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Chapter 75: Opportunity

Chapter 75: Opportunity

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The accomplishment at the Soul Mourning Mountain!

This news spreaded across the whole Sky Bearing Empire as though it had wings! The whole empire was also filled with celebration!

The Soul Mourning Mountain and Valley of Sobbing Spirits had always been a great barrier against the Sky Bearing Empire! But now, this barrier is in the hands of the Sky Bearing Empire. From now on, the Sky Bearing Empire will have no more worries from the west! They can both attack and defend, having a large advantage. At the same time, they also avoid the misfortune of being attacked from all sides and would have a strong buffer against the empires surrounding their territory!

After the news which the Sky Bearing Empire won over the Soul Mourning Mountain of the Western Han Empire spread out, the troops which were stationed at the borders and eyeing covetously had diminished greatly overnight.

The Sky Bearing Empire can heave a sigh of relief.

The greatest contributor to this feat would naturally be the unbeatable General Ling Xiao! The results from this battle had pushed his fame in the Sky Bearing Empire to an unprecedented height! In fact, there were many people who had erected a longevity tablet for Ling Xiao.

There were many people who sighed in their hearts, "General Ling is a hero of this generation with his stunning battle feats. Everything about him is good except for his good for nothing son! A tiger father with a dog son. It is really such a pity. No matter how good something is, there will always be flaws!"

For the occasional few who would say that, they would be lashed out at by everyone else, "General Ling has completed such amazing feats and risked his life for the empire and people. After doing so many good deeds, he would naturally not have the time to discipline his son well. Furthermore, with Ling Xiao’s reputation, so what is his son was a little bit of a playboy? As long as they were careful enough to hide their own daughters, then all would be fine. After all, he can’t possibly go into their houses to snatch them openly right?"

As such, Ling Tian also basked in the spotlight together with his father. As his father’s reputation spread, the name of young noble Ling Tian also became widely known. However, in all of these battle contributions of General Ling, who would know just how much of these were contributed by this super silkpants in their eyes? Who would know that if General Ling did not have this ‘unfilial’ son, much of his contributions would likely be discounted with his life possibly being lost. No one would know about all of these. Even General Ling himself would never believe that he had actually raised such a wonderful son!

With regards to all of these, Ling Tian would naturally not be bothered with it! At this moment, this super silkpants was comfortably lying down under the rack of grapes, enjoying the grapes being fed to him by a beautiful lady. If anyone were to see this scene, they would definitely lament, "What a beautiful lady! It is just such a pity that she was ruined in the mouth of a tiger…"

A soft sound then sounded from outside the courtyard, "Reporting to young noble, young noble Wang is here to visit."

Ling Tian responded with a ‘oh’ and said, "Invite him in."

"Wahahaha, brother Ling Tian, this brother missed you to death." Following a duck like laughter, a shabbily dressed guy, with his ribs revealed and hat crooked, walked in. As he smiled, his row of yellow teeth missing two front tooth could be seen. The way he looked, he didn't seem like he even had two taels of meat on him.

As the laughter sounded, Ling Chen had already hid in the room like a gust of wind. As she saw this young master from the Wang family, who was ranked together with Ling Tian as the ‘three silkpants’ in the capital, Ling Chen felt uncomfortable all over and had the urge to spit on him!

While the Wang family was not like the Ling family or Yang family, they were definitely ranked within the top five in the capital with their decades of foundation.

Ling Tian then laughed and stood up unsteadily, "Err...brother Wang, your presence bring light to my humble dwelling."

Young noble Wang was called Wang Bo, which means that he is extremely knowledgeable. While Wang Bo was not knowledgeable, he still has many talents! Especially with regards to drinking and playing — he was a natural prodigy who did not need to be taught. He would also frequent the red-light district to display his many talents.

As he touched a hair growing on his mole, Wang Bo laughed, "Young noble Ling, if your place is considered a ‘humble dwelling’ then my house must be considered ruins."

Ling Tian responded with a laugh and sat back down, "Brother Wang, I wonder what you are here for today?"

Wang Bo then responded casually, "Haha, look at what you’re saying. So I can’t come and visit if I have nothing?"

Ling Tian laughed and replied, "But it seems that brother Wang always has something when you visit."

Wang Bo then shrunk his neck back and gave off a lecherous laugh for a while. Then, he crept forward mysteriously and approached Ling Tian. Right before he was about to speak, his nose twitched as he asked with doubt, "What a fragrant smell of a lady. Young noble Ling, was your little lover with you just now? Did this uninvited visit of mine spoil something good for you?"

Ling Tian was first stunned for a moment, "This fellow can’t do anything else. But his ability to smell beauties is really amazing!" Then, he laughed it off and said, "She is just a maid in the family."

Seeing that Ling Tian was not willing to continue along this topic, Wang Bo also tactfully laughed it off and continued mysteriously, "This brother is here as a bearer of good news. Our opportunity is here."

Looking at his scruffy looks, Ling Tian suppressed the urge to kick him out and replied with a feigned excitement, "What sort of opportunity?"

Wang Bo then laughed, "Does brother Ling knows that your father, General Ling, is going to return back to the capital?"

Ling Tian’s face turned bitter immediately, "What kind of a chance is that? Chance to get beaten up?"

"No no," Wang Bo feigned elegance, "your father made a great accomplishment this time and my father said that the emperor could not sleep because of the excitement. He ordered that when your father returns to the capital, the whole empire will have three days of celebration. The emperor will personally host a banquet in the Martial Virtue Hall where even the princes and princesses will take part. The emperor may be afraid that it may not be a good sight if there were only a few princesses. Thus, there will be another banquet at the Eternal Music Palace. On that day, all the beautiful ladies from the different aristocratic families will be present. I heard that the different princesses will be going there to make friends with poetry, essays and paintings! Hehehe, brother Ling Tian, the moment I heard about this, I rushed over here to tell you about it. I know that you would definitely be interested in it for sure. How about it, isn’t this a great opportunity?"

As he said that, Wang Bo slapped Ling Tian’s shoulders as though he meant: You are my close friend and we are both lecherous perverts.

Ling Tian face-palmed on the spot as he became depressed in his heart, "You are a lecherous bastard but I am not. While this is an opportunity for you, this is only a torture to me…"

Seeing that Ling Tian did not say anything for such a long time, Wang Bo began to encourage him, "At that time, your father will be in the Martial Virtue Hall. Brother Ling does not need to worry that you’ll see your father. Hahaha."

Ling Tian took a long sigh and said in exhaustion, "Their beauty is all a result of make-up and I’m really not very interested.

Wang Bo eyes narrowed as he became agitated, "Where did that come from? Not to mention the fact that all the princesses are great beauties, even the young miss of the Li family, Yang family and Yu family are all famous and talented beauties in the capital!"

Ling Tian instantly choked on the grape he was eating as he began to cough incessantly. Apart from the young miss from the Li family and Yu family, he had seen the rest of them. Apart from the fact that they were a little above average, their characters were extremely bossy and not much different from how Ling Tian was currently acting! Talented? Probably as talented as the guy right in front of him.

"Aiyah, brother Ling don’t need to get agitated. At that time, I will come and find you and we can go together. Hehe, maybe your future wife may be there. Hehehe, I am really looking forward to it." Wang Bo slapped Ling Tian’s shoulders as he said in fantasy with longing in his tone.