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Chapter 55: Ling Jian“s Interrogation

Chapter 55: Ling Jian's Interrogation

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Blood splattered and that white robed man’s left arm was amputated at his shoulder. Fresh blood gushed out from the open wound like a fountain. It sprayed onto his accomplices, effectively blinding them. An intense nauseating feeling surged from all of them, however, those beside the amputated white robed man did not even dare to make so much as a squeak. They forcefully swallowed back down the bile and vomit that was rising up their throats. At the same time, the glance they shot to the solitary figure of Ling Jian was filled with fear.

The surroundings had already turned deathly silent.

Even those Blood Iron Warriors who were standing by the side did not expect this nine year old child to be so decisively ruthless in his actions! Not achieving his aim after merely one sentence, he did not hesitate to bring his sword down! Not like that, his actions were so vicious, crippling the guy in one move!

The Ling Residence Bodyguards around were turning white in fear, their throats making gurgling sounds. Their adam’s apples were bobbing up and down as though in exercise, making them seem like they were continuously swallowing something...

The Blood Iron Warriors could not help but turn to look at Ling Tian, who had his butt firmly planted at the carriage shaft. However, they only saw an expression of blandness as he coldly overlooked the scene, as though the matter of an amputation was commonplace and not worthy of his attention. It was as if he had taken a look at the clouds floating and the breeze blowing. All the bodyguards on scene could not help but feel a sense of respect bubbling from their hearts as they thought: "These two fellows aren't simple!"

Ling Jian remain unperturbed, with the steel sword in his hand slowly dripping blood onto the snow as it ran down the blade. ‘Plop plop’ sounds were heard as they landed drop by drop onto the snow.

Coldly looking at his victim which had already fainted due to the pain, Ling Jian continued in a level tone, "My time is short, and I don’t want to use punishment. That is too troublesome. I ask now; can you give me what I want?"

"Don’t want to use punishment!" The Blood Iron Warriors which were standing by the side, all felt like knocking their heads on the ground upon hearing this sentence. "How else do you want to punish? One chop, and you already lopped off his arm, this is not considered punishment? Isn’t your sentence a little too amusing?"

Ling Jian stood there, head lowered and sword angled down, silently waiting. As he waited for the white robed men to talk, he silently counted to ten. Even after he had finished, there was no sound coming from any of them.

Ling Jian coldly snorted in his heart, before raising the sword. He chopped down once again, without even looking his time.

"No…. spare me…. I’ll talk! AHHH——" Yet another agonized howl sounded, and the second arm was separated forever from another white robed man. As the arm lay on the ground, its fingers seemed to still be twitching.

A few drops of the fresh blood splattered onto Ling Jian’s face, slowly sliding off. It drew a few devious scars on his pale face as it flowed downwards. However, Ling Jian remained unmoving as a statue, not even bothering to wipe it off.

Looking at the white robed man who had begged moments before his sword cut away his arm, Ling Jian spoke with hints of apology: "I’m sorry, you spoke too late, so I couldn’t retract my sword in time."

Though there were blood trails on his face, his tone was still calm, as though he was making daily conversation. It was as though he had accidentally dropped the teacup at his neighbor's place and was apologizing, "Oh, I’m so sorry, I broke your teacup!"

Seeing this frail little child, a chill rose unhindered from the hearts of the surrounding Blood Iron Warriors, causing them to shiver involuntarily. They thought of what they did when they were around seven or eight, compared to this little guy who was waving his sword and cutting people as though it was common occurrence. Everyone had the same thought in their hearts, "Was this really a child? He looks more like a little demon!"

As for the second white robed man who had had his arm cut off, his facial features were distorted terribly. However, he did not faint; instead rolling about the snow with his other hand holding on to the stump of his arm. Wherever he rolled turned into a patch of red. In his extreme pain, he continuously groaned, unable to even speak coherently. He did not even have the strength to properly groan out, only short breaths coming out from his mouth.

Ling Jian only looked at him blandly, before tranquilly turning over to look at his 3rd ‘victim’. He simply asked, "What about you? Willing to speak?" His tone was gentle, as though asking a neighbor what he was having for dinner tonight.

That white robed man’s eyes were wide with fear, seeing this asura-like child in front of him actually throwing him this question, he was overwhelmed by fear. After letting out a squeak, he actually fainted!

Ling Jian flew into a rage, hollering, "F**k your mom, how dare you play dead!" The sword on his hand hacked down and immediately blood flew into the air. His blade went up, fell, went up again… fresh blood spilled out unceasingly, and Ling Jian had already turned into a blood man!

"I’ll speak! I’ll speak!"

"No, I’ll speak, I’m willing to speak… please let me speak…"

The crowd of white robed men jostled to withdraw, their faces already turned to that of extreme fear. All of them fought to speak, afraid that this monster would target them next. Their voices were so loud that even the deaf could hear!

Ling Jian coldly snort, pointing the sword towards a slightly plump man. "You! Speak!"

On the point of the sword, sticky blood pooled there bit by bit, the blood drop slowly increasing in size then dripping down.

That white robed man was so afraid that he started leaking from both his front and back, deflating onto the ground as he spoke, "Little Master… no, grandfather, what do you want to ask… this little one will reveal all he knows, and if… if there’s any falsehood, then may my family die an unjust death!" Under the coercion of fear, he actually swore and cursed himself.

Ling Jian’s facial expression relaxed slightly, "Say everything that you know!"

"Yes! Yes! This little one is called Zhang DeHu, I’m a disciple of the Dark Night Hall belonging to the Violent Wind Gang, this time we are here under the orders of our gang leader! This little one only knows that this time we’re supposed to assassinate a five to six year old kid, and we were supposed to silence all others that accompany the kid….. Mmm, other than that…. than that…" The more panicked he got, the more he could not remember what he wanted to say, and he could not help but start sweating bullets.

"Who gave the mission? Who paid you to do so?"

"Ah? This matter, little one really doesn’t know!" Seeing how Ling Jian’s face got gradually colder, the white robed man Zhang DeHu could only beg for mercy, and knock his head on the ground as though he was smashing garlic.

"What is the name of your gang leader? How many people are there in your gang? Where is the headquarters? Locations of your branches? Number of people in your Dark Night Hall?...." Ling Jian did not bother too much, so long as he thought of that question, he would spit it out towards him like a cannon.