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Chapter 52: Ambush

Chapter 52: Ambush

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The emperor’s decision was extremely swift and wise.

He commanded Yang KongQun to take his grandson back and discipline him well. Not only did he not punish him, he rewarded him with ten taels of gold. He then comforted Yang KongQun in an amiable manner, "These are all just words spoken by kids. Rebellion? Hahaha, isn’t this just a joke? Are both your elders here to crack a joke with us?" This was what the emperor said. In fact, it had a subtle meaning of: There is no need for you to trouble me just because of this small incident. It was as though the emperor was completely unbothered by this affair.

He then commanded Ling Zhan to bring his grandson back and raise him up well. At the same time, he rewarded him with ten taels of gold and a piece of White Ruyi [1], saying that it was to calm the child down. Before he sent them away, he also added casually, "Oh, my consort had told us that she has not visited her relatives for a long time and wanted to make a trip home."

Apart from that, he did not say anything else.

Both the old men took their grandsons out of the palace together. One of them filled with black lines all over his forehead, together with a vicious glare in his eyes as though he wanted to eat someone up alive. Another one was filled with smiles and in an extremely good mood.

Although the emperor did not say much, he revealed his stand by consoling Yang KongQun. In this whole incident, it was obvious that Ling Tian was the one being bullied and the Ling family was the party which needed consoling. However, the emperor did not say anything to the Ling family but consoled the party who was the perpetrator. This was where it was strange.

Especially in Yang KongQun’s heart, it was completely filled with a myriad of mixed feelings. How was it possible for the sly and wise Yang KongQun to not notice something strange? He thought in his heart, "He consoled me, but gave him an extra White Ruyi. What does the Ruyi means? It obviously means that what the Ling family did was to his liking. In other words, he wasn’t pleased with what my Yang family did?" The more he thought about it, the more unpleasant he felt. If the daughter of the Ling family wants to go back to visit them, why did you have to say it in front of me?

When they were leaving the palace, Yang Wei’s triangular eyes glared at Ling Tian viciously. However, Ling Tian ignored him completely as he thought to himself, "Child, you’re too soft. You’re still far from fighting with me."

Duke Ling left the palace in a merry mood, letting Ling Tian ride on top of his shoulders while calling Ling Tian his darling. It was as though he had completely forgotten about how Ling Tian had caused the Xiao family to reject the marriage...

Under Ling Tian’s insistence, Ling Tian had still followed Mister Qin out to visit his friend. It was just that the time was delayed by a whole afternoon.

Ling Tian sat on the carriage with a smile as he looked at the brilliant look on Mister Qin’s face as though he was laughing at Mister Qin’s misfortune.

Mister Qin was now extremely depressed! The whole incident was caused by Ling Tian and it was also Ling Tian’s idea which guaranteed them the greatest benefits. From the beginning till the end, he had not done anything and only sat in the carriage. But in the end, he became the biggest contributor to the whole event! Duke Ling almost wanted to worship him...

As for those top officials who were usually extremely proud and aloof, they looked at him like a teacher respectfully, treating him as though it was all part of his divine planning.

If he had really played such a role, he wouldn’t be bothered by it. But the thing is, he was receiving credit for something he did not do. With Mister Qin’s rigid and upright character, not only is this not considered glory, it was considered a torture for him! In a mere few hours, Mister Qin was already exhausted.

He then quickly took his leave as he literally escaped from the Ling mansion, allowing him to have the time to wipe off the sweat on his face. At the moment, he saw that the mastermind of this whole incident was laughing at his misfortune. In a moment of rage, he did not bother about anything else and caught Ling Tian over, wanting to give him a good smacking on the ass.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, Ling Tian quickly said with a doubtful tone, "The matters today are extremely strange. There is something that I just cannot figure out." As Ling Tian said that, he scratched his head with a doubtful look on his face.

Mister Qin’s hands almost landed but he heard this sudden phrase from Ling Tian. He then could not help but ask, "What do you not understand?" At the same time, he thought to himself, "There is still something that you don’t understand? Then it must really be something big." In that instant, his anger had completely dissipated from a single question by Ling Tian.

Ling Tian laughed in his heart as he got up from Mister Qin’s knees and said, "The more I think about it, the more I don’t understand. Strictly speaking, this is the first time I am leaving the city ever since I was born. But in this very first time, I coincidentally met the young master of the Yang family to fight with me over the road. Isn’t this too much of a coincidence?"

Mister Qin was first stunned before asking nervously, "You’re trying to say that there is a spy in the mansion? This is definitely something big…"

Ling Tian almost burst out into laughter as he thought to himself, "If this was something pre-planned by the Yang family, how would it be possible for me to gain the upper hand so easily? Furthermore, they definitely would not send an idiot like Yang Wei over." But, his face was completely still as he continued to spout rubbish. Perhaps he was just too good at speaking, making Mister Qin extremely serious as he twiddled with his beard in deep thought.

Ling Jian was still seated down in the carriage and did not seem to hear anything the both of them said. However, a trace of laughter in his eyes proved that he understood Ling Tian’s intent.

Following the respectful greetings from the city guards, the carriage exited the city and headed to the south.

In the front was the Green Willow Lake.

In the willow forest, there was a small river which was about twenty feet wide. The surface of the river was already frozen and it looked like a beautiful white jade path which spreaded across the earth silently.

Opposite the river, there was a rundown house which was King Fu’s Courtyard.

Ling Tian stuck his head out of the carriage as he looked at the large willow forest with ridicule. Mmm, if I am not wrong, Ling Kong will make use of this opportunity to get rid of me. This would be the best time.

The carriage moved slowly on the surface of the ground as it let out a creaking sound. The guards surrounded the left and right of the carriage as they looked to the surroundings carefully while slowly approaching the willow forest.

All of a sudden, a whistle sounded as dozens of white dressed men with bows and swords jumped out from the forest. In a blink of an eye, they were a mere 300 feet away from the carriage.

The person leading the group then waved his hands as he commanded, "Attack! Kill them all and leave no one alive!"

With a swooshing sound, dozens of arrows with steel tips shot over like locusts in the skies. The tip of the arrows had a blue gleam to them, obviously being smeared with poison!

[1]: White Ruyi is a piece of white jade. What Ruyi means in chinese is ‘according to one’s wishes’.