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Chapter 54: Testing Ling Jian

Chapter 54: Testing Ling Jian

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"Pu!" The shaft of a short knife buried itself deeply into the bodyguard’s heart! It unerringly pierced the heart of the guard.

"PuTong!" Ling Er knelt down on the floor, howling as he burst into tears.

Ling Tian felt a wave of guilt. If he personally took action, the bodyguards would not have needed to die so meaninglessly. However, if he were to take action now, the plans he had painstakingly built would come to naught. Not only would it be a wasted effort, he would also become the target of everyone. Closing his eyes, he thought: "Brothers, please forgive me."

Turning his head back, his eyes had already regained their original clarity. Looking at the 24 men dressed in white who were apprehended, his eyes flashed with killing intent.

A Blood Iron Warrior moved towards Ling Tian, saying: "Young Noble, how should we deal with these people? Do we alert the magistrate or bring them back to our residence?"

Ling Tian pondered for a while, before replying: "There’s no rush," as the corners of his mouth curled up in a cruel smile.

That Blood Iron Warrior blinked a few times in confusion, before answering with a "Acknowledged." He then returned back to his original spot. Their mission was to ensure Ling Tian’s safety, and for other matters, he would ignore without exceptions. As for the matter of handling the captives, he only asked out of formality’s sake, just like how he did so in front of Ling Xiao in the army.

These twelve Blood Iron Warrior, was the result of the discussion Ling Tian had with Madam Ling earlier on in the morning. Towards his grandmother, Ling Tian did not actually hide his own plans, but rather simply pushed the responsibility towards his Master.

When Ling Tian left the residence, Madam Ling felt extremely unsettled about it. Ever since she found out about Ling Kong’s scheme, she knew that he definitely would not give up just like that, and would definitely make use of the opportunity to get rid of his eyesore, Ling Tian. It was only after Ling Tian vowed that his Master would be by his side protecting him did Madam Ling finally agreed reluctantly. However, she still decided to assign twelve Blood Iron Warriors by his side.

The twelve Blood Iron Warriors stood at attention before clearing the remnants of the battle without prior instruction. As they passed by Ling Er crying his heart out, their eyes subconsciously flashed with traces of contempt and disdain.

If one could not accept life and death, he would be better off staying at home and taking care of the children. What bother coming to the battlefield to engage in killing? On the battlefield, every second would mean the death of tens or even hundreds of your brothers, dying in the most tragic ways possible! If everyone were to be like this crying jerk over here, they would probably end up as meat paste too. In war, time to mourn was a luxury no one could afford. One cry would negatively affect the rest of the soldier’s morale! As such, the actions carried out by Ling Er, was a chargeable crime for disturbing the heart of soldiers!

Taking in this scene, Ling Tian could not help but let out a sigh. Both parties were the elite among the elites, and yet such difference could be seen by someone who had undergone a hundred battles and yet lived to tell the tale. He lightly spoke, "They have not been baptized by the killings on the battlefield, and thus naturally do not have any self-control. Such is human nature, they should not be blamed."

Hearing this sentence, a few of the Blood Iron Warriors froze in mid-step. Turning back, they deeply stared at their Young Master.

Ling Tian merely curled up the corners of his mouth in return, before turning his head to address his bodyguards, "Ling Yi, bring the captives over. I want to question them."

In a short while, all twenty four captives were thrown in front of Ling Tian, forming a group. Each of them revealed a look of fear, staring at this delicate child in front of them which looked like a pretty lady. None of them knew what was going to happen next.

Ling Tian walked up to the carriage, calling for Ling Jian to come over. As for Mister Qin, Ling Tian made him stay in the carriage as he was afraid that what was going to happen next would contain more than a little bloodshed. Thus, he was afraid that the Old Man would not be able to take it. He even pulled the curtains of the chariot shut in consideration.

Mister Qin was deeply appreciative of Ling Tian’s intention. Since he had some form of fear towards killing and bloodshed, he wisely decided to continue hiding in the carriage to recuperate.

Kicking one of the short swords on the ground towards Ling Jian, Ling Tian spoke blandly and coldly, "Ling Jian, this shall be your first test! I’ll give you 2 hours, I want to have the answers to everything I want to know! As for the idea, you think of it yourself. If you cannot accomplish this, then you don’t need to follow me back. Take a bag of silver and roam the world!"

With a "Ka" sound, Ling Tian nonchalantly threw a bag of silver onto the snowy ground. He then turned back to sit on the pulling shaft of the chariot, and closed his eyes slightly, showing no interest in what was happening next.

At this time, the twelve Blood Iron Warriors had already gathered the corpses of the white robed men together, and simply covered them with the fallen snow before returning.

They realized that Ling Tian was about to take care of those captured white robed men, but had actually handed over the task to a frail seven to eight year old kid. All of them were flabbergasted, and immediately came forward to try to help.

However, Ling Tian’s voice travelled over, bearing chilly undertones: "Nobody is to help! All of you had better stand one side and simply watch! Let Ling Jian do whatever he wants, if anyone lets out even a squeak, he can forget about staying in the Ling Residence!"

Everyone simultaneously froze in mid step. After a while, all of them awkwardly retracted their legs. The glances they shot towards Ling Tian was not only of amazement but also of some fear. Such resoluteness was something that even the great general Ling Xiao did not have!

Eyeing the short sword on his feet, Ling Jian did not bother to pick it up, instead walking towards one of the Blood Iron Warriors. Without prior consent, he stretched out his hand and drew out the steel sword hung on that man’s waist with a ‘Qiang’ sound.

That steel sword was so heavy that Ling Jian actually needed both hands in order to lift it up. That small and frail frame seemed to be shaking, though no one was sure if it was due to excitement or fear.

Ling Jian felt his heart boiling; finally a test in which he had been waiting for! This day has finally arrived! Not only was it sudden, the contents of this test could be seen to be extremely bloody! Furthermore, if he could not pass it and achieve what the Young Noble asked for, then, his entire future would be ruined in just this moment today!

Dragging the sword, Ling Jian hung his head down slightly as he moved in the direction of the twenty-four white robed men. His hair messily hung down from his forehead, dancing before his eyes and covering them. At this moment, everyone felt that this kid suddenly exuded a gloomy and oppressive aura!

Ling Jian dragged the sword in front of the white robed men. He solemnly spoke: "You guys heard him, I only have 2 hours. Thus, time is not on my side. I hope that you can voluntarily tell me everything that my Young Noble wants to know, then everyone would remain happy." Though his voice may have sounded immature, it was cold as ice.

Hearing his words, a white robed man coldly laughed in return: "Why should we tell you? Little kid, do you think that by putting on such a face you can scare someone? This daddy here came here today not expecting that I would live to tell the tale… AHH——" A strangled scream suddenly resonated through the air, lingering in the atmosphere.

Before he had finished speaking, Ling Jian’s eyes had flashed with coldness, and the sword held in his both hands had unhesitatingly hacked down on that man!