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Chapter 32: I Want to Reject the Marriage

Chapter 32: I Want to Reject the Marriage

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Ling Tian coldly smiled as he said, "Mister Qin, I actually have a hypothesis, not sure if you would believe it?" His tone was full of natural confidence, as though he could not possibly be wrong.

Mister Qin wanted to question him: What exactly was his hypothesis? However, he was unconsciously affected by Ling Tian’s imposing manner and could not even speak a single word. At such a young age, with such a tiny body, how was it that he could release such a domineering wave of aura! And furthermore, an aura not borne of anger but majesty.

Ling Tian himself did not notice that his actions and behavior at that particular moment had already deviated from that of a child’s. His head was lowered as he paced two steps, organizing his thought process before continuing, "I hypothesize, no, I’m sure, that first, the military supplies and armor that the Xiao family had provided to the other empires were all second class products, or only made from ordinary materials. The real armors should be kept in their own secret storages, waiting for the opportunity to be used! Secondly, the Xiao family should definitely have a secret task force hidden somewhere remote, or appearing in this world under another alias! Thirdly, once chaos strikes and the other countries engage in war, the Xiao family would definitely take advantage of the situation!"

The last sentence of Ling Tian remained unspoken, and that was: When chaos strikes, the people with the final laugh were most likely to be the Xiao family! However, that would only be the case if the Ling Tian now did not exist in this world, only then could they obtain their sweet victory. However, the circumstances have changed. Since I, Ling Tian, am brought here, how could I allow you to manipulate whatever you please? Gritting his teeth, Ling Tian smiled coldly as the thoughts ran unspoken deep within his eyes.

Mister Qin was completely blown away by Ling Tian! Seeing that little child in front of him, he had no idea how he actually could have come up with such a deduction, but deep within his heart, he faintly felt as though Ling Tian’s deductions were not merely baseless claims.

Looking at Ling Tian, Mister Qin asked, "Then, now that you know all this knowledge, what are you planning to do?" As he spoke, the latter did not realize that his tone had already undergone somewhat of a change. It was as though he was trying to discuss an important matter, or using the attitude of a person seeking an answer from someone high up that he could not help but subconsciously respect.

Only to see Ling Tian give a lofty smile and say, "I want to decline the marriage!"

"What?!" Even in his dreams did Mister Qin not expect that even after grasping the frightening strength of the Xiao family, Ling Tian would still go ahead and speak such an earth-shattering sentence! This was something completely unbelievable!

Furrowing his brows, Ling Tian thought deeply for a while before replying, "Declining the marriage is for my own safety. The Ling family is currently in a mess both internally and externally, shaking as though it is about to topple any time. I’m afraid that in these 10 years, we cannot withstand any form of torment. In addition, after a few more years, when I’ve grown bigger, I will execute a thorough clean sweep throughout the entire Ling family! All the internal moles, including those sent out from the various major families, are not allowed to stay inside here! After the sweep I will then restructure the Ling family, and thus before I re-smelt the Ling family into an iron board. Before that, it must not receive any unrest, no matter how trivial.

This was the first time Ling Tian had frankly spoken his mind about his ideals after arriving to this world! Just based on his tone, it was already full of bloodshed and slaughter!

Mister Qin was only listening at the side, but already felt his spine turning cold with cold sweat dripping down his body. It made him desire to cover his ears to block off his voice, as he could very well imagine how Ling Tian’s supposed clean sweep would be carried out, and how much bloodshed would actually be spread! From the humongous power that the Ling family currently possessed, how many people would actually die before he fulfils his supposed cleansing? But one thing was for sure: it would not be a small sum.

Ling Tian was helpless too. After these few days, Mister Qin was already placed in the same boat as Ling Tian himself, and was the only person that he could trust currently. Secondly, Mister Qin’s current status was Ling Tian’s tutor, and had to ensure that he was compatible with any movements Ling Tian made in the future, or else just based on Ling Tian’s grandparents and parents, these four huge mountains would be able to restrict all of Ling Tian’s movements. If that’s the case, the Ling family would be a sitting duck. Thirdly, there were many things that Ling Tian, at his current age, could not deal with, and thus Mister Qin was an ideal candidate to carry out his plans.

With a smile without the slightest hint of moodiness, Ling Tian continued, "If the Ling family were to maintain this relationship of in-laws with the Xiao family, then once the Xiao family makes their move, the Ling family would be dragged into this scene. I cannot place the wellbeing of the Ling family on the hopes that the Xiao family will not make a move during the next ten years! That would be a gamble and is considered too much of a risk. Furthermore, even though the Ling family is in its golden age, we still have to cut this sort of ties with the Xiao family. This is because once things get messier, the Ling family will end up as a form of vassal to the Xiao family. And I, Ling Tian, will not allow my family members to live being under others."

"As such," Ling Tian gave an uninterested smile, "I want to reject the marriage."

Sweat dripped unceasingly from Mister Qin’s forehead. Never in his dreams did he imagine that Ling Tian actually had such foresight! Even in their dreams, no one would have expected the best ally in this world, the biggest financial magnate, the Xiao family, would actually be something to fear and avoid in Ling Tian’s eyes! And even in their dreams, no one would have expected this little child’s ambitions to be so huge!

"Unwilling to allow my family members to live being under others!" This sort of resonating words, what great ambition! Not willing to live under others, then the ending can only be that the Ling family be above all the rest! But placed above who? What was he planning to do?

Mister Qin stared into Ling Tian’s eyes, his own filled with dread.

Ling Tian smiled affably, as though his smile hid a deeper meaning, and said, "Sir, I am but an ordinary little kid! You should understand this point."

Mister Qin thought to himself, Bullshit! You’re definitely not an ordinary child. How can an ordinary child have such intellect as well as cunningness, thinking of all the different points like you?

Thinking from another angle, Mister Qin could not help but be overwhelmed with shock: Not a normal child! His sentence encapsulated many meanings. Was it a sort of hint? When Ling Tian said that sentence at that time, it was of course not to tell Mister Qin himself that he was a demon; that would be complete nonsense! Unless… this kid was actually a sort of savior sent personally by the heavens themselves? Other than that explanation, there was no other reasoning that could fit why this five-year-old would have so many inconceivable matters happening around him!

Mister Qin’s eyes opened as wide as bells at that thought, staring at Ling Tian without moving a muscle. In these eyes flashed fear, fright, disbelief, respect, hope… In just that short moment, over a hundred forms of emotions overflowed from Mister Qin’s heart. Unable to bear the burden, Mister Qin suddenly fainted…