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Chapter 42: Night Visit

Chapter 42: Night Visit

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"Cough cough cough…" Madam Ling choked and started to cough. "This old body of mine is not going to care about this matter. If you want, you can go there yourself. I’m just afraid your grandfather will whip you little thing to death if he finds out."

Ling Tian merely giggled, "When he comes, I’ll hide inside grandma’s room and not even take a step out."

Madam Ling playfully scolded him, "Scram, go see that little lass. It should be about time for dinner, why don’t you return to your room? Your mother should also be worried to death. You had better not attend today’s banquet."

With a sound of affirmation, Ling Tian began walking towards his room. Further ahead, he heard sounds of heavy breathing coming out from his room. When he opened the door, he saw Ling Jian with his hands outstretched, his entire body maintaining a perfect horse stance as he stood facing the window.

Looking at Ling Jian, it was obvious that he had been in this position for quite a while. His hair was matted and sweaty, the cotton jacket he was wearing had an obvious patch of sweat on it, and his facial muscles were twisted, twitching non-stop, and same with his body… However, his eyes were full of determination. Gritting his teeth, he exuded a crazed aura akin to a wild beast.

Before leaving his room, Ling Tian had passed down some simple training methods for Ling Jian, and one of them was this horse stance. Ling Tian had demonstrated the perfect stance before he left. From how Ling Jian was positioned, it was obvious that once Ling Tian had left the house, he had begun his training without a single ounce of rest. He had long overdrafted his reserves of strength.

Even though Ling Tian had quite accidentally chanced upon Ling Jian, he did not say a word and instead moved around him, sitting on the bed, nary a word. Since Ling Jian had taken the initiative to begin his own training, Ling Tian of course did not obstruct him. He could even take this chance to observe if the kid could achieve his own bodily limits, and test his willpower at the same time.

With both hands clasped behind his head, his eyes staring aimlessly at the bed frame, Ling Tian’s brain was working in overdrive, planning to look for Xiao FengHan tonight. Guessing what attitude that old fellow would have towards him, as well as how he should counter...

The things he had to do were plenty, but this matter was of utmost importance because once Xiao FengHan left the city, Ling Tian would definitely lose the chance. Since Ling Tian wanted to build up his strength from now, he would need sufficient military weapons. Although Ling Tian himself had the skill to manufacture weapons and was aware of the different shapes and sizes, he would have to expose his secret in order to get them. Thus, having his own weapons plus production line would be the best.

Ling Tian originally had the intention to make them himself, but just as he had this idea, Xiao FengHan brought his granddaughter over in a majestic fashion… To Ling Tian, this was none other than the heavens dropping a piece of pie for him! Such a rare opportunity, how could he let it go? If he were to miss out on such a chance, most likely even heaven himself would not forgive him! Ling Tian’s eyes continuously moved as the corners of his mouth gradually lifted up to form a smile...

There were two people in the room, yet it was noiselessly calm. One was pitting against himself, pressing on at maintaining his horse stance, and the other lay on the bed, his spirit seeming to have flown out to the heavens...

A good while later, a "putong" sound was heard; Ling Tian received a shock and opened his eyes wide. Without any suspense, lying on the ground was a fainted Ling Jian. Even though he fell down, his two hands were still outstretched in front of him… This fellow actually did the horse stance till he dropped from where he was standing...

Ling Tian’s eyes revealed an expression of satisfaction. As a person from a modern era, he of course knew the amount of perseverance needed to be able to perform the horse stance until one’s entire body is bereft of strength and end up fainting! One should actually know that even if a person were to perform running to the extreme, those who could run till they fainted were few in number. Not to mention that this was the horse stance which was ten times harder! Thus, just judging by current circumstances, Ling Jian’s intellect and willpower had already met Ling Tian’s expectations!

Ling Tian now believed that if he were to let Ling Jian continue using his current methods to train, Ling Jian would definitely become a figure of a generation in this world!

Walking up to Ling Jian, Ling Tian’s hand grabbed tightly to Ling Jian’s taut muscles and began massaging them, so as to help him relax. Ling Tian’s other hand pressed against Ling Jian’s back, sending a warm stream of pure internal energy into him slowly.

Ling Jian let out a suppressed groan and slowly regained his consciousness. When he saw Ling Tian helping him to massage his muscles personally, he could not help but feel a surge of warmth, almost tearing up on the spot. This was followed by being terrified, and he hurriedly struggled to get up.

Ling Tian’s hand moved from his back to gently rest on his shoulder. Yet, at the same time, Ling Jian felt as though an immense mountain was pressing on his body, incapacitating him. Only after Ling Tian had finished massaging the four limbs of his body did he finally let go of Ling Jian. Standing up, one could see that his forehead had a thin layer of sweat.

A moment ago, Ling Tian did not dare to be too careless. If Ling Jian had overtrained and resulted in his muscles enduring injuries, that was not something one could recover within two or three days.

Ling Jian stood up, moving his limbs, and found out that his body was comfortably sore. Just as he was about to express his thanks, Ling Tian had already reached the door, saying, "Follow me for a meal first." He did not mention a word about his secret training.

In the afternoon, a huge banquet was held and this made Ling Zhan dead drunk, with him being long carried to his room.

Old man Ling was originally not in such a bad state, but with his bad mood due to the Xiao family asking to cancel the marriage proposal, and getting infuriated by Ling Tian, his heart become even more depressed. However, Xiao FengHan came from afar and both of them have not met for many years, thus he could not bring himself to explode in anger at the scene. Having suppressed his anger forcefully, he of course had no strength to compete against the power of the alcohol...

Staying over as a guest of the Ling family, Xiao FengHan had also gotten himself nearly drunk, as he thought of how he had settled one of the weights in his heart, he felt even more comfortable. Thinking of how his big brother and sister’s long relationship also did not have any troubles, this elevated his mood further. Although he felt that he was not doing good to both his brother and his wife by annulling the marriage, but if one were to search deeply, he did not actually feel that he had done anything wrong. Plus, the fact that the elder sister wanted to use the context of a gamble equivalent to giving away half of the Ling family’s wealth, this wealth could actually be used by him to fund his business in future. The best was that till now, no one in the Ling family had spoken about pinning the blame on him. (*Author’s note: The madam actually did not mean that, Xiao FengHan guessed it himself.) With so many rewards at hand, his trip to the capital this time was definitely not in vain!

Having received the news that Ling Zhan had not even woken up from the wine influence as he smiled to himself, he also politely designed the banquet hosted by the Ling family tonight, asking the guards to send his food over to guard him. He was prepared to have a good meal with his granddaughter, at the same time sort through the gains that he had obtained in this trip. At the same time, now that he had received assistance from all sides, he contemplated what he should do for his next step… Thinking of the benefits, he could not help but let out a slight smile.

After dinner, he ordered the guards to remove the leftovers, then with a book in his hand, he sat on a chair.

Suddenly, faint voices of talking could be heard coming from outside. Next, a guard opened the door and entered, reporting, "Family Head, Mister Qin brings along the young master of the Ling family to come visit.

Xiao FengHan froze in shock, asking, "Young Master Ling?"

The guard replied, "Yes, it is the little kid that spoke rudely this afternoon."

Xiao FengHan was naturally filled with doubts. Why did he come over for? What would an extreme silkpants like him have anything to look for? Snorting innately, he thought: Your old man hasn’t even come to look for me, and you dare to take the initiative. He spoke, "Let him in." And with a wave of his hand sent Xiao YanXue away to her own room for rest. [1]

The sounds of footsteps rang out, with Ling Tian leading and Mister Qin behind, both of them entered the room.

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[1]: Note that ‘silkpants’ refer to a playboy who is domineering and good for nothing at the same time. For lack of a better english word, we decided to use a literal translation.