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Chapter 45: Gain Some, Lose Some

Chapter 45: Gain Some, Lose Some

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Seeing Ling Tian bring the document with his seal of family head away, Xiao FengHan felt extremely at peace with himself! Because there was no shame in him losing! Know yourself and know thy enemy, only then can you emerge victorious! In the battle just now, it was his opponent that had understood him completely, even his temper and innate disposition, to the point where he could predict every single reaction he would make based on that. However, he was absolutely clueless about his opponent! Thus when his opponent had already come knocking, he still arrogantly chose to underestimate him!

With deep thoughts and meticulous planning, coupled with an arrogant opponent who had let down his guard, if one still could not win, that would be the biggest joke on earth!

A strip of black shadow noiselessly appeared behind Xiao FengHan at this time. Xiao FengHan did not turn back, but rather, let out a bitter laugh, "The matters just now, you saw them all, right?"

The black shadow was a skinny middle-aged man. Upon hearing Xiao FengHan speak, he merely nodded his head slightly, refraining from talking.

Xiao FengHan laughed mockingly at himself, "Do you find me laughable?"

With a serious expression, the black shadow replied, "This child, no matter his wisdom or shrewdness, all are beyond ordinary. He is definitely a rare genius."

Xiao FengHan could only sigh, saying, "That’s right, this old man feels this way as well. Today’s annulling of the marriage could be said to be a mistake of epic proportions. If we had been able to nurture this sort of person into an adult, then he could bring us assistance of unimaginable proportions! Ai, what a pity!"

The black shadow, however, muttered to himself irresolutely for a while before unhurriedly replying, "I don’t see it this way."

Xiao FengHan let out a cry of surprise, "Oh?"

The black shadow continued, "From the surface, Family Head, you have utterly lost! However, if we were to observe from a bigger point of view, it is indeed a cause to rejoice."

Xiao FengHan seemed to have grasped hold of something, saying, "Elaborate more."

The black shadow said, "From the immediate point, annulling the marriage and losing a genius; even being extorted and losing the military workshop and throwing a wrench in all our plans, it seems to be a thorough disaster. However, even though this plan was a failure, if we were to look at the long term effects, we have just avoided a danger that could potentially result in the Xiao family being annihilated!"

Xiao FengHan muttered to himself, "Annihilated… annihilated…" His eyes suddenly lit up!

The black shadow unceasingly continued, "For someone like him who is head and shoulders above all others since childhood, showing extraordinary talent, his actions would definitely be firm and ruthless without hesitation. How could such a person be willing to be shackled down, living under someone’s rule? If the marriage problem remains unsolved, then if a problem were to occur, the Ling family would definitely stand with our family, and this sort of person would definitely become the nucleus of our great army. After a long while, given the intellect and stratagems of such a person, hahaha…" The black shadow did not continue after saying this point, only using his laughter to complete the sentence.

Xiao FengHan’s eyes lit up at this, saying, "That’s right! Hahaha, in the end he’s still a kid and his thinking is not mature enough; if he continues to endure silently, not purposely showing off his silkpants side, then the marriage will proceed as per normal. When he grows up and marries Xue’er, then he could use the entire Xiao family to open up a new rule under him… hahaha, how dangerous! How dangerous!" Though his mouth was saying how dangerous it could have been, his facial expression revealed he was actually happily laughing without any worries.

It was a mere two years of effort, but in the process, he had inadvertently gotten rid of a cancerous tumor! Xiao FengHan exchanged a look with the black shadow, both letting out a smile, their hearts shouting in celebration. Even losing the military workshop which served as a base of operations suddenly felt as though it was worth it.

For quite a while, the black shadow’s concentration was placed towards the direction in which Ling Tian had left. His heart was filled with suspicion: Was that smile that he gave as he left directed at me? Though that smile was gentle and felt like a spring breeze, from the black shadow’s point of view, it looked like a flash of lightning, piercing through his defences at the least he expected it. That smile was obviously… a warning! A severe warning! Don’t tell me, he can really sense me? In this world, outside of my sect, are there really still people who have mastered such mystical skills? The black shadow was filled with doubts.

Due to him not being able to confirm if Ling Tian had really spotted himself, moreover, deep in his heart, he felt that it was impossible for a mere five-year-old child to actually see through his disguise. Arrogance long ingrained within made him push this matter to the back after a brief moment of suspicion and doubt.

In reality, in this world, the black shadow felt that things that were capable of letting him place within his heart were but few. As such, he did not mention this matter to Xiao FengHan. However, little did he know that his arrogance today would lead to his own sect literally being extinguished!

Ling Tian’s mood was joyous. With this sort of capital in his hands, he could finally be able to attack, albeit with difficulty. Today’s events went like a rehearsed play, completely according to how he had expected it to be as though he had arranged it methodically. The ending was perfect beyond his expectations. Not only did Ling Tian get what he wanted, but also an unexpected bounty. And that was that Madam Ling had also joined Ling Tian’s faction. With his grandmother’s support, this gave Ling Tian the confidence to carry out the next step of his plan.

Mister Qin was by his side, and from start to end, he silently watched the whole process without talking once. From the time Ling Tian walked into the room, his arrogant and disrespectful attitude successfully roused the hate of Xiao FengHan, followed by his effortless control of the entire conversation, knowing when to press and when to relax. All of this inexorably led Xiao FengHan to an unrecoverable trap, finally succeeding.

The whole process went like moving clouds and flowing water, with Ling Tian firmly holding onto Xiao FengHan, playing this ruthless character around the palm of his hand. This sort of feeling was difficult to describe. Mister Qin found out that Ling Tian’s intellect was more and more akin to the vast ocean; no wonder he was the chosen one sent from heaven! This caused Mister Qin’s eyes to shine with a pious light.

The most ingenious method from Ling Tian would be the fact that he separated himself from the Ling family step by step; this was incredibly funny. Ling Tian rode on the name of the Ling family, using their status to negotiate with Xiao FengHan. But in the end, Xiao FengHan was reduced to the point that he did not even have the right to look for trouble with the Ling family… Once Xiao FengHan realized this point, he would definitely be overcome with depression!

Seeing that Mister Qin was silent throughout, Ling Tian curiously asked, "Mister, what are you thinking that makes you so entranced?"

Mister Qin let out a full breath of admiration and was just about to speak before he remembered a point, "Tian’er, if you do it like this, this will result in a huge blow to the relations between both families! In the end, you’re still Duke Ling’s grandson. If Xiao FengHan goes to look for your grandfather to condemn him and explains this matter, I’m afraid we will not know how Duke Ling will react."

Ling Tian smiled in a relaxed way, "Mister is overthinking. I dare to guarantee that for this matter, Xiao FengHan will not be able to announce it and can only let it rot in his guts!"

In confusion, Mister Qin asked, "Why is that so? Such a huge loss, and with you, the Ling family would rise to the pinnacle. How could he swallow such a matter so easily?"