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Chapter 41: Revealing Cards

Chapter 41: Revealing Cards

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Ling Tian was startled as he hurriedly took a look out of the door and circulated his inner force to observe the surroundings. Only after he realized that there was nothing wrong did he return, "Grandmother don’t be agitated. My master said that we cannot make any rash moves!"

A short while later, old madam Ling’s ragged breath finally became back to normal. She then squatted down and looked at Ling Tian with fiery eyes as she asked anxiously, "What else did your master say? Tian’er, quickly tell them all to grandmother. This matter will affect the life and death of our Ling family. You cannot hide anything."

Ling Tian replied, "Yes! Master said that Ling Kong has been managing the affairs of the Ling family for many years and already has a good grasp of the family. Furthermore, all of his talons are all in secret. If we were to catch Ling Kong right now, all of the others involved will never be found out. This will definitely leave behind many hidden dangers for our Ling family in future. As such, it is best that we are careful. It’s either we lie and wait, or we catch them all in a single swoop when we take action. If not, trouble will follow for sure."

Old madam Ling’s face became serious as she got up and paced around. With a frown, she said, "Your master is right, this matter must be handled carefully and with planning. All of these years, everything in the Ling family has been managed by Ling Kong! Haiz! It is a pity your grandfather and father are the same, unable to hide anything in their heart. Hahaha, this old lady finally understands why your master asked you to keep it a secret. If your grandfather and father were to find out about this, the whole world would definitely find out also. At that time, there will be no turning back for sure! Good thinking, good thinking!" Naturally, she was praising Ling Tian’s "master" for his good thinking.

Thinking about this matter carefully and connecting all the dots, old madam Ling began to feel that Ling Tian’s master was extremely wise and was definitely a top notch figure in the world today! She could not help but admire him in her heart as she asked, "Tian’er, can you get your master to come out so grandmother can talk to him?"

Ling Tian was then startled as he quickly replied, "Master has said that he has distanced himself from worldly affairs and does not like to come in contact with people. Grandson has also pleaded to him many times before but he just refused to do so. He only agreed to help us in secret." He then wiped off his cold sweat, If grandmother really wants to see that master of mine, what should I do?

Old madam Ling then smiled, "All of these experts all have their strange temperaments. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want to see us. If we were to force it, we may elicit a bad response from him instead and that wouldn’t be good. But this is also good, with your master in secret, it is an extremely good thing for our Ling family!"

Ling Tian responded, "Yes!" Then, he did not dare say anything else.

Old madam Ling then frowned as she asked with doubt, "So, your actions today to force the Xiao family to reject the marriage was your master’s idea as well?"

Ling Tian replied with a "Mmm" and admitted it.

Old madam Ling then asked, "This marriage is extremely beneficial to our Ling family, so why would your master want to ruin it? Did he tell you the reason?"

Ling Tian then replied, "Master has said it before." At the same time, he broke out in cold sweat in his heart as he thought: It seems that grandmother will not let me go today until she digs everything she wants to know out of me.

Old madam Ling’s brows then twitched, "Oh?"

Ling Tian replied, "Master said that the ambitions of the Xiao family are far too big. They may even have the ambitions to unite the continent. Now that our Ling family still has troubles within that we have not removed, together with the suspicions from the royal family, the moment things gets messy, our Ling family will be the first to get exterminated. Furthermore, if our Ling family wants to get rid of all the hidden troubles within, we will definitely suffer great harm, with the family being thrown into chaos. This wound will not be something which our family will be able to recover in a short period of time for sure. Thus, it is not wise for us to interfere with the matters of the Xiao family now. It is best for the Ling family to maintain a low profile now."

Old madam Ling then sighed, "The Xiao family has been accumulating their forces for a few decades and their ambitions are obvious. If our Ling family does not have such a big internal issue, it doesn’t matter if we were to involve ourselves. But at this moment, it is not suitable for us to do so. However, it is really such a waste for us to lose this marriage." As she finished, she then sighed again.

Ling Tian sat down obediently as he thought to himself: The main reason is just because your grandson does not want to be under anyone. Of course, I will not tell you this reason.

Old madam Ling then sighed again as she said, "The moment the continent becomes messy, it wouldn’t be our choice whether to involve ourselves anymore. In the chaotic world, it is impossible for a family as large as ours to stand on the sidelines! We will definitely have to take a side for sure; how is this something that can be avoided by rejecting a single marriage?"

Ling Tian thought to himself: If this is the only reason, then this decision is indeed a little hasty. But your grandson still has other plans.

Then, old madam Ling shook her head as she said seriously, "If you have any news of that bastard Ling Kong in future, you must inform grandmother for sure!" As she said that, she grit her teeth in anger.

Ling Tian immediately agreed as he thought to himself: The things today are finally over. I also reaped quite a few benefits. It is just that I have wasted a lot of brain cells…

Old madam Ling then looked to her grandson and heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she stretched out her hands and pulled on Ling Tian’s ears as she scolded, "You little brat, you actually concealed such a large matter from your grandmother for a full two years! Do you know your crime?"

Ling Tian then cried out in pain, "Grandmother, let go, Tian’er will not dare to do so in future."

Not only did old madam Ling not let go, she pulled on the other ear of Ling Tian as she grunted, "This old lady had just gave out our family heirloom and you actually made them reject the marriage. You, do you want to anger this old lady to death? That is the gift for my granddaughter-in-law! Little thing, if that lass is still to your liking when you grow up, you must definitely bring her together with the bracelet back together regardless the cost! I made a gamble in public just now! If you dare to let this old lady lose, hmph hmph hmph!" Now that the serious matters are settled, how is it possible for her to not punish Ling Tian?

Ling Tian broke out in sweat. Grandmother is indeed the strongest and most scheming person in the mansion! Regardless the means? Regardless the cost? No matter what? Ling Tian could not help but let his thoughts go awry. I really want to know, what if I rape her first before bringing her back. But he knew that if he were to really ask that, he would really be a real bastard. Thus, he swallowed the question back.

Seeing how his own ears were still in his grandmother’s hands, Ling Tian quickly assured, "Grandmother, be at ease, grandson will definitely not let you lose the bet!"

Only then did old madam Ling became happy as she let go of his ears and said with a caring smile, "Tian’er is indeed a good boy and an obedient child."

Ling Tian was speechless. Then, he suddenly thought of something, "Grandmother, master had said something else." Without any choice, he could only use his bogus master as an excuse.

Old madam Ling then asked, "What matter?"

Ling Tian then replied with embarrassment, "Master said that if the Xiao family really rejects the marriage, we cannot let them do so easily. We must definitely let Xiao FengHan pay a price."

Old madam Ling then spat out the sip of tea she just drank as she said with a bitter laughter, "You two master and disciple have already tricked the whole Xiao family and you still want to go after their property?"

Ling Tian looked at old madam Ling with a pair of innocent-looking eyes and said, "Master once said that the Xiao family has a top notch weapon-making factory near the capital…"