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Chapter 57: Plotting Against the Violent Wind Gang

Chapter 57: Plotting Against the Violent Wind Gang

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Ling Tian thought to himself, "Father has 120 of such people around him. There will definitely be many with nothing to do. It shouldn’t be too much for me to ask a dozen or so from him. He should not really be affected also."

Feng Mo was stunned, "So this young noble had such an idea! He actually wants to steal men from his father!" Only after being stunned for a moment did he say, "There is no willing or not willing to, as long as the general gives his command, this subordinate will do anything." In other words — I cannot promise you right now, and I am also not very willing. The phrase ‘this subordinate will do anything’ already shows his unwillingness.

However, as though Ling Tian did not understand the hidden meaning behind those words, he said happily, "Then I shall go back and tell that to my father and see if he is willing. Hahaha!" At the same time, he thought in his heart, "Of course I won’t go and ask him, I’ll fail for sure or even suffer a beating. It is best to just let grandmother go and ask him for such a thing. She’ll definitely succeed!"

Feng Mo was speechless in his heart. Don’t tell me I wasn’t obvious enough? This young noble actually couldn’t tell? Black lines inevitably filled his face.

At this moment, Ling Jian had already puked to the point he had no more strength as he lay on the floor while breathing heavily. Noticing that he had finished vomiting, Ling Tian asked Feng Mo to carry Ling Jian and place him in the carriage.

At this moment, Ling Yi regained his senses as he said with concern, "Young… err… young noble, we should immediately inform the Grand Sire and ask him to catch the members of the Violent Wind Gang up. We should eradicate them from their roots to spare ourselves from future trouble."

Ling Tian then rolled his eyes, "By the time you thought about that, it is too late already. Catch the Violent Wind Gang? Catch them for what? It is all just a waste of time, you will not be able to catch anyone." Ling Tian shook his head as he said that.

Ling Yi was depressed, "Why won’t we be able to catch them? With all of their properties, can they possibly escape?"

Ling Tian was completely speechless as he scolded a while later, "Are you an idiot? If you were the Violent Wind Gang, failed to assassinate the young noble of the largest family in the capital and even got many of your men caught, would you still remain in the same place to get caught? At this moment, all of the important people in the Violent Wind Gang would have ran far away from the capital by now. Where would we find them then? The city would only be left with the small fries. What good would it be to catch them? Catch them so we have to feed them? What will they know? Stupid!"

After thinking for a moment, Ling Tian continued, "If all of you had been able to catch all of the attackers, then the Violent Wind Gang would have disappeared from the face of the earth by now!"

Ling Yi's face turned red as he took a bow in embarrassment and left.

As Ling Tian looked at the many white dressed men who were tied up, he thought for a moment before saying, "I originally planned to kill all of you."

As he said that, all of their faces changed as they pleaded for mercy.

Ling Tian then continued, "Now, I want all of you to report where you stay, number of people at home and your name. All of these will be recorded before I send you back. Ling Er, record it all."

"Remember, after you return, do whatever you have to do. But if even a single of you escape, all of the 23 who remains will have their whole family executed together with them! A few days later, I will send someone to take over the businesses of the Violent Wind Gang. If you guys cooperate well, this young noble may continue to give you your jobs in future. I can also ensure that you will be better off than before for sure! Release them!"

All of the white dressed men stared at each other blankly. They never imagined that this would be the ending. The person they were trying to kill was the young master of General Ling! They had thought that they would either be killed or imprisoned for life. They never imagined that the young noble would let them off so easily! Even after they were all untied, they still felt that they were in a dream and did not believe that it was real.

Ling Tian then frowned as he said, "All of you still aren’t leaving? Don’t tell me you expect me to send you guys back with a carriage?"

Only then did they regain their senses. Looking at the small body of Ling Tian, they all knelt on the floor, "We thank the young noble for letting us go. As long as young noble is willing, we are all willing to follow the young noble. Even if we were to become your horses or cows, we will repay the young noble for your kindness."

Ling Tian frowned and replied, "Become my horses or cows? All of you still do not have the rights to do so. Accomplish this matter properly first. As for the other things, we’ll talk about that in future. Remember, none of you are to reveal the matters today. If news were to be spread out, I will hold all of you accountable.

Ling Tian intentionally did not reject them completely, leaving them with a glimmer of hope.

All of the white dressed men were elated as they gave their word to Ling Tian. They had also heard that all of the higher echelons within the Violent Wind Gang would be gone for sure. When they return, their safety would definitely not be an issue. After giving thanks, they supported each other and left.

Ling Tian looked at their unsteady figures and frowned. Then, he shouted, "Come back!"

All of them were shocked as they turned back. Ling Tian then pointed at a bag of silver which he threw on the ground, "Take these silver with you. Give more to those who lost their limbs."

All of the white dressed men were extremely thankful, with some of the more emotional ones even crying. They then picked up the silver on the floor and left.

The guards of the Ling family and the Blood Iron Warriors were all extremely puzzled. All of these white dressed men were all extremely vile and evil creatures. After interrogating any news from them, they should be executed on the spot. At the very least, they should be sent to the authorities. Why were they released so easily? Isn’t this going too easy on them?

Looking at their puzzled faces, Ling Tian could not help but silently scold them for being stupid in his heart. This Violent Wind Gang is just an ordinary gang. But if they were in the hands of my Ling family, they would become the largest gang in the capital in a short time! At that time, the Ling mansion would have another source of income and more information. The gambling dens and prostitution business which the Violent Wind Gang had was not just wealth. It was also the fastest way to get news. At that time, I am completely confident that I will be able to control this gang to grasp all the news within the capital. This is not something which can be measured by wealth.

With the strength of the Ling family now, if they had an underground strength like the Violent Wind Gang, it was akin to adding wings to a tiger.

The biggest problem now was that Ling Tian had to find someone who he can trust to be the gang leader. Only after that would he worry about growing the gang.

Ling Tian touched his chin as he looked at the Blood Iron Warriors. After looking at them for a moment, he could not help but chuckle. His smile, was just so… devious.

After Ling Tian and his guards crossed the lake and entered the forest, a figure suddenly appeared. Looking at the carriage which was long gone, he thought for a moment and let out an inaudible sigh. Then, he rushed back to the capital at full speed.