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Chapter 53: Fierce Battle

Chapter 53: Fierce Battle

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"Protect the young master!" Ling Yi shouted as he jumped in front of the carriage and pulled out his blade. With two swings of the blade, he blocked two arrows flying towards him.

The Ling family guards were all seasoned in battle and handpicked from the elites from the army. They would naturally not place a mere arrow barrage such as this in their sights. A few of them guarded the front of the carriage with the blades in their hands brandishing to deflect all of the poisonous arrows. There were a few arrows which could not have been avoided. However, right before the arrow hit the guards, it suddenly lost its aim and landed off the mark. There was actually not a single arrow which landed on the guards. As Ling Tian sat in the carriage, he held onto a small stone in his hands with an evil smirk on his face.

There were at least 50 to 60 of these men dressed in white, at least twice the number of guards Ling Tian had. Furthermore, they well all well trained in martial arts with an exquisite blade technique. The moment they engaged in close quarters, the guards of the Ling family could no longer defend against them and a few of them began to get injured.

Ling Yi was startled. He quickly waved his blade to force the enemy in front of him away as he shouted, "Ling Er, I will take a few men to block them. Quickly take the young master away!"

The white-dressed men then sneered, "Leave? Where will you run to? It’s best you all go see Hades together!"

Ling Yi was enraged as he pounced forward while brandishing his blade. The both of them then began to engage in a fierce battle.

In the carriage, Ling Tian rolled his eyeballs as he mumbled, "I’ve asked you guys to not call me young master, not call me young master! You guys just won’t listen and are still calling me that! Dammit!" Mister Qin was frightened to the point his face turned pale. After he heard Ling Tian picking on his guards over such a matter at a time like this, Mister Qin did not know whether to laugh or cry.

The white dressed men had forced the 20 to 30 guards of Ling Tian to a corner as the remaining people charged by the side of the carriage. The man leading the charge then slashed downwards and sliced off the curtain covering the curtains, revealing the old and young men inside.

The man then laughed out loud, "Kill them all!"

Behind him, all of the men in white gave a war cry as they charged forward together. But just at this moment, the situation changed.

In the carriage by the side, more than 10 men jumped out of it all of a sudden. They were all dressed in full black with even their faces being black. After they jumped out, they did not say a thing but their blades stabbed out in unison. A few shrieks then sounded as three men in white had blood spewing out of their chest and falling down on the floor. The drops of blood colored the snow white ground, as though the grounds was filled with blossom flowers.

The glares of these few men were extremely cold as they had a pressing and cold aura. That was the bloodthirsty aura that was born from the battlefield, an aura filled with killing intent!

The man leading the white dressed men then cried out in dismay, "Not good, it’s Ling Xiao’s Blood Iron Warriors! This is a trap! We encountered an ambush, RETREAT!"

One of the warrior then pulled out his blood stained blade from the chest of the white dressed men as he face contorted into a malicious glare, "Leave? Leave your life behind first!" He then swung his blades as he charged forward like a tiger!

The white dressed men gave a whistle as they escaped in all direction.

Ling Tian had always been seating in the carriage. Seeing that the white dressed men, his eyes flashed. If I were to really let you escape, then wouldn’t I have let down this wonderful gift which Ling Kong had gave me after such careful planning?

His hands then hid in his sleeves as stones flew out of them without any signs. The stones carried with them a large force and they landed right on the men dressed in white. Most of them hit right at the back of their knees. Only after the stones landed was one able to hear the sound of the stones breaking through the air. It was more than enough to tell just how powerful these stones were and just how fast they were!

The men who were escaping felt a sudden pain in their knees as they tripped for no reason. The Blood Iron Warriors actually ignored the men on the floor and only gave chase to all those who have escaped. There were a few of them who even charged towards the direction where Ling Yi was fighting. Their eyes flashed with excitement as though killing was the only thing that could entertain them in this world!

Ling Tian rolled his eyes, "Not grasping those opportunities, bunch of idiots!"

Ling Er then sprinted over with the guards as he shouted from afar, "Young master, young master, are you alright?"

Ling Tian was enraged, almost wanting to send him flying with a single kick. His face turned black as he screamed, "Don’t call me young master!"


Ling Er touched his forehead in embarrassment. This young master really has a strange temper, bothering about such a thing at a time like this.

Ling Tian then rolled his eyes, "What are you guys still waiting for? Tie all of these men who are on the floor up!"

Ling Yi then walked over with a few Blood Iron Warriors. His shoulder was bleeding from a slash as he grit his teeth in pain.

There were a total of 56 men who attacked them. 19 of them were killed on the spot and 24 were capture while the rest escaped.

Only one of the Blood Iron Warriors had a light injury on his arm and the rest of them were uninjured. There were more than 10 injuries among Ling Tian’s guards and three of them died from battle. Thankfully, most of the injuries were pretty light and would not hinder their movements. There was only one who had been stabbed in the chest and had a serious injury. Ling Tian then walked in front of him to check on his wounds. Shortly after, he could not help but shake his head. Such a big bloody hole on his chest. This is beyond saving already! With guilt in his heart, Ling Tian took a knee as he asked softly, "I am the young noble, do you have any other final requests? Tell me and I will complete it for you!"

That men then stuttered as blood flowed out from his mouth continuously, blocking his throat. It was obvious that he was unable to speak anymore. He looked towards Ling Tian with his eyes in disorder and a deep sense of concern with a tinge of anxious appeal.

Ling Tian then turned his head and said softly, "Rest in peace, I will take care of your family!"

A shimmer of light then shined through his eyes as he tried to move his lips. It was as though he had said ‘thank you’, but it was barely audible.

Ling Tian then stood up and faced the skies as he ordered, "Ling Er!"

Ling Er stepped forward and said, "Your subordinate is here!"

Ling Tian then ordered without looking back, "Take out your blade! Send this brother on his way!"

Ling Er became startled as his body trembled to the point he almost collapsed on the floor. He then gave a loud cry, "NO! He can still be saved! I can’t! I can’t!" Tears rolled down his eyes.

As the Blood Iron Warriors heard what Ling Tian said, astonishment filled their eyes as they looked towards Ling Tian with understanding. In the battlefield, if a comrade suffered from fatal wounds, the best choice would be to end his misery with a blade! This is the most honorable death for a warrior!

They all felt it to be strange — if they were to meet with such a thing, it was only natural for them to handle the situation as such. However, it was Ling Tian’s first time handling such a matter and he was actually able to make such a resolute decision! This made them all surprised!

A Blood Iron Warrior then stepped forward and said, "I’ll do it."

He then squatted beside the guard and used his left hands to cover his eyes. With a heavy mood, he said, "Brother! Rest in peace!"