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Chapter 70: I Will Rule the Heavens

Chapter 70: I Will Rule the Heavens

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This was the first meeting Ling Tian held after coming to this world. The ones who participated in this meeting were all the people under him: 36 Blood Iron Warriors, Ling Jian and Ling Chen. The location — the largest room in his own courtyard. The time — deep in the night. With regards to the contents of this meeting, Ling Tian would not allow it to be leaked at all.

With regards to how he was able to wield such a power now, Ling Tian felt that it was about sufficient. While it was not impossible for him to expand his power, it would be at the expense of alerting others. If that’s the case, then the gains would not make up for the losses.

In Ling Tian’s eyes, the people in front of him now will become the core members of his own team. In other words, the leaders. Ling Tian felt that it was necessary to understand the background of every single one present and every single information about all these people.

While Ling Xiao’s beating was almost ineffective towards Ling Tian, Ling Tian had still rested on bed for two days. This was because his mother, Chu Ting’er, had accompanied him by his bedside for a whole two days. Only after a few ineffective attempts of sending people to persuade Chu Ting’er did Ling Xiao personally come over to fetch Chu Ting’er back. For the first time, Ling Tian witnessed just how strong his mother was. She was angered like a lioness protecting her cub, looking as though she wanted to tear Ling Xiao into pieces.

After Old Madam Ling heard about this matter, she summoned Ling Xiao in front of her and gave him a good scolding. As for Ling Xiao wanting to transfer the Blood Iron Warriors back, he was only able to suggest it before being mercilessly rejected by Old Madam Ling. This also created an extremely convenient effect for Ling Tian — Ling Xiao felt that he did no longer had the face to see his brothers and distanced himself from Ling Tian’s courtyard.

As Ling Tian looked at the 38 of them, his face was stern and grave, with a seriousness which he had never displayed before. Everyone could not help but feel anxious with their faces were filled with seriousness.

"Today, is the 11th day, 12th month and 3169 year of the Heavenly Star Continent. It is also the 11th day, 12th month and 45th year of the Sky Bearing Empire. I want all of you to remember this date forever. From now on, everyone present will be a large family, a whole body. From now on, all of you present will be officially my men!"

Everyone all felt their breaths become heavy.

"From today on, we will take steps to perfecting our own strength, strengthening our power and increasing our capabilities. However, all of these must be carried out in secret. The enemies we are going to face will be the whole world, including all of the powerhouses."

"There are still three more months before the Ling Family Courtyard is completed. When it is completed, your road to strength will begin from there! While I am only five years old and seem to have a lot of time, this is not the truth. The storm between the different empires is brewing and war will break out at any time. The moment war breaks out, it will definitely spread across the whole continent. Thus, after I accept all of your officially, you must rely on yourselves for everything! If you want to survive to enjoy luxury with me, you must increase your own strength with everything you have. You must make sure that you do not die in battle!"

Everyone’s breaths were heavy as their eyes were like bells with perspiration flowing down their foreheads. After Ling Tian said all of these, they would be idiots if they did not understand what Ling Tian meant. Ling Tian had already explained his ambition to everyone, only short of saying that he wanted to become the emperor. Ever since they came into the Ling mansion, they felt that Ling Tian had been hiding something. It is just that they did not understand — with the Ling family behind him as a powerful backing, why did he have to be so careful? Now, they finally understood that the ambitions which were hiding in the heart of this child was actually so shocking!

Hiding so patiently with ambitions so huge!

Then, a trace of haughtiness appeared on Ling Tian’s face as he growled, "I am called Ling Tian, and I will rule the heavens! Gentleman, who will be willing to accompany me to rule the heavens?!"

All 38 of them knelt down in unison, "We are willing to support the young noble to rule to heavens!"

Ling Tian then smiled and waved his hands, "This is only a small wish of mine, all of you do not need to be so serious. It is enough that you keep it in your hearts. If this matter were to spread out and others think that this good for nothing silk pants young noble has such aspirations, they will probably laugh their teeth off."

Everyone felt the mood loosen up as they began to laugh as well. The incident of Ling Tian ‘harassing’ his maid had already spread across the whole capital! Knowing how to harass his maid even at the age of five! Ling Tian had already been firmly awarded with a title of ‘super silkpants’ already. Ling Tian’s reputation in the whole capital was unrivaled, becoming the biggest joke in the Sky Bearing City.

After the serious matters had been settled, Ling Tian asked a few questions which had been in his heart, "All of you are from the military. Have you ever heard of people who can leap over walls or smash rocks into powder with their bare hands?"

This doubt had been in Ling Tian’s heart for a very long time already. Ling Tian had always been trying to fish out this information from the various people he met, but no one was able to give him an answer. Most of them would immediately deny such a thing! This made Ling Tian feel that such martial arts did not exist in this world. As for magic, that was completely impossible. This had greatly changed Ling Tian’s idea of crossing through worlds.

Ever since Ling Tian saw Xiao FengHan’s palm of rage, breaking the table into smithereens, Ling Tian realized that martial arts and Inner Qi was actually present in this world. It is just that the number of people who had a grasp of such a power was extremely scarce for some reason. Even if they had such a power, they would not reveal it easily either.

The mysterious expert behind Xiao FengHan had also made Ling Tian alert and cautious. That person was obviously one who cultivated both inner and external martial arts and specialized in concealment and tracing. Ling Tian felt that it was extremely strange that while these people obvious existed, no one knew about them. Furthermore, just how many of these people actually existed in this world. How were the martial arts in this world categorized? Just how powerful will the real experts be? Where would these people be hiding?

Countless of doubts filled Ling Tian’s heart. Now, Ling Tian had already grasped a vague idea of what was going on. The existence of these people were definitely a secret! There will definitely be a small crowd of people who understood these matters. The Ling family who was born from peasant lineage obviously did not know about this secret and did not have the rights to know about them!

The Ling family was originally just a wealthy family. After Ling Zhan had conquered the lands with the late emperor, the Ling family grew to such glory from nothing. While the Ling family may seem glorious, the foundations of the Ling family were extremely weak! The large aristocratic families which had decades or even centuries of foundation would not place the Ling family in their sights. No matter how much authority the Ling family commanded, it was still lacking a legacy which was being passed down in those deep-rooted large families! Just like the phase, wealthy in the third generation! As for the Ling family, they only had three generations, including Ling Tian!

Everyone stared at each other with puzzled looks on their faces. It was obvious that apart from seeing Ling Tian’s display of might, they had never seen it before.

Ling Tian then sighed to himself, "It seems that I will have to slowly uncover this matter myself." Ling Tian deeply believed that as long as these people existed, there would definitely be traces left behind. Following the increase in his strength, Ling Tian believed that he would definitely appear in their sights eventually.

Furthermore, Ling Tian felt that for those aristocratic families which had almost a thousand years of lineage, they would have definitely came into contact to these people! In fact, the people in their families may be these existences. At the very least, there will be a few of such people in the aristocratic families. Especially the largest family in the Heavenly Star Continent which had a heritage of a thousand years, the Yu family. Even in his death, Ling Tian would not believe that they did not have such characters within their ranks! If not for some special reasons, how was it possible for a family to have a lineage of a thousand years? The hardships of a thousand years, the political changes in a thousand years, how was that something which could be handled by an ordinary family?