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Chapter 66: Strict Training

Chapter 66: Strict Training

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After hearing what Ling Tian said, they were all stunned. The 10 of them then could not help but lower their heads in guilt. The burly man then knelt down and shouted, "Reporting to young noble, we are wrong. We are willing to accept the punishment! We will not have any complains!"

With a ‘hmph’, Ling Tian said, "You guys have to remember that you are a whole body, life and death brothers! In the cruel battlefield, these brothers will be the ones to watch your back. Without them, there will be no purpose for your existence as well! Such an action of yours today is no different from the despicable actions of abandoning your brothers in the battlefield for your survival! Furthermore, he is already the last one and have to carry a child! You guys actually ignore him like that?! Where are all of your consciences? Where is the brotherhood? If he were to really die from exhaustion today, how would you guys feel? Will you guys feel guilt?!"

"What I want is not individuals. I want a team! Being born in chaotic times, it is inevitable for men to go into the battlefield. If you guys were to roam the pugilistic world, it is sufficient for your individual bravery. But in a battlefield, if all of you do not know how to work together, if all of you do not know how to take care of each other, there will only be a single outcome! A cold corpse! When you are with me, no matter if it is a test or training, everything must be treated as a real battle. You guys must recognize that it is a battlefield deep in your hearts! At any time, you guys may die! No slip ups can be tolerated. Although what I saw may be a little exaggerated, I hope that you guys will understand."

The strict voice resounded in the small yard. While it is in the bitter winter, everyone was filled with perspiration all over. They were scolded by Ling Tian to the point they did not dare to lift up their heads. The moment Ling Tian scolded them, it made them all feel that their actions were improper and unacceptable.

Ling Tian then turned and looked at the last ten people. With a chilly tone, he scolded, "As for you guys, you guys did not live up to expectations and dragged your brothers down to be punished. If this were a battlefield, you will have caused the lives of your brothers! Now, the ten of you will be punished as well. Are you guys convinced?"

All 10 of them knelt down and replied, "We are totally convinced!"

Only then did Ling Tian’s voice become warmer, "All of you must remember, ‘My brother’s life is my life’. A team will only be able to display its full strength if it is complete! If everyone only thinks about running for their lives, it will be inevitable for all of you to perish even if you were all top notch experts."

At this moment, Ling Tian had already brought Ling Jian and Ling Chen back into the room. All of the Blood Iron Warriors were still seated on the floor in a daze, thinking about what Ling Tian said. They then began to feel that Ling Tian made more and more sense. This was the golden principle in the battlefield! They all could not help but think, "If a large army were to follow such a principle, then will there be anyone who will be able to stop such an army? For such an army to face the various troops of the different empires, wouldn’t it be just child’s play?" At that moment, the ambitions in their heart began to grow! They all thought, "With young noble’s intellect, can it be that he only trained us for fun? He definitely has a great ambition!"

In a day, Ling Tian commanded the 36 of them to do the horse stand, frog jumps, duck walk, sit ups and planking. In any case, Ling Tian had used all the methods of training from his previous life.

Ling Tian frowned with a whip in his hand, mimicking a strict military instructor from his previous life. However, he was far stricter than them. From time to time, he would walk around to monitor all of them. The moment he realize that someone’s actions were wrong, he would lightly whip them. While there was no pain, it would definitely result in the others laughing. As for the Blood Iron Warrior who was whipped, he would then plunge back into training with his face reddened.

While the postures which Ling Tian commanded them to do looked extremely strange in the eyes of the Blood Iron Warriors, every action would cause them unbearable pain.

As the Blood Iron Warriors first started the training, they were initially extremely unwilling and even complained frequently. They thought that this young noble of theirs was just coming up with ways to torture them. What use will these weird actions have? Why not we all just lift up rocks in order to train our strength? But as they trained gradually, they were all shocked to realize that these actions were capable of training every muscles on their bodies. Such a training was something which they had never even heard before! They all could not help but think that their combat prowess would definitely be increased to a higher level if they were to continue with this training! In that moment, they all felt that this young noble of theirs was becoming increasingly mysterious.

The moment they had such a discovery, they trained voluntarily instead of needing Ling Tian to monitor them. As Ling Tian saw the surprising fitness of the Blood Iron Warriors, he nodded his head in secret. If they were to continue training as such, it would complete their physical fitness training in half a month, being able to endure his training regime. At that time, the real training would begin!

In a day, the 36 Blood Iron Warriors felt that they had a great reward. But at the same time, they were all extremely exhausted. After dinner, Ling Tian instructed them to repeat the whole process of training again before announcing that it was the end of training.

Everyone then heave a sigh of relief as they collapsed on the floor. Even Feng Mo, who was the fittest, also had his fours on the ground, panting heavily. He only felt that every part of his body was incomparably painful. As he was panting, he began to joke, "After a day of young noble’s training, I feel like I have just went to seen Hades and taken a tour around the 18 levels of hell."

As everyone heard that, they all nodded their heads weakly! They all agreed.

Now, the way they looked at Ling Tian was no longer the disdain they once had. It had already transformed into respect from the depths of their hearts! Not only was Ling Tian able to shatter rocks, his training method was extremely effective as well. Furthermore, it was also because of Ling Tian’s theory of brotherhood on the battlefield! Such a saying was completely unheard of in their generation. As they thought about it carefully, this was definitely a golden principle! Something which was irrefutable!

As Ling Tian looked at their pitiful appearances, he could not help but say coldly, "You guys already think that this is the 18 levels of hell? Let me tell all of you something. If you want to become strong, this is only the beginning. It is just the most basic exercises only. From now on, you guys will understand what is called the real hell! Hehehe…"

Everyone all took in a breath of cold air. This is only called the beginning?! They all could not help but feel a sense of helplessness. They were all already completely breathless with their muscles aching all over and it was merely the beginning!

Ling Tian then laughed out loud and walked out. Before he left, he left a single phrase, "We will continue tomorrow. Everything will be like today."

In the room, a bunch of men who saw blood in the battlefield and would not blink in the face of a blade all began to sigh and complain. But, that action of theirs strained their muscles as they all let out voices of agony.