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Chapter 74: Power Expanding

Chapter 74: Power Expanding

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Seeing how Ling Jiu ran out of the room anxiously, Ling Chen, who was standing behind Ling Tian, immediately dropped her icy demeanor. Bursting out in laughter, she said, "Young noble, it seems like the scare you gave this monkey today wasn’t light at all!"

Ling Tian chuckled, and suddenly sat upright. Stretching out his hand, he pulled Ling Chen’s dainty little figure into his embrace, as he said, "I didn’t scare him, what I saw was my Chen’er’s icy demeanor freezing the poor guy up."

Ling Chen’s face reddened, but continued sitting obediently in Ling Tian’s embrace, her body wriggling as she pouted, "Young Noble is teasing me again!"

Ling Tian burst into laughter at her words, before moving close to her ear and whispering, "Does Chen’er still remember the time I felt your bones for you? You caused me to get severely beaten up by my dad on my buttocks, to the point that I couldn’t get out bed for a few days, how torturous that was!"

Hearing him mention that awkward incident during that time, Ling Chen could not help but let out a laugh. She began struggling inside his embrace as she stomped her foot in annoyance, "Young noble only knows how to exaggerate, you had only been bedridden for two days. Furthermore, it was all faked!"

Ling Tian sniggered as he continued, "Seems like you still remember this, lass. You caused this young noble to get beaten to such a sorry state, shouldn’t you give some compensation to this young noble?"

Ling Chen did not know whether to laugh or cry, "Young noble, think about it, how many times have you used this incident over the past few years to get compensation? How come Ling Chen seem to be unable to repay this debt?"

"Oh…" Ling Tian could not help but sluggishly acknowledge, before changing his stance quickly, "How about, I’ll feel your bones again to see if there are any other sort of cultivation methods for you!"

Ling Chen paled at this, and successfully struggled out of Ling Tian’s grasp this time, running as far as she could before replying half in anger and embarrassment, "If young noble continues to only think about such things, then Chen’er will not visit any more!"

Ling Tian rubbed his hands in glee, salivating as he spoke, "Good Chen’er, just once, just one more time, is that okay?"

Ling Chen lovably stamped her foot, her delicate nose wrinkling as she sniffed, "Young noble, I’ve heard this sentence more than twenty times already."

Ling Tian could only laugh in response. Standing up, he asked, "Chen’er, which stage have you practiced your Divine Ice Formula to?"

Hearing his tone shift as he changed the topic, Ling Chen slowly returned to his side and sat down, saying, "I’ve just stepped into the fifth stage. Chen’er is really stupid, only reaching this stage after practicing for so long!"

Ling Tian smiled at this, "You’re still unsatisfied? Some people practice their entire lives and cannot even break through to the fifth stage, how old are you only?"

Ling Chen smiled at the compliment, however complained again in the blink of an eye, "But last time when Ling Jian that jerk was here, I was only his equal! This is infuriating!"

Ling Tian cracked a smile as he explained, "Ling Jian was giving way to you! If it was a life and death battle, you’re definitely not his match. However, those under Ling Jian currently, even including Ling Chi, are no longer qualified to be your opponents!"

Ling Chen however replied in dissatisfaction, "I know that Ling Jian wasn’t putting in his all, however I too did not use the fifth stage of my Divine Ice Formula. So how can you say that I’m not his match?"

Ling Tian pondered for a while before replying, "What Ling Jian practices is not meant for a head on collision, and neither can he use that to compare notes with others; what Ling Jian practices is a martial art to kill! Be it reaction nor internal strength control, you are still on par with him, but in a life or death battle, even if your martial arts is higher than Ling Jian, you will still perish under his sword!"

Ling Chen puckered up her mouth and huffed, "I don’t believe!"

Looking at her, Ling Tian’s voice grew grave, "Chen’er, I know that you have never recognized Ling Jian. However, do you know this? More than a thousand people have fallen under Ling Jian’s sword, but you have never killed. In a life and death battle, just Ling Jian’s killing intent would already suffocate you!"

Hearing Ling Tian’s harsh tone, Ling Chen could not help but lower her head, letting out a soft "En," in reply.

Seeing her downcast look, Ling Tian could not help but take her into his embrace, lightly saying, "By the way, Chen’er, I found out that you have changed quite a bit after stepping into the fifth stage of the Divine Ice Formula!"

Ling Chen’s face started to burn, and she rebutted, "What changed? I’m still the same!"

Ling Tian merely remained silent, smirking at her.

Ling Chen was leered at to the point she could not take the embarrassment, and buried that charming face of hers deep into his bosom, afraid to lift it up. With a tiny voice much like the whine of a mosquito, she whispered, "I'm not sure why, but after practicing this arduous Divine Ice Formula, I started to loathe every single guy from the depths of my heart. Even Ling Chi and Ling Jian are not spared, only… only..." Speaking to this point, her neck also started burning, and her voice grew even more imperceptible, even Ling Tian could not grasp it with his hearing.

However, Ling Tian could guess the contents. He laughed, saying, "Is it that you only do not loathe this young noble… hmm?"

Ling Chen’s little head buried even deeper into his chest, writhing as she spoke, "Young noble is teasing me again!" Her tone was coquettish, yet sounded as though she had said it in a huff. Ling Tian could not help but explode into laughter.

In these 10 years, Ling Tian’s influence experienced rapid growth, the Ling Family Courtyard had already contained twenty thousand men. Furthermore, the only reason it was not more was because Ling Tian had passed down the order not to take in more than that amount. These twenty thousand men had already driven the 36 Blood Iron Warriors nuts. It was only after ten odd times of recruitment, with Ling Tian personally overseeing the acceptance that these elite troops among elites of twenty thousand men was formed!

As for the Violent Wind Gang that Ling Tian was in control of in secret, it naturally turned into the number one gang in Sky Bearing Empire. Every single event in the capital would be immediately sent to the Ling Family Courtyard at first notice, thus keeping Ling Tian fully in check of the happenings in the capital.

Three years ago, a secretive organisation named ‘The First Pavilion’ suddenly appeared in Heavenly Star Continent. As for their name, it was naturally because they prided themselves as the best assassins in the continent. Any target placed on their bounty list would lose their lives within half a month; be it a pugilistic hero or a city official, there were no exceptions! The entire world was searching for the actual hideout of The First Pavilion, yet no one could even find a tiny lead.

The First Pavilion had thus turned into the most frightening existence within the entire Heavenly Star Continent! Of course, the fee for assassinations would also be greatly inflated. The highest price being a sum that could actually reach the heavens! Whatever the task, The First Pavilion never knew of failure! In the past, the Fei Family in Southern Zheng tried to set a trap. They engaged over a hundred martial experts at where the missions were delivered, hoping to catch a staff to force out the location of their hideout so as to eradicate them. However, the result was that the Fei Aristocratic Family, who had dominated for over a hundred years, was cleanly wiped off the face of the world in that one night, a population of over two thousand silenced without a single one escaping!

Once this matter spread, the world was stunned speechless! Anyone who had malicious intentions against The First Pavilion all immediately retreated, without a thought of going against them anymore.

In contrast, the name of young noble Ling Tian was also on the rise. Not just in the Sky Bearing Empire, but even the other seven countries had heard of the great name of young noble Ling Tian! Of the Sky Bearing Empire’s three great silkpants, Ling Tian was ranked first and no one was able to shake his title as the number one silkpants! The present Great Scholar, Kong ZhiShu, upon seeing Ling Tian for the first time, said emotionally, "This Kong has seen many silkpants young masters, yet for someone like Young Master Ling, this is my first time laying eyes on such a character! One could say that he has no predecessors, and will never have any successors either!" This criticism was severely penetrating!

Once this sentence got out, it immediately spread like wildfire, and young noble Ling Tian’s name also spread far and wide, his reputation beyond compare! Even Mister Kong ZhiShu’s phrase of ‘One could say that he has no predecessors, and will never have any successors’ also became a phrase passed down through the ages!

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