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Chapter 36: Super Domineering

Chapter 36: Super Domineering

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Turning his head back and seeing the expression of a smile and yet not a smile coming from Ling Zhan, he could not help but rage, "Old thing, are you mute?!"

Ling Zhan snorted before gloomily asking, "You’re blaming me for this matter?"

Xiao FengHan let out a snort in anger, but had no words to retort. This whole matter was created from a moment of his anger and thus could not be blamed on others.

A brief spell of depression struck him as his eyes wandered around. Seemingly feeling as though something was missing, it suddenly struck him as his face turned frosty and he raged, "Where’s your darling grandson?!"

Ling Zhan was also puzzled for a while; he just saw the little fellow not too long ago, how did he disappear in a blink of an eye? Carrying some suspicions, he looked towards Ling Xiao, "Where did Tian’er go?"

Ling Kong, who was standing by the side, was rejoicing in their misfortune. At such an important scene, that good for nothing was actually not at the scene! Was this not looking for trouble?

As both the Ling father and son were tongue tied, an old man wearing a green robe hurriedly walked out from the inner courtyard, "Hahaha, I heard the Xiao family’s great chariot is here, so this old man shamelessly came to welcome you too. After so many years, I trust the Xiao family head is still well?"

Xiao FengHan took a glance, and received a shock and asked as he hurriedly stepped forward to meet him, "Brother Qin? Why are you here?"

Both Ling father and son rejoiced inwardly and took this chance to bring the various guests into the reception hall of the Ling residence. Ling Zhan gave a look to the attendant behind him, causing him to hurriedly sneak away to find Ling Tian.

Mister Qin was shaking hands while chatting happily with Xiao FengHan, looking as though they were bosom friends.

Xiao FengHan purposefully walked slower than the rest, and as the crowd started to pull away from them, he pulled Mister Qin’s hand and said, "Brother Qin, this Xiao has a matter to consult you with. Please stay with me." The black robed bodyguards all knew that their family head had something to consult Mister Qin with, and all of them surrounded the two of them from the view of the crowd, without so much as a single sound being made.

Mister Qin of course knew the reason as to why he was being held back. Subconsciously, he gained a whole new level of respect for the frightening intellect that Ling Tian held. This little fellow could actually predict the steps Xiao FengHan would take and moreover, without the slightest amount of deviation! How many mortals in the area under the heavens could achieve that?

Xiao FengHan whispered, "Since Brother Qin is tutoring here, this Xiao shall get straight to the point. Can I know how the Ling young master is like?"

Indeed, it came! Mister Qin gave a laugh inside, but his facial expressions were wondrous to behold. While shaking his head, his face changed constantly, from shame to disbelief and a sad sigh, finally speaking in a pained tone, "Ai! Brother Xiao, I will not hide from you anything. For this matter, it’s hard to explain in just a few words! Based on this Qin’s knowledge, I’m ashamed to be his teacher!" Shaking his head some more, his face looked as though he was about to burst into tears!

Xiao FengHan’s face turned cold as he slowly spoke, "If you say it like this, then what I’ve heard from the grapevine definitely has some form of truth! Luckily, this old man came a few years earlier! Or else…" the latter could not help but feel a sense of fright.

Mister Qin was tongue-tied. Ling Tian had long guessed what Xiao FengHan’s reaction upon hearing the rumors would be. Now that the person in question opened his mouth, to think it was as though he was repeating from a script that Ling Tian had crafted, with the most difficult part being that not one word deviated from the original one by Ling Tian! It was as though a parrot was mimicking. In order to hide the smile that threatened to surface, Mister Qin’s mouth curved to a strange angle. In his heart, a wave of hooting laughter flooded up, threatening to explode out from his mouth.

Whatever Mister Qin had said was apparently right but wrong for different types of people who heard it as they would have different interpretations! In actual fact, Mister Qin was speaking the truth; he was indicating that his knowledge was insufficient, being his teacher in vain. But his words, upon entering Xiao FengHan’s ears, based on his first impression, he would definitely come out with a completely different reasoning.

Xiao FengHan snorted once, before flicking aside his sleeve as he walked towards the great hall. Mister Qin could not help but cough a few times softly before falling into step behind him.

The great hall was already a mass of activity. The womenfolk had long left, only leaving Madam Ling holding onto the hands of a little girl, affectionately huddling together, not knowing what they were saying.

Xiao FengHan came over with a black face. Glancing around the hall, he found out that the young master of the Ling family had yet to make his appearance even till now. This caused him to be even unhappier, calling out deeply, "Xue’er, come to grandfather’s side."

The little girl, Xiao YanXue, gave a sound of acknowledgement, and climbed down from Madam Ling’s embrace using both her hands, before skipping and jumping towards her grandfather’s side. Her mouth seemed to be chewing on something, as she stretched out that jade-like white wrist of hers as though to present a treasure, "Grandfather, look, this is the present from Madam Ling to me!" It was actually a jasper bracelet, looking pure and clear as water without the slightest hint of impurities. A blood red phoenix could be seen vividly on the bracelet surface, following the movements of the bracelet, as though it wanted to break through and soar off.

A look from Xiao FengHan told him that the Blood Phoenix was in no way embedded into it, but rather, naturally formed. Such a treasure was hard to obtain even with ten thousand gold, but Madam Ling actually casually gave it away to his granddaughter! Obviously, she had already treated her as she would with her daughter-in-law! Thinking about this, Xiao FengHan could not help but let out an agonized smile.

As for the bracelet, Xiao FengHan naturally understood that this was the heirloom of the Ling family, the "Blood Phoenix Jasper Bracelet", and its price was beyond compare, treated as a priceless treasure. Wearing it would cause a person to always be calm and collected, indeed a treasure without rival! Xiao FengHan could not help but stutter, thinking to himself, Looks like I have to really sever through the tangled hemp quickly, or else it will reach the route of no return.

Outside the hall, the voice of a guard travelled over, "Young master, please follow this little one along, the sire has already been waiting for quite a while."

Following which, the melodious sound of a child erupted in violent fury, "Bastard! You dog slave, are you looking to die? I told you long ago not to call me Young Master! Get the f**k lost! What’s so good about seeing that old Xiao? I’d rather go feed the birds!" This was followed with a "pu!" sound, presumably from the servant enduring a beating from the young master.

In that moment, the audience in the hall all had wondrous expressions to behold! It was so silent, you could hear a pin drop!

Both Ling Zhan and Xiao FengHan wore a face of black lines, so full of rage that it was on the verge of spilling out.

Old madam Ling was about to bring a cup of tea to her mouth, yet upon hearing the sentence, the teacup ended up falling to the floor, smashing into bits! Her eyes were filled with disbelief as she looked at the entrance.

Even Mister Qin, who had known that Ling Tian would perform a "miraculous feat" today, did not expect such a dominant and aggressive play, and his eyes opened wide as bells!

Ling Xiao was apoplectic with rage, and with a bellow, his body shot forward as though he was flying. This was followed by a series of slapping sounds, before a little child’s crying could be heard. This was closely followed by Ling Xiao returning, holding on to a bruised and battered Ling Tian! From Ling Tian’s face, one could see that his beating was not light, and both his cheeks were swollen.

With a swing, Ling Xiao threw his child onto the floor, yet still breathing heavily. Although Ling Zhan opened his mouth a little, he concluded that this was not the appropriate place to discipline his grandchild, and only bellowed out, "Unfilial creature! Why haven’t you come up to pay respects to your grandfather Xiao?"

Laboriously standing up limb by limb, Ling Tian was cursing in his heart: This time, your father, I, was conveniently so viciously hit! Rubbing his huge swelling on his once delicate face, he saw that the great hall now had an extra stranger dressed in green robes, carrying a beautiful little girl in his bosom. The stranger gave an expression as though he was about to eat him alive when he saw him. He was most likely the Xiao family’s head, XIio FengHan.

Wiping off the tears that he had forcefully squeezed out, he strode towards Xiao FengHan. Just when the crowd thought that he was about to pay his respects to Xiao FengHan, Ling Tian suddenly gave a sound of exclamation, then turned his eyesight while increasing his pace, saying, "Wah! This lass is my wife right? Heh heh heh, she is so pretty, come come, let me give you a kiss! Wahahaha…" The audience was petrified! Such a scene made people not want to look on, unable to withstand such a wicked behavior from such a young child.

Xiao FengHan was so angry that his entire body started to tremble, and he could not wait to punch that jerk to death with one blow right there and then! He hollered in anger, "Scram!" The little girl, Xiao YanXue, was so frightened that she turned tail and threw herself into her grandfather’s embrace, not daring to show her face again.

Grandpa Ling nearly died there and then due to his anger. Gritting his teeth, he spoke, "Evil creature, Ling Xiao! Bring the family law book for this old man! Today, I shall cleanse the house!"

The boiling Ling Xiao who was about to move forward to deal with his son suddenly had a change in his expression, stopping in his steps! The originally deathly white face of old madam Ling suddenly trembled as she screamed: "You dare!" She dashed down and grabbed Ling Tian into her bosom, saying, "Tian’er is still small! At such a small age, what can he know? How can you subject him to the family law?"

Ling Zhan bristled up his beard and said, "Still small? All of you used to keep saying so, but look at what pampering the child has brought to you! Even if this old man will be deprived of descendants, I shall take care of this little bastard today! Move aside!"