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Chapter 61: Long Term Plan

Chapter 61: Long Term Plan

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Seeing that his grandmother no longer pressed the matter, Ling Tian heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Then, he narrated his experiences of visiting King Fu’s Courtyard.

Old Madam Ling listened attentively to what Ling Tian said but suddenly asked, "Tian’er, does your master think that the Violent Wind Gang which ambushed you today belongs to him?" The ‘him’ which she was referring to would naturally be Ling Kong.

Ling Tian then said with a sigh, "The Violent Wind Gang was found exactly five years ago…" He did not finish his sentence, after all, some things are not meant to be said by a five year old like him.

Old Madam Ling then slapped her thighs as she said, "That’s right! The time which the Violent Wind Gang was found is an obvious hint. Five years ago was when your mother was pregnant with you. If that’s the case, this Violent Wind Gang is most probably created and largely sponsored by him. The reason for that was definitely to deal you a heavy hand today. Hmph, his plans really run a long way back!"

A while later, Old Madam Ling sneered, "When you left today, I saw a message swallow leaving his courtyard. At that time, I already wanted to tear him into a thousand pieces!"

Ling Tian smiled but did not reply. He knew, Old Madam Ling also knew. While the signs of Ling Kong’s crime were already beginning to show, this is not the best time to uproot him. Up until now, the both of them were still not sure if Ling Kong wanted to control the Ling family for himself or the mastermind behind him. If there was a mastermind behind him, then things would be even more serious. Thus, they can only lay in wait for now.

Ling Tian’s plan was to use himself as bait to tempt Ling Kong to attack him. As long as Ling Kong were to attack him more often, he would definitely reveal more traces. However, this idea of his was still stuck in his head. First, Ling Tian was only five years old currently. If he were to display supernatural strength and attract the attention of the royal family and Yang family, then the losses would far exceed the gains. Second, Old Madam Ling would definitely not allow him to place himself in such a risky position for sure.

The Ling family did not have many descendants with Ling Tian being the single one in his generation. How was it possible for Old Madam Ling to allow Ling Tian to place himself in such danger?

Old Madam Ling then began to pace around as she said, "Tian’er, what does your master think we should do?" The situation was getting more and more complicated, with the survival of her grandson and the Ling family at stake. However, she cannot make any rash movements to avoid alerting her enemies. Seeing Ling Kong in front of her but yet being unable to touch him made Old Madam Ling feel extremely frustrated.

Ling Tian then thought for a moment as he said, "Master says that the different empires are all eyeing covetously on each other and the world will break out into chaos at any time. There are already undercurrents all around now. It is just that the different empires have formed a delicate balance at this moment. However, this balance will be broken at anytime. Currently, our Ling family is far from being able to protect ourselves. Looking at the internal situation of our Ling family, it is impossible for us to survive in these chaotic times."

Old madam Ling then gave a thoughtful expression as she lamented, "This master of yours is indeed an extraordinary person. With regards to the situation in the continent, he is able to address it at pinpoint accuracy. It seems like he has a plan already. Haiz, I really want to have a good conversation with this extraordinary person." In her words were a deep sense of longing.

In that instant, Ling Tian’s body contracted in fear.

After lamenting for a while, Old Madam Ling asked, "What does your master intend to do? As long as your master has need of our Ling family, grandmother will definitely give my support."

Ling Tian broke out into joy as he replied, "Master said that we can maintain status quo on the surface. However, we will have to speed up our actions in secret."

Old Madam Ling then asked, "How do we speed up?"

After thinking for a moment, Ling Tian said, "The first step was to take the military workshop over from the Xiao family. In order to protect ourselves in these chaotic times, weapons and armors are definitely a must. Grandmother’s first step must be to prepare manpower to control this military workshop tightly within our grasp. As for the people involved, we should not use those from our Ling mansion."

Old Madam Ling’s face grew serious as she said in deep thought, "This old lady knows what to do. What else?"

Ling Tian continued, "Second, master wishes that the Ling mansion will purchase King Fu’s Courtyard to turn it into a secret base of the Ling family. At that time, master will go over to train up a group of elite soldiers to be the life saving trump card of our Ling family.

Old Madam Ling then replied gladly, "This isn’t a problem either."

Ling Tian then added on, "Regarding manpower, they can be chosen from the army, accepting those soldiers who have the ability but are unaccomplished. However, this would require father’s help."

Old Madam Ling then grunted and said, "As long as this old lady gives the order, he will have no choice but to agree!"

Ling Tian giggled as his shoulders trembled. Thinking about how his father does not have any rights in front of his grandmother, he cannot help but laugh.

Old Madam Ling then knocked him on the head as she laughingly scolded, "Little brat, continue."

Ling Tian then restrained his laughter, "Third, it would be regarding the Violent Wind Gang. Master wish that we can grasp the Violent Wind Gang in our hands to control the majority of the businesses in the capital. It would then be a source for information and another source for income."

Old Madam Ling then muttered, "Violent Wind Gang? It shouldn’t be of much use right? Besides, this was one of Ling Kong’s organizations and this old lady still wants to uproot the whole gang. Why would your master want to take over the gang?"

Ling Tian quickly replied, "While the Violent Wind Gang was part of Ling Kong’s strength, all the important figures within the gang would have fled the capital after the assassination attempt today. The only ones left behind would be the locals who are easy to control. Furthermore, the Violent Wind Gang has already been established and it would be a waste to give it up like that. Besides that, as long as we control the Violent Wind Gang, it will be another bait to bait the others belonging to Ling Kong’s faction."

Old Madam Ling then nodded, "If that’s the case, then we’ll just follow what you say. What else?"

Ling Tian then replied, "Furthermore, grandson also lacks manpower. The Blood Iron Warriors would be the best choice. First, they are loyal to our Ling family. Next, they have been to many battles and are extremely experienced. As long as they are trained slightly, they would become a formidable force. If grandmother does not give some pressure, father would definitely not agree to it."

Old Madam Ling then replied, "This isn’t a problem either. A single section is too little. This old lady will ask your father to transfer three sections over, a total of 36 people. That should be enough, right?"

Ling Tian was overjoyed, "This would be the best!"

Old Madam Ling then paced two rounds around the room as she said, "If all of these powers were to be gathered, it would be a considerable force. Your master really has great ambitions!"

Ling Tian broke out in cold sweat.

Old Madam Ling then said seriously, "This old lady can agree to all of the above. But I only have a single condition which must be fulfilled. If not, I will not agree to any of the above! My Ling family can end up homeless and miserable, it can even be destroyed. However, it must never be someone’s dowry!"

Ling Tian broke out into cold sweat again as he said, "Rest assured grandmother, master had said that all of these matters will be handed to me to make decisions. He will not make an appearance but only plan from the background."

Only then did Old Madam Ling relax as she smiled, "If that’s the case, then there isn’t any problems." As she thought about the plans, she realized that all of these plans were made in consideration for the Ling family. If they were to be carried out, the strength of the Ling family would definitely grow in the next few years. Old madam Ling then could not help but be embarrassed about how narrow-minded she was for doubting Ling Tian’s master.