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Chapter 48: Fighting on the Streets

Chapter 48: Fighting on the Streets

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Two horse carriages, one in front with the other behind, moved slowly on the streets. The four horses which dragged the carriage along had already indicated that this was a super luxurious carriage. There were plenty of bells which hanged all around the carriage, ringing as they went along the streets. This was the trademark of the Ling mansion, the famous Gold Wind Chimes which was famous across the world!

In the carriage, it was extremely spacious inside. Mister Qin held a scroll of yellow colored pages, reading it with enjoyment by the side. Ling Tian sat in a relaxed position with his eyes shut and a calm face; no one could tell what exactly he was thinking about. Ling Jian sat behind Ling Tian with his back straight with all his muscles tensed up. Ling Jian would remember a single phrase which Ling Tian said: No matter what, training must never stop! Currently, Ling Jian was using his actions to live out this phrase.

After leaving the Ling family mansion, the carriage proceeded slowly to the south. The carriage swayed gently, giving one the feeling that he was in a baby’s cradle. At least, Ling Tian felt that way as he closed his eyes and went to sleep. These few days of hard work was indeed not easy for him. Despite him having the mental age carried over from his past life, he was still in the body of a five year old child. Despite being trained in martial arts, it was also extremely taxing for him to be overstretched for the past few days. With such a good opportunity to take a break during the journey, Ling Tian would definitely not let go of it.

Just when he was gradually about to fall asleep, the carriage suddenly stopped as a commotion sounded outside as though there were people fighting.

Ling Tian was startled awake; the feeling of wanting to sleep but being pulled out of your dreams by a shock sent Ling Tian into a fit of rage! Mmm, such a rage is called morning blues in his previous life!

A weird voice then sounded, as though it was a chicken who had its neck strangled, "Get lost, get lost. Get off the road. I’m talking about you. Dammit, are you deaf?"

Following which, he heard the hoarse voice of Ling Da who was driving his carriage, "Bullshit! You should be the one to get lost! Open up your eyes before you want to bully someone! Look at which family this carriage belongs to!"

Ling Tian grunted in his heart, "The people blocking us must definitely be from the Yang family! In this large capital, only the Yang family would have the guts to block the carriage with the Ling family’s Gold Wind Chimes!"

Ling Tian stretched out his hands to lift up the curtains. Then, he looked back at the furious Mister Qin and gave a mischievous smile. Mister Qin was originally extremely angry, but after seeing Ling Tian’s expression, he knew that the Yang family who was blocking the way were going to be in trouble. He could not help but laugh as he pulled Ling Jian who wanted to follow Ling Tian down, "Let the young noble handle this matter, it is not appropriate for any of us to handle this matter."

Ling Jian was first stunned for a while before understanding what Mister Qin meant. He then sat down obediently and looked out of the window.

Ling Tian got off the carriage as he looked up in the skies and said with arrogance., "Ling Da! Which blind person dares to block the carriage of my Ling family? Go and ask him if he thinks that he has too many heads growing on his neck and wants to get rid of one?" As this arrogant command sounded, everyone by the sides all became silent.

The guard of the Ling family was stunned for a moment before laughing, "Oi, my young noble is asking you a question. Do you have two heads on your neck? Hahaha…"

On the opposite, the carriage also had four horses pulling on it with a fair and round fatty driving the carriage; this was the fat driver that was the one shouting previously. The moment he saw that the young master of the Ling family was the one in the carriage, he knew that this matter could not be settled by him. Before his master said anything, it was best for him to just feign deaf and hide like a tortoise.

The veils on the opposite carriage were then lifted as a 13 to 14 year old teen walked down. His hair was in a mess with triangular eyes. Before even taking a few steps, his body had already began to shake as though he was drunk. It was obvious that he was exactly like how Ling Tian was acting: Someone who only knew how to rely on the strength of the family, arrogant to the point he did not even know how to walk properly! This was the young master of the Yang family, Yang Wei.

As everyone saw this teen walk down, they felt that they were in luck. They had unknowingly chanced upon a good show between the two infamous brats in the city fighting over the road! The crowd then began to grow larger as they all watched with excited eyes.

This road was the main street of the capital. Not to mention two horse carriages, even if it was four or six of carriages of this size, the road was more than enough to fit them all. But, whenever the Ling family or Yang family’s carriage were on the streets, they would definitely be in the center of the streets! They had met with each other many times before and had fought countless of times with both families having their fair share of wins and losses. But for the younger generation from both family to meet at the same time, this was the first ever since they were born! It seems that there would definitely be an exciting show.

Now, both the young masters were surrounded by guards, mumbling something as they stared to the skies with disdain on their faces.

While still staring at the sky, Ling Tian calmly said, "Woah, I wondered who had such guts. So it is just a little lamb." His clear voice sounded, completely filled with disdain. The crowds broke out into commotion! This young master of the Ling family is so bold!

Yang Wei’s body continue to sway, as though he would not be able to show his status and unique charisma if he did not do so, as he retorted, "Aiyah, where did this little brat come from? He actually copies after others like a little dog and walked in the middle of the streets? He actually dares to snatch the road with this young master? He actually began to bark first? Tsk tsk tsk, you have guts, you have guts!" He used a total of three ‘he actually’, as though he was extremely surprised.

Ling Tian then replied, "Young master Yang, what are you shivering about? Don’t tell me you are getting fits? Its best you return home quickly. I heard that it isn’t good to come in contact with too much wind with this illness," with a tone filled with concern. As Mister Qin saw how Yang Wei was acting together with Ling Tian’s sarcasm, he almost burst out into laughter.

Yang Wei’s swaying immediately stopped as he scolded in frustration, "Little dog, hurry up and let the path out to this young master, I do not have the time to play with you! Scram back to your kennel! This young master is magnanimous and will not be calculative with you. I will let you off today." As he said that, he snatched the horse whip from the fatty and whipped it in the air, making a loud smack. Following which, he walked forward with the whip with a vicious look filled with excitement, as though he wanted to whip Ling Tian on the spot.

Seeing the malevolent look on Yan Wei’s face, Ling Tian knew that he had successfully incited Yan Wei’s rage. He then snickered in his heart, "Let’s see if you will fall for it or not!" Following which, he pretended to be in fear as he stuttered, "You...what are you so fierce for? Be careful that I will complain to my aunt’s husband...you…" These words of his was purposefully spoken softly as his voice trembled, as though he was frightened by Yang Wei. The moment he said ‘aunt’s husband’, it was soft to the point only Yang Wei was able to hear it.

As Ling Tian said that, everyone was surprised! This young master of the Ling family was so fierce when they first met! Why is it such that after Yang Wei became ferocious, Ling Tian knees turned completely soft? They all could not help but feel disdain in their heart. For him to admit his weakness in front of everyone, how would the Ling family reputation suffer? Many people could not help but shake their heads as they thought to themselves, "General Ling is so heroic and courageous, but his son actually turned out like that! This is really a tiger father with a dog son, the downfall of the family!"

Yang Wei was extremely pleased in his heart! Whenever their Yang family fought the Ling family, their family was always on the losing end. But when he came out today, he was actually able to scare the young master of the Ling family silent! Although he was bullying the young, it was still obvious to the crowds that the Yang family was a head above the Ling family. In excitement, blood rushed towards his head as he did not pay much attention to what Ling Tian said.

Seeing Ling Tian respond so weakly, Yang Wei broke out into a crazed laughter, "Your aunt’s husband? HAHAHA, what can your aunt’s husband amount to? He dares to interfere with the affairs of my Yang family? Is he tired of living? This young master will be waiting here! Brat, go and call your aunt’s husband over and this young master will see if he will have to kowtow to me for mercy! WAHAHAHA…" A wave of maniacal laughter sounded.

Ling Tian shouted out, obviously extremely angry, "You dare scold my aunt’s husband? You have guts!"

Yang Wei then spat on the ground as he said, "What can your aunt’s husband be considered? Not only do this young master dare to scold him, I also dare to beat him up!"

Ling Tian then chuckled as his face changed to one of seriousness and coldness. With a sharp glare, he shouted, "Everyone heard that, this person is extremely bold and dares to scold the emperor! He does not place the emperor in his sights at all! It is obvious that his Yang family is disloyal and wants to rebel! Men, capture all of these people from the Yang family, don’t let any of them off! If they dare to retaliate, kill them without mercy for the crime of treason!"

Only then did everyone realize that Duke Ling only had a single daughter, and this daughter of his was married to the emperor! Then, Ling Tian’s aunt’s husband would be the emperor! Although he was being a little unreasonable and trying to force a crime unto Yang Wei, everyone present can be witnesses to the fact that Yang Wei scolded Ling Tian’s aunt’s husband...