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Chapter 67: Ling Chen“s Request

Chapter 67: Ling Chen's Request

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Half a month quickly passed, and the 36 Blood Iron Warriors were obviously much fitter than before. Even Ling Jian who ran along with them was also obviously much fitter.

Furthermore, Ling Jian’s performance in these few days had also made the Blood Iron Warriors changed their perspective of him. With Ling Jian’s original fitness, much less 80 miles, even 40 miles was extremely difficult to achieve. In the first day of training, Ling Jian had already fainted from exhaustion before running halfway. A Blood Iron Warrior then carried him on his shoulder to run a distance. But after Ling Jian woke up, he insisted on running on his own. In the end, he kicked and bite just so he can run on his own. But after running for a short while, he had fainted again.

In this half a month, the Blood Iron Warriors had seen Ling Jian faint many times. However, the nerves of this young man was like steel. He would faint silently. After waking up, he would then silently continue to run.

The Blood Iron Warriors were all trained by the long years of battle. As long as their stamina could keep up, their legs would definitely keep up. But Ling Jian was different, he was only a eight year old child after all. The muscles on his body were still extremely tender. On the first day, his feel had a large amount of blisters from running with some of them being ruptured and bloody already. Even the Blood Iron Warriors who tended to those injuries could not help but frown as they saw it. This unyielding young man still appeared in the second day’s training. He still fainted, had new blisters, ruptured them...

At the start, all the Blood Iron Warriors were extremely displeased with Ling Tian for throwing a child in their midst as it was an obvious burden. But in the end, this contempt had transformed into admiration from their hearts!

From the start to the end, even if Ling Jian were to faint or have his feet bloodied from ruptured blisters, he did not even groan once! He did not cry once! He would only slowly chase after the footsteps of the rest, never admitting defeat.

Until the end, an amazing thing happened. When some of the Blood Iron Warriors wanted to skive off because of fatigue, they would feel guilt when they see Ling Jian’s frail body. This ended up in increasing the speed of training greatly!

In the morning, the sun had just rose. Ling Tian was seated in front of the stone table in his own yard. His hands supported his head as though he was thinking about something.

Even the youngest Blood Iron Warrior was already over the age of 20. They were far past the age most suitable for practicing martial arts. It would be an extremely arduous task to get them to cultivate inner strength. Only after eliminating many martial arts did Ling Tian finally find a external martial arts to strengthen their bodies from his memory. He was then prepared to impart it to the Blood Iron Warriors. Since they are going to fight with him in the future, then their strengths must definitely be increased as well.

With regards to the martial skills to be taught to the Blood Iron Warriors, Ling Tian felt a great headache. These fellows basically do not have any basics at all. Everything they know are the moves which they learn from instinct. Ling Tian taught carefully about this matter; if he were to teach them a martial skill suitable for killing large amount of enemies in the battlefield, they would definitely suffer a loss if they were to fight in the pugilistic world. If he were to teach them two different martial skills, these fools would probably not be able to learn it well!

Just when he was in deep thought, footsteps sounded from behind him. Then, a thick sweater was placed on his body. Following which, a gentle tone of concern sounded, "Young noble, be careful not to catch a cold."

Ling Tian then smiled gently and turned behind. A beautiful lady appeared in front of him with thin lips, a sharp nose and two large eyes. From the depths of the eyes, a human figure could be seen with no stain or dirt within it. This girl was Ling Chen. Ever since Ling Tian brought her back and fed her well, her cheeks grew rosy and her body much fitter.

Ling Tian smiled and could not help but hold Ling Chen’s hands, "Chen’er, why are you up so early? You have not recover fully yet and should rest more."

Ling Chen looked down in bashfully as she looked at the hands holding on to hers. With respect in her tone, she said, "Chen’er can’t be at ease if young noble is here alone. It’s cold!"

Ling Tian then brushed away her messy fringe and said gently, "My body is strong, it won’t matter. Quickly go back and catch some more sleep, it is still early."

In truth, Ling Tian was actually one to two years younger than Ling Chen. But every time Ling Tian saw this pitiful young lady, he would always want to dote on her and comfort her like a senior.

Ling Chen then bit her lips and hesitated for a moment. After a while, she finally mustered her courage and said, "Young noble, can you let Ling Chen train with Ling Jian and the rest as well in future?"

Ling Tian could not help but be taken aback as he asked, "Why do you have such a thought?"

Ling Chen lowered her head and mumbled, "I know that young noble is training them to do things for you. Chen’er also wants to help young noble. Can young noble agree, please?"

Ling Tian then laughed and said, "Chen’er, practicing martial arts is extremely exhausting. I’m afraid you won’t be able to endure it."

Ling Chen then lifted up her head stubbornly. With resolution in her eyes, she said, "Since Ling Jian is able to endure, Chen’er will also be able to do so. Chen’er isn’t afraid of bitterness. As long as Chen’er can help young noble, Chen’er will be willing to do anything."

Ling Tian laughed and pinched her cheek, "Good, good, good. Then I will make an exception for Chen’er. Hmm, let me think. What kind of martial arts should I teach Chen’er?"

With elation, Chen’er said, "Young noble must teach Chen’er the most powerful martial arts. Chen’er wants to beat Ling Jian!"

Ling Tian lost himself in laughter for a moment before saying, "Good, I will make you stronger than Ling Jian. But, Chen’er, the moment you start, there will be no turning back. I do not like people to give up halfway."

Ling Chen then said resolutely, "Rest assured, young noble. Chen’er will be even more hardworking than Ling Jian."

Ling Tian laughed for a moment as he quickly thought about what he should teach Ling Chen. My own Divine Shocking Dragon Formula isn’t suitable for girls, that definitely isn’t viable. As for the Golden Iron Jacket, that’s even more impossible. Which martial arts is suitable for a lady? Then… the only one which is suitable for a lady would be the Divine Ice Formula which Ling Xue’er cultivates. Thinking about Ling Xue’er, Ling Tian became lost in a daze for a moment as he felt a wave of heartache.

Only after a while did he say, "Chen’er, come over. Let me feel your bones."

Ling Chen responded with a ‘Mmm’ before moving in front of Ling Tian.

What is meant by ‘bone feeling’ is an important procedure of the ancient sects before accepting a new disciple. It was to test the talent of a person to see if one was suitable for the sect’s martial arts.

As an example, some would be born with a lack of coordination in their bodies. The actions which others could easily accomplished would be extremely difficult for them to achieve in perfection. This is not something which could be made up for by hard work. This was a problem with one’s innate talent.

Just like how in the present day sports scene in China, gymnastics would be a sport which would require a person to be extremely flexible and nimble. Most of the athletes which are able to get the gold medal would be those who come from the south. As for those from the north, it was rare to see any of them who will be able to compete at the international level. This does not mean that those from the north aren’t hard working or lesser than those from the south. This was something which has got to do with talent and is largely affected by the environment which one grows up on. The south was extremely humid while the north was much more dry. Those from the north and south would be easily distinguished just based on looks alone. The adaptability of those from the south was much stronger than those from the north with their skins being much softer. Those from the north would be much fitter and well built than those from the south. Geography, weather, diet and many other things are contributing factors to these. Thus, for the sports with a great demand towards physical strength, those from the north would excel much better in. Haha, the topic strayed too far away, back to the point.

Ling Tian shut his eyes as his hands roamed around Ling Chen’s body. In his palms, his Inner Qi would observe every part of Ling Chen’s bones as his hands move past that portion.

As he slowly observed her body, Ling Tian was surprised that this young lady’s talent was much higher than what he expected. In fact, it was no less than Ling Jian’s. If Ling Tian were to guide her carefully, she will definitely be a frightening existence in the future.

As he thought about these things, Ling Tian could not help but enter into a daze, not hearing the footsteps by the entrance of his yard.

"AHHH~" A sharp scream could be heard from the entrance! The scream was filled with disbelief and shock!

Ling Tian was startled! As he turned to take a look, he saw a few people by the entrance to his yard.

Ling Xiao, Chu Ting’er, Ling Kong and son, with Ling Ran by the side as well. Ling Ran had her hands over her mouth as she stared at Ling Tian with an incredulous expression. All of the others had their mouths opened up wide as they stared at Ling Tian and Ling Chen.

At this moment, Ling Tian and Ling Chen’s actions just looks too loving from the view of an outsider. Ling Tian was holding Ling Chen tightly in his embrace as his hands were exploring Ling Chen’s body. His eyes were shut as though he was enjoying himself. As for Ling Chen, her face was red with her body leaning in Ling Tian’s embrace...