gore, not for people who get emotionally attached to certain characters. Associated Names KGGD 神魔养殖场
《Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils》 Text
Chapter 1: Cataclysmic changes within the school
Chapter 2: The Strange Energy for Evolving
Chapter 3: The Black Scale
Chapter 4: The skies have changed?
Chapter 5: Advance Party
Chapter 6: A Small Group of Thirty One People
Chapter 7: Towards the Forest
Chapter 8: The Strength of Ma Zi Ye
Chapter 9: Dispute
Chapter 10: The Fearsome Large Green Monster
Chapter 11: Tragic
Chapter 12: Evolution and Mutation
Chapter 13: The Exceptional Strange Energy of Zhang Zhong Mou
Chapter 14: The Knot within Qin Jia Gui’s Heart
Chapter 15: The Might of the Black Scaled Hand
Chapter 16: The Weird House within the Forest
Chapter 17: Rending Claw
Chapter 18: The Guilt of Killing a Comrade
Chapter 19: Further Evolution
Chapter 20: Supermarket Food
Chapter 21: Sky Hole
Chapter 22: Heavily Surrounded
Chapter 23: Dire Circumstances
Chapter 24: Comprehension of the Lizard Arm
Chapter 25: Police
Chapter 26: Conflict
Chapter 27: Fighting over Food
Chapter 28: The Blood Red Beast
Chapter 29: Bloody Ape Dog
Chapter 30: Night falls! The Unknown House
Chapter 31: Local Police Station of Death
Chapter 32: Zhang Zhong Mou Advances
Chapter 33: Female Cop and Young Kid
Chapter 34: Hunting the Bloody Ape Dog
Chapter 35: Golden Goblin
Chapter 36: Killing a Golden Goblin
Chapter 37: Tier Two Dark Iron Warrior
Chapter 38: Hidden Treasure: Earth Spikes Ring
Chapter 39: The Rear of the Group
Chapter 40: Stone Tablet Road Sign
Chapter 41: The Eagle Monster
Chapter 42: Ability to Lead
Chapter 43: Gnomes
Chapter 44: Demolishing Iron Fist
Chapter 45: Encountering with Danger at the River
Chapter 46: End of the Journey
Chapter 47: Painful Decision
Chapter 48: Savage Bull Demon
Chapter 49: Earth Spikes Assault
Chapter 50: Friend
Chapter 51: A Sinister Fire
Chapter 52: First Love
Chapter 53: Apportioning Food
Chapter 54: Returning to School
Chapter 55: Invasion of the Gnomes
Chapter 56: Weak Friendship
Chapter 57: Lin Shi losing an Arm
Chapter 58: Ma Zi Ye’s Classmates
Chapter 59: Leaders of the School
Chapter 60: Everyone’s Ire
Chapter 61: Killing Someone is so Easy
Chapter 62: Gratitude for Food
Chapter 63: 666
Chapter 64: Walking Zombies
Chapter 65: Bitter Battle with the Zombies
Chapter 66: Tier Two Beast Soldier Metal Chain Zombie
Chapter 67: Cruel Forest
Chapter 68: Single Eyed Zombie King
Chapter 69: Ferocity of the Zombie King
Chapter 70: Unable to withstand a single blow, Dire Situation
Chapter 71: Life and Death in the Balance, The Final Gambit
Chapter 72: Tier Three warrior
Chapter 73: Slaying the Zombie King
Chapter 74: Mentally and Physically exhausted
Chapter 75: Lost Food
Chapter 76: New tier three dark iron warrior
Chapter 77: Sneak Attack
Chapter 78: The Strong Collide
Chapter 79: Removing the Needles
Chapter 80: Burying Corpses
Chapter 81: Looking for York
Chapter 82: Trap Mechanism
Chapter 83: Crazed York
Chapter 84: The Rotten Corpses of Children
Chapter 85: Diary
Chapter 86: Treasure Map
Chapter 87: Plans for the future
Chapter 88: Profit from Disaster
Chapter 89: Confession
Chapter 90: Schadenfreude
Chapter 91: Forest Exit
Chapter 92: Ten Days Journey
Chapter 93: Strange Faint Smiles in Death
Chapter 94: Strange Flower
Chapter 95: Golden Gnome King
Chapter 96: Golden Sap
Chapter 97: Golden Mother Earth
Chapter 98: Chaotic Battle, Struggle for the Golden Blood
Chapter 99: Sent Violently Away
Chapter 100: Deep Sleep
Chapter 101: Dreamlike Scene
Chapter 102: Every Item has a Weakness
Chapter 103: Disfigured
Chapter 104: The Tier Two Ability of Zhao Shi Chang
Chapter 105: Reappearance of the Giant Foot
Chapter 106: Feeding Water
Chapter 107: Summoning the Swarm
Chapter 108: Stream
Chapter 109: Ma Zi Ye’s New Abilities
Chapter 111: Meeting another Group
Chapter 112: The Strength of Tier Two
Chapter 113: Single-Eared Woman
Chapter 114: Awakening in a Death Battle
Chapter 115: Third Tier Chu Xiang
Chapter 116: Killed in an Instant
Chapter 117: The Power of the Golden Blood
Chapter 118: Secret Treasure Weapon
Chapter 119: Star Blade
Chapter 120: Progressive Precious Treasure
Chapter 121: Newly Arrived Personnel
Chapter 122: Tourist Bus that fell into Sky Hole
Chapter 123: Avid Reader
Chapter 124:Sudden Appearance of the Giant Foot, Everyone is like an Ant
Chapter 125: Purposely preventing others from evolving?
Chapter 126: Violating procedures?
Chapter 127: Crisis! A deadly situation
Chapter 128: Promoting and Burning the Zombies
Chapter 129: Ma Ziye’s Third Tier Transformation
Chapter 130: Moldable Talent
Chapter 131: A Loose Tongue Causes Problems
Chapter 132: Strange Ability
Chapter 133: Combat Genius
Chapter 134: 666 Monster?
Chapter 135: True Evil
Chapter 136: Gecko Beast Transformation
Chapter 137: True Terror, Ning Yan’s Transformation
Chapter 139: Changes of the Necklace
Chapter 139: Condoms
Chapter 140: Splitting up into Groups
Chapter 141: New 666 Beast
Chapter 142: Terrifying Hospital
Chapter 143: Opening a Passageway
Chapter 144: Demon Spawn
Chapter 145: Strange Symbol of ‘8’
Chapter 146: Mist Demon, The True Power of the Golden Blood
Chapter 147: Lei Rui Awakens
Chapter 148: Final Day of Travel
Chapter 149: Tier Four Expert
Chapter 150: Golden Thumb
Chapter 151: Super Chef
Chapter 152: Reaching the Exit
Chapter 153: Skeleton Army
Chapter 154: Black Flames
Chapter 155: A Flash of Realization before the Battle
Chapter 156: The Fifth Lifeform
Chapter 157: Soul Companion
Chapter 158: Five death omens of an angel
Chapter 159: Limit of Ten Days
Chapter 160: Plans for the Future
Chapter 161: Terrifying, Su Yu’s Broken Leg
Chapter 162: Frightening Ability
Chapter 163: Curing powder – Destroy the invisible.
Chapter 164: “White Tiger”
Chapter 165: Evading Crisis
Chapter 166: Karmic Wheel
Chapter 167: The Enemy is Here
Chapter 168: Xiao Wei’s Suggestion
Chapter 169: Big Shot Celebrity
Chapter 170: New World
Chapter 171: Volcanic Rock Monsters
Chapter 172: Simultaneous Advancement
Chapter 173: Shattered Fragments Light
Chapter 174: God’s Remains
Chapter 175: Four-eyed Race
Chapter 176: The Strangeness of Shangguan Wan
Chapter 177: Woman made of Water
Chapter 178: Fiery Magma Devil
Chapter 179: Extreme Luck