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Chapter 59: Lass Ling Chen

Chapter 59: Lass Ling Chen

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Ling Tian looked at the girl in front of him; she was dressed in a set of long robes which looked as though they belonged to an adult. The robe was full of colorful patches, showing the signs of being mended many times. There were some parts of the robes which were split apart, revealing her skin which had turned purple from the cold. At the same time, her face was yellow and she was skinny to the point a light gust of wind can topple her. Her hair also turned yellow displaying the signs of malnutrition for a long period of time, while her face was full of dirt and her original appearance could not longer be seen. Her large black eyes stared at Ling Tian in fear as her body began to tremble.

Ling Tian stared at her for a moment and suddenly took off his jacket to wrap her up in it. The girl immediately took a step back as she became flustered. Ling Yi, who was behind Ling Tian, was startled as he quickly took his coat to cover Ling Tian with a grumble.

Ling Tian stared at him coldly, causing Ling Yi to tremble as he took a step back and shut his mouth. Ling Tian then squatted down and asked the girl tenderly, "What is your name? Where are your parents?"

The girl was wrapped up in Ling Tian’s jacket which still had his body temperature, feeling a sense of inexpiable warmth. As she heard what Ling Tian asked her, her eyes began to turn red as she whimpered, "Daddy, mummy...they...wu wu wu… they died already. They died from the cold, died from hunger… wu wu wu…"

Ling Tian then said gently, "Mmm, don’t cry. When did all these happen?" As he said that, he wiped the tears off the face, not bothered about the filth on her face at all.

The little girl’s face was lifted up by Ling Tian’s warm hands, as she felt a wave of comfort course through her whole body. She also began to calm down and said, "It’s… the day before yesterday. I was freezing when daddy and mummy gave me all their clothes. Wu wu wu… they gave me all they had to eat… wu wu wu… they were originally sick already…"

Ling Tian’s body shook as he asked, "What is your name?"

The little girl said with a sob, "I’m… I’m called Xiao Ya."

Ling Tian then replied with a ‘wo’ before continuing, "Xiao Ya right? Xiao Ya, why not you follow me in future? I will make sure you can eat your fill everyday."

The little girl’s face became filled with tears and she knelt down, "I thank the young master for his kindness. Xiao Ya is willing to be young master’s slave, serving young master for the rest of my life." The little girl knew that this young master in front of her is someone compassionate. If she were to miss this opportunity, she will definitely freeze to death in this pile of ruins.

The guards who were behind Ling Tian heard the lass say ‘young master’ a few times and could not help but secretly lament in their hearts, "Lass, of all the way to address him, you chose to call him young master. This young master of ours hate others to call him that the most. It seems that you have just buried the only hope which you just found!"

But what made them surprised was the fact that Ling Tian was completely unbothered as he nodded with a smile. Then, he turned around and instructed, "Ling Er, take a few men to follow Xiao Ya. Bury her parents and make a marking. Ling Yi, go to the carriage and fetch my dessert box over."

The both of them acknowledged and went their own way. Especially Ling Yi, who was filled with gratitude. For Ling Tian to ask him to fetch the dessert box after giving his own coat to the young master, it was also akin to asking him to fetch another coat for himself.

Ling Tian sat in the carriage as he stared blankly towards the front. As Mister Qin and Ling Jian saw his expression, they did not dare to say anything, afraid that they would disrupt him. Mister Qin felt that Ling Tian who was in front of him now had an inexpiable temperament currently. It was as though he was reminiscing, but yet there was a sense of desolation accompanied with a deep melancholy and a strong sense of loneliness!

For these few emotions to be gathered upon the young Ling Tian, it formed an inexpiable and complex expression on Ling Tian’s face. Mister Qin was secretly startled at just what could make this five year old child have such heavy emotions. In Mister Qin’s eyes, there were always strange expressions on Ling Tian’s face. Ever since Ling Tian had trusted Mister Qin, he would display these emotions more and more frequently in front of him. Mister Qin always had a feeling that Ling Tian was extremely lonely. It was as though Ling Tian would still be alone even if he was on the bustling streets or in a ten thousand man army. Such a unique temperament was something which no one could imitate and belonged solely to Ling Tian. This was also why Mister Qin guessed that Ling Tian was part of the Mandate of Heaven!

No one could imagine that this sense of loneliness which Ling Tian felt was something which he carried alongside him ever since birth! Even if he were to have a whole mansion full of concubine and descendants in future, it would not change anything. As long as he thought about the things that happened in his past life, Ling Tian’s soul would still be alone in this world!

Crossing through worlds! Ling Tian’s laughed bitterly to himself. Countless of web novels praised the benefits of crossing through worlds, as though every one of them would end up being unparalleled experts in the new world they went to. This was something that Ling Tian agreed. If they were not able to accomplish anything with the vast amount of knowledge which they had from the thousands of years of accumulation, they should just buy a piece of tofu to commit suicide before crossing back to their own world. However, behind the amazing legends of these people, who would understand the loneliness these people felt? That was a devil in the heart which can never be avoided! I did not have a single day which I enjoyed in my past life, suffering from bullying and humiliation. Now that I crossed to another world, I am already suffering so much. I really wonder how much pain and suffering those people with a perfect family in their previous life would have suffered after crossing through worlds.

"Young noble, your subordinate has brought Xiao Ya over. What arrangements does young noble has for her? Please give me an instruction." Just when Ling Tian was daydreaming, he heard the respectful voice of Ling Er.

Ling Tian raised the curtains and saw that it was getting dark. Then, he said, "Send her into the carriage.

Ling Er acknowledged and a small little head entered the carriage. It can be seen that Ling Er had already washed her up before sending her up the carriage. At least her hair was not as messy as before. But… Ling Er’s hands were really extremely clumsy. He insisted on helping the girl tie a hair full of braids which looked extremely weird. Xiao Ya then held the braids in her hand with an angry face.

All girls were born vain and Xiao Ya was no exception. It doesn’t matter if she did not have the ability to do so. Now that she had the ability and someone messed up her hair as such, she was obviously unhappy.

The moment Xiao Ya saw Ling Tian, she could not help but have her mood lifted up. In her little heart, there was already a thought, "As long as I am by Ling Tian’s side, I will definitely be extremely blessed." She then knelt down, "Thank you young noble for burying my father and mother. At least their bodies would not be exposed to the wilderness. Your grace and kindness is something this slave will never forget for life."

Seeing as how her words were extremely refined, Ling Tian could not help but ask with surprise, "Xiao Ya, do you know how to recognize words? Have you studied before?"

Xiao Ya then replied bashfully, "Father was a scholar before and had been a private tutor for a period of time. It was my father who taught me." The moment she mentioned her father, her eyes could not help but turn red.

Ling Tian then replied, "I see."

Looking at how Xiao Ya hid to a corner, Ling Tian smiled and said, "Come here, come to my side. It is warmer here."

Xiao Ya then shook her head in fright, "Young noble, this servant’s body is extremely dirty and smelly. I will just stay by the door." As she said that, she bit her lips with a face full of shame.

Ling Tian shook his head and stretched his hands out, pulling her in. He then made her sit down beside him where it was near the heater.

Xiao Ya was extremely touched as she sat there upright, looking ever more rigid than Ling Jian who was like a wooden pole.

Xiao Ya indeed did not smell good, and this was something that Ling Tian had noticed ever since she entered the carriage. Mister Qin’s nose twitched for a moment as he slowly shifted his body to face the outside.

In Ling Tian’s heart, there was a sense of familiarity and closeness which he had not felt for a long time. The smell on Xiao Ya’s body was extremely similar to the times he was leading a bitter life! Ling Tian could not help but hug Xiao Ya as his eyes became teary. Perhaps the only thing that is similar to my previous life is this smell. Perhaps, only with this, will I know that I do not belong to his world...

As Xiao Ya was hugged by Ling Tian, her body stiffened as she felt a sense of peace and security she had never felt before. She sat there without moving as two streams of tears rolled down her cheeks. Father, mother, did you guys see that? Xiao Ya had met a good master. Xiao Ya will have a good life in future, rest assured...

While she was still in a daze, Xiao Ya heard the gentle voice of Ling Tian, "From now on, your name will be called Ling Chen. There will be no one else who will ever bully you!"

Xiao Ya did not dare to open her mouth, afraid she would burst out into tears the moment she do so. She only nodded her head in Ling Tian’s bosom as she thought to herself, "From now on, I am called Ling Chen! Ling Chen who only belongs to the young master!"