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Chapter 71: Martial Arts Lesson

Chapter 71: Martial Arts Lesson

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After dispelling the frustrating thoughts with difficulty, Ling Tian looked at the group, and asked them another question, "When does the recruitment of troops for our country start?"

The crowd was stunned for a moment, before Feng Mo replied, "Recruitment? What recruitment?"

It was now Ling Tian’s turn to stare in shock. "There’s no recruitment for new soldiers?"

Everyone shook their heads as Feng Mo replied again, "The world is so peaceful at the moment, what use have we to recruit soldiers?"


Ling Tian was stunned speechless, "Just because it is peaceful, there’s no need for recruitment?"

The group replied as though it was only natural, "The usual recruitment takes place once every five years and there was a recruitment held just last year. Since we are not warring currently and the military is not facing a shortage of manpower, there is no need for recruitment! Unless we are in an imminent state of war, or there are too many old and sick soldiers, will the recruitment begin once again to replenish the old with new."

Feng Mo also added, "In my ten odd years in the army, I’ve only seen recruitment being held twice!"

No war means no recruitment? Recruiting soldiers once every five years?! Ling Tian face-palmed at this and had totally no words to describe it! No wonder the dynasties changed so frequently and no wonder why this continent had seven empires living on it! The reason was because of this! Managing their military as such, if the empire did not die, then that would be weird!

There is no misfortune in being readily prepared! What are those Kings and Officials doing everyday? Did they think they could live happily ever after once they had set up a kingdom? Having no worries at all? Not a single awareness of hardship? Ling Tian felt as though his thoughts were unable to keep up with the times.

Ling Tian’s original thought was to borrow the country’s recruitment, keeping a few batches of new recruits secretly with their family's influence. Then, he would give them his own training turn them into his private army. However, this plan had now completely fallen through! Five years per recruitment! How could Ling Tian afford to wait? It went without saying that his plans had to be changed.

Looking at Feng Mo and company, he said, "The Ling Family Courtyard will be done in about three months. Based on my own plans and estimates, we can at least have ten thousand men inside practicing at the same time. Since the Empire does not recruit soldiers, I’ll leave this part for you guys to perform. My requirements are those who are above 15 years of age but below 25, take as many as you can. This will be your first mission. Feng Mo, you’re in charge of handling this, whatever methods you would like to use, I’ll leave it up to you. However, when you have gotten those people, you need to bring them inside the Ling Family Courtyard without any news spreading out." Ling Tian thought a while longer before he continued, "One recruitment might be too large and attract too much attention, so you can break it into a few batches. As for how many batches to split them up to, that’s for you to decide to."

Feng Mo stood upright and cupped his fists, saying, "Yes! I will comply with Young Noble’s order!"

Ling Tian considered the scenario once again before letting out a sigh, "Feng Mo, I’ll need you to pick another couple of guys to take over the Violent Wind Gang. In three years, I want all the underground powers in the capital to be under our control! The rest of the brothers, you may assist at any time! Any matters can be decided at your own volition, there's no need to go through me. Oh, by the way, do not touch the Blood Rose Hall, it’s reserved for Ling Jian!"

Ling Jian shot up in gratitude, "Many thanks, Young Noble!"

Nodding his head, Ling Tian stood up before saying, "I’ve been staying too long in the house, let’s go out for some exercise."

Everyone’s faces lit up in delight, knowing that Ling Tian was about to start lecturing on martial arts. All of them rushed out like a swarm of bees.

The piled up snow was a pure white, with the moonlight resembling water flowing.

Ling Tian stood leisurely in the courtyard, holding on to a blade, saying, "All of your so called martial arts actually has no style to speak of. It was only created after countless processes of grinding on the battlefield. However, it will never be enough for all of you to roam unhindered, and to protect your lives if you rely merely on it. Watch and learn."

Drawing out the blade, Ling Tian stood with it slanted towards the sky. His very person seemed to exude a fearsome aura, making it such that it was difficult to even breathe for those people surrounding him.

Slowly tilting the blade down, he immediately followed up with the entire set of blade works. In that instant, the snow unrestrainedly blew up, and blade energy flew up into the sky. Although they were only facing a single person with a single blade, in the hearts of the 36 Blood Iron Warriors, they seemed to have been teleported back to the battlefield, witnessing the momentum and killing intent of a thousand cavalry and ten thousand foot soldiers as they fought for supremacy!

One blade moved, and the souls of all present were reaped!

Very quickly, Ling Tian finished and kept the blade while straightening himself. Staring at the enraptured expressions of all present, he laughed, "This set of blade works is named ‘Slaughter of a Thousand Soldiers!’ Other than using it for close quarters combat, it is most suitable for a confrontation between two camps, where one is surrounded by a multitude of enemies. In time to come, I’ll impart to all of you here this set of blade works, for its complementary internal arts, I’ll also pass them down to you."

The faces of those present simultaneously emerged expressions of ecstasy! All of them hurriedly bowed in gratitude. For such a ferocious and powerful blade work, if successfully passed down to them, the overall strength of everyone here would definitely be greatly improved! Furthermore, from what their Young Noble had said, there was also a set of internal arts which could complement it. Everyone present knew that any form of internal arts was a secret among secrets. To think that they had a chance to learn it and become one of those supremely strong individuals in the fables. All of their hearts could not help but race as their bloods boiled in excitement!

After dismissing the crowd, Ling Tian looked at both Ling Jian and Ling Chen who were staring with wide eyes at him, and burst into laughter. "Why are you looking at me like that? No need to worry, I definitely have something good for the both of you. Follow me!"

After Ling Tian had finished passing the mnemonics of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula and Divine Ice Formula to Ling Jian and Ling Chen respectively, he then used his internal strength to guide them both on how to cycle the energy within their bodies. By the time he was done, it was already bright outside. Looking at each other, the three of them could not help but laugh, even though they did not sleep for one night, the trio was unexpectedly brimming with energy, without the least bit of fatigue.

Leisurely stretching his waist, Ling Tian slowly walked out of his door and squinted his eyes, staring at the rising sun in the far east. His face loosened into a carefree smile.

The rising sun seemed to be accommodating Ling Tian’s tiny body, bathing him in the countless rays of golden sunlight.

Behind him, both Ling Jian and Ling Chen looked at Ling Tian as he immersed himself in the sunlight, with admiration and worship in their eyes.