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Chapter 64: Convincing

Chapter 64: Convincing

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A Blood Iron Warrior then took a step forward and said with a chilly tone, "Young noble Ling, since we are already at your mansion, we will listen to your commands and obey your orders. But young noble Ling should respect yourself and not humiliate us!"

Ling Tian then burst out into laughter as he said with sarcasm, "Humiliate you guys? All of you are just some ruffians without any aspirations. At the very most, you have been on the battlefield a little more than others. If not for me bringing you guys over, it is only a matter of time before you become a corpse on the battlefield! With regards to a future corpse, I really don’t have any interest to humiliate you!"


The eyes of the 36 Blood Iron Warriors turned red from anger. They were all heroes who had been in and out of countless battlefields; at least, that’s what they thought! In the entire army, who wouldn’t hold them in high regard? But today, they were suffering from the humiliation of a young boy! How will they be able to reign in their anger? In that instant, the anger rushed to their heads.

"Young noble Ling, you are only the son of General Ling. The only thing noble about you is your status. What rights do you have to humiliate us like that?"

"What rights?! HAHAHA…" Ling Tian then walked forward to a green stone table, "With this!" As he said that, he raised his feet, kicking the stone table which was over a hundred catties heavy up into the air. Following which, he jumped up and thrust out his right fist, launching a horrifying punch in the air, striking the center of the table!


With a single fist, the stone table exploded on the spot, breaking into pieces and crashing on the floor!

Ling Tian then landed as he slapped his hands elegantly, without a single trace of injury on his hands. He then said calmly, "I know that you soldiers only respect the strong. I wonder if this display of mine gives me the rights to teach you a lesson?"

As the Blood Iron Warriors saw the stone fragments, their mouths were ajar for a long while. They could not help but rub their eyes, as though they were in a dream. Ling Jian and Ling Chen by the side were also shocked. The both of them then looked towards Ling Tian with a face full of worship and passion!

All of the Blood Iron Warriors also looked towards Ling Tian with deep respects in their eyes. With such strength, they may not even have the rights to be humiliated by Ling Tian.

Ling Tian then giggled, "I originally thought of transferring you guys over to groom you guys into an expert capable of fighting a hundred people in the battle field." As he said that, the eyes of the 36 Blood Iron Warriors was filled with a burning passion. The army is a place where they would worship strength. The strength which Ling Tian displayed had already swept all the arrogance in their hearts away, turning it into respect and worship. As they heard that Ling Tian was willing to teach them, they could not help but grow excited. They all straightened their backs and stared at Ling Tian with a pair of excited eyes.

"However, I never thought that all of you were just characters without ambition." Ling Tian then changed the topic and continued to insult them. But now, they no longer found it to be ear-piercing but felt anxious instead. There is such a great chance in front of them right now. If they are able to grasp this opportunity, it would be only a matter of time before they attained the strength which they could only dream about! But the young noble words seemed to indicate that he was not satisfied with them. They could not help but grow anxious as they stared at Ling Tian, waiting for him to continue.

"Haiz! Forget it, since all of your hearts are not here, it is useless for me to force you guys. I will tell my father tomorrow to return you guys to where ever you came from." Ling Tian then pretended to sigh.

Now that they saw such strength, how would they be willing to go anywhere else? Even though they knew that Ling Tian only said that on purpose, no one present could withstand such an allure. Furthermore, Feng Mo and gang knew that if they did not have any objection, what Ling Tian said would become reality. Ling Tian would chase them out without hesitation at all. After seeing how decisive Ling Tian was, Feng Mo would not doubt this guess of his.

Stepping forward, Feng Mo knelt down and cupped his fists, "Feng Mo is willing to give my all to serve young noble. As long as I am alive, I swear to be loyal to young noble. May young noble retract your command." After he finished, he kowtowed and did not get up.

All of the other Blood Iron Warriors also knelt down, "We are willing to serve the young noble, we swear our loyalty to the young noble. Please accept us all."

Go back? Where can they go back to? They were already removed from the army, how would they be able to return? As long as they step out from this place, they would probably end up becoming street hooligans.

They all understood that after being sent to the Ling family with their ranks stripped, it would mean that they are now the henchman of the Ling family. While it sounds better to call them henchman, they were no different from slaves. If they were to pledge their loyalty to this young noble in front of them, not only will they be able to learn the martial arts which they dreamed of, this young noble will be the future family head of the Ling family. Being the personal guards of the young noble, their status will also rise greatly in the future for sure. If they were not going to follow such a master, who else will they follow?

Ling Tian then said coldly, "Very good, since you guys are willing to stay, let me make some things clear first! The Ling family, especially being under me, is not a place where you can stay just because you want to. I will first administer a test to all of you. Only after going through the test would you have the rights to stay by my side. If you fail it, I will ask my father to send you guys elsewhere. Remember, I only want real men here! I don’t need trash!"

Everyone felt their blood boil in excitement as they agreed in unison. They all thought to themselves, "If we are not even able to pass young noble’s test of your physical fitness, we will not even have the face to stay behind."

Ling Tian then continued, "Besides that, there are two conditions for being under me. First, you cannot reveal to anyone any information about me! Second, you have to obey my commands no matter what! If you can’t do that, you may leave."

Everyone then stared at each other as they thought, "These are considered conditions? Since we are here as your subordinates, of course we will not reveal any of your information. Of course we would follow your orders. Are these things which must be said?"

A Blood Iron Warrior then asked, "Young noble, what is master or madam asks…"

Ling Tian then looked towards him with praise in his heart as he nodded his head. However, his face was filled with anger, "Are you deaf? I said ANYONE! ANYTHING! Do you understand?"

"I understand!" Everyone’s voice thundered in unison.

"Mmm." Ling Tian nodded his head, "I will give all of you a day to rest. The test will start tomorrow at the break of dawn. I can tell you something, as long as you pass the test, you will become a killing machine on the battlefield. A real Blood Iron Warrior, a real expert capable of fighting a hundred people. Things like smashing bricks and killing the general in a battle will be nothing but child’s play. Before the sun rises tomorrow, gather in front of the mansion. Ling Jian, that includes you."

All of the Blood Iron Warriors could not conceal the excitement in their hearts as they acknowledged heartily.