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Chapter 76: Dare Not Be Rash

Chapter 76: Dare Not Be Rash

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Ling Tian rolled his eyes, saying, "Not interested! I’m definitely not interested!"

"Oh?!" Wang Bo’s eyes flashed as he said, "I heard that young noble Yang as well as the Crown Prince would be there, isn’t brother Ling interested in joining them for some fun and games?"

Ling Tian’s eyes brightened at this as he thought, "Turns out that these few playthings will be present too! This is getting more interesting! Since I have nothing on my hands right now, might as well look for them to seek for pleasure! Maybe I would be able to find something of value from this few idiots…"

Having affirmed his decision, Ling Tian let out a hearty laughter, "Since there are so many ladies from all those prestigious families waiting for this little brother here, it would be rude of me not to pay them a visit. How about this, little brother here will be there at the agreed time, but Brother Wang, you must not snatch any beauties with me!"

Wang Bo could not help but roll his eyes, innately scolding himself for being a busybody. Based on the attitude of this little guy, how would he fail to turn up at a place full of beauties?

Thinking about it, he still decided to warn Ling Tian, "Young noble Ling, don’t forget to come with guards. All those people there are of high positions, if a fight happens to break out, being alone and defenseless would make you an easy target!"

Ling Tian rolled his eyes, saying: "Don’t tell me I’m that easy a target?"

Wang Bo was first stunned. Then, he remembered the fact that sitting in front of him was actually the person who was given the title of 'Top Silkpants under the Heavens'. For such a matter, there was of course no need for him to worry! Wang Bo then coughed dryly a few times. Seeing as there was nothing more to do, he decided to take his leave.

Ling Tian could not muster up the enthusiasm to ask the person to stay for a meal, and so followed the flow to send him out politely. Only when he had walked far did Ling Tian finally heave a sigh of relief.

Rushing back to his little courtyard, he realized that Ling Chen had long ago came out of the room, smiling mischievously at him.

Ling Tian stared at her, saying, "What’s so funny? Is there a meaning in watching me play sham gestures of politeness with those silkpants?"

Ling Chen let out a peal of laughter at that. "It seems like young noble is the limelight of all the silkpants in the capital, how did he end up hating the silkpants?"

Ling Tian only glared viciously at her, before letting out a long sigh and collapsing on a rattan chair, putting his legs up and crossing them.

Ling Chen could see that his mood was not good, and did not dare to poke fun with him any longer. Instead, she walked slowly towards him, furrowing her brows as she spoke, "Young noble, in actuality, you need not continue pretending any longer with our current strength. Young noble is being too unjust with yourself, Chen’er does not understand, why does young noble not carry out the operation right now?"

Ling Tian let out another sigh before opening his mouth, "The reasons are many, but the primary one is that I do not dare, not that I can’t. Furthermore, this is not the best timing!"

Ling Chen stared with wide opened eyes. "You don’t dare? In this world, whom or what can make my young noble so apprehensive?"

Ling Tian sat up straight, before solemnly saying, "Chen’er, your young noble is not infallible! In this wide world, all sorts of talent and marvels can appear, all beyond our own imaginations! Firstly, all the countries are recruiting but not moving out, waiting for a catalyst to break the balance. The first to mobilize, would definitely end up as the target for the others. Thus, nobody wants to be the scapegoat and go first! Secondly, while the radius of our intelligence report might be growing more and more robust, but have you noticed? There is consistently one part which has not seen improvement, and it is a crucial and serious point!"

Baffled, Ling Chen questioned, "Which part is that exactly?"

Ling Tian snorted, "That is the matters on the Six Great Families! The information which we have been able to gather on the Six Great Families have all been surface reports. As for their interal affairs, they probably still have hidden cards which we have no idea about! Hmph hmph, if they had leaked a bit of news now and then, I might have still believed it. However, even with all our intelligence sources, we actually cannot even obtain a scrap of news from any of them! Are the Six Great Families made up of iron sheets? How is that possible? Don’t you feel that something is weird about it?"

Ling Chen began to frown at this, lightly voicing her acknowledgement, "That’s right, now that young noble has mentioned it, your servant also feels that something is wrong!"

Ling Tian continued with a heavy face, "This is especially so for the Northern Wei's Yu Family, they seem to have watertight defenses! This leads me to suspect that this Yu Family, is definitely the most complicated family we have to deal with! Just the fact that this Family has been able to survive for over a millennium goes to show that there’s something fishy! What kind of household is able to stand strong for so long without suffering from destruction? It is a thousand years of hardships! If there are no special reasons involved, even if you beat me to death, I would not think that they only lived up to this point because they had immense luck!"

"The other point is something which has puzzled me for over 10 years! In this world, the presence of martial arts definitely exists, however the people who are in contact with it are abnormally low. Why is this so? We’ve already scouted out for over 10 years with minimal rewards, why is this so? Studying and practicing martial arts, the purpose is to become famous to all under the heavens, to root out the strong and support the weak. However, we hardly even see this sort of people, why is this so? Why are this bunch of people keeping their secrecy for?"

Ling Tian bombarded multiple questions in a sitting, making Ling Chen’s head a little dizzy from the amount of information, leaving her at a loss for words for a moment.

Ling Tian drew his brows tightly, continuing, "I suspect that this whole matter has been controlled behind the scenes, be it by a single person or by a group! If that’s the case, then the end result would be disastrous! Disastrous to the point of no return! Thus, if all these matters do not reveal themselves naturally, or I cannot reveal the truth behind it all, I will not make a move so easily! Once I move in haste, then what we may attract is a tribulation of lightning and thunder, one which may completely eradicated us!"

"Ever since Ling Jian and Ling Chi duo went over to the Northern Wei's Yu Family two years ago to scout them out, but almost got captured, I had started to feel suspicious in my heart. When both of them act together, even I cannot say that I can beat them, let alone capture. What does this say?"

Ling Chen opened her mouth in shock, "This can’t be true, right? If this whole thing is really being controlled by someone or an organisation, then wouldn’t the strength of this organisation be frighteningly immense? Even wanting to conquer the continent would be a piece of cake for them, so why are they biding their time for?"

Ling Tian paced around in frustration, saying, "That’s what makes me puzzled! The more I think, the more I feel that my deduction shouldn’t be wrong, but for the same reason, I feel that I’m being led more and more off track! This is something which is inconceivable for me! Maybe, there are still other variables at play here, but whatever the case, this group of people are destined to become our opponents in the future! Once we emerge as a new force, there will be no reason for them to stay their hand! This, is the reason I want all of you to keep on promoting and cultivating hard. What we will be facing in the future may be something greater than all of our imaginations. Furthermore, it is highly likely that all of these are related to the Northern Wei's Yu Family! This is my gut instinct!"

Ling Chen rested gently in his bosom, saying, "No matter how powerful and great they are, Chen’er believes that Young Noble will still come out victorious! This is also my gut instinct!"

Being teased by her, Ling Tian also finally started smiling and his worries thrown out of his mind. He could not help but pinch her tiny nose, saying, "My Chen’er sure knows how to talk, to sweet talk me till I can’t tell north from south, making me into such a happy man!"

Ling Chen swatted his offending hand, and began struggling in his embrace, displeasedly saying, "Bad young noble, you only know how to pinch people’s noses!"

Ling Tian pretended to have finally seen the light, saying, "Seems like my Chen’er doesn’t like people to pinch her nose! Then let me think, how about I find another place that she might like people pinching?"

Rubbing his fingers together, a wicked smile hanging on the corners of his mouth, Ling Tian dragged his eyes up and down Ling Chen’s body, as though finding a suitable place to strike, finally landing his eyes on the lofty towering peaks that was her chest.

Ling Chen paled in shock, and covered her chest with both hands, running as she let out a scream.

Ling Tian laughed out loud and stalked behind her, neither slow nor fast.