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Chapter 77: So That“s the Case

Chapter 77: So That's the Case

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With regards to Ling Chen, Ling Tian also did not know how he felt. Ever since he brought her back 10 years ago, Ling Tian’s life had been completely taken care of by her. While Ling Chen was a year older than Ling Tian, she had always felt like a child that would never grow up whenever she was by Ling Tian’s side. At every moment, she would want to lean on Ling Tian and enjoy the sense of security from deep within her heart.

As such, such a scenario occurred: While Ling Chen was older than Ling Tian, she would rely on him for everything. At the same time, she would take care of this man who she admired with all of her heart. While Ling Tian was enjoying the care and concern from Ling Chen, he would also protect this lady who was a year older than him. After 10 years of living together, the relationship between the both of them had already surpassed that of a maid and master. Their relationship was one where both parties would feel warmth and dependence.

After a round of laughter, Ling Chen curled up in Ling Tian’s embrace, her hair messy, eyes blurred and face red. She then used a finger to draw circles on Ling Tian’s chest as she requested, "Young noble, can I go with you on that day?"

Ling Tian laughed before replying, "I would be going there with the motive of picking up girls. How would it be appropriate for you to come?"

Ling Chen then whined, "But I want to go and see if there is any beauty who can match up to young noble. "

Ling Tian then lowered his head and kissed her cheek before teasing, "Even if there is one or two, how can they be compared to my beautiful Chen’er?"

In embarrassment, Chen’er said, "Chen’s is just a maid for young noble to order around. Young noble will have to find a wife in the future still." As she said that, while she did not mind, she could not help but feel a sense of regret and sadness in her heart.

Ling Tian was stunned for a moment, as he understood what she meant. He then turned serious and sat up straight, supporting Ling Chen up as well, "Chen’er, look at me!"

Chen’er sat opposite him obediently, with doubt in her eyes. As she looked at her suave young noble, she could not help but be smitten with him.

Ling Tian then stared at Ling Chen in the eyes, as though he wanted to pierce deep into her soul, as his stern voice sounded, "Chen’er, I hope that you will remember this phrase of mine!"

As Ling Chen felt his seriousness, her heart shook for a moment before replying gently, "Young noble please speak." At the same time, she could not help but feel a sense of hopelessness and despair in her heart. She thought that Ling Tian wanted to warn her to not cross the line, not letting her imagination run wild. As she thought about that, tears began to fill her eyes.

Ling Tian then said calmly but resolutely, "Chen’er, I know that I will let you down in this lifetime. I will not be able to give you a proper status. But, I hope that you will remember this — no matter how many wives or concubine I have in the future, you will always be a lady in the deepest part of my heart! You are genuinely my women!"

Ling Chen whimpered in joy as she dived into Ling Tian’s embrace. With tears streaming down her face, she said, "Young noble, oh young noble. Chen’er is willing to serve you for all my life. Chen’er has never thought about having any status. Chen’er only wishes to stay by young noble’s side for all my life, I do not have any other requests!"

Ling Tian wiped away her tears gently and said, "You just have to remember this — no matter when and where, you will always be mine. Do you understand?"

Ling Chen nodded her head in joy as her tears flew all over, "Chen’er understands. Chen’er is young noble’s women in life and death!" A full 10 years, Ling Chen had been following Ling Tian for a full 10 years and she finally heard an affirmation from Ling Tian! As this long awaited moment finally arrived, Ling Chen felt that she was overwhelmed with happiness in that moment. Even if were to die right now, she can do so without regrets!

Ling Tian then let out a sigh with guilt in his heart. This generation was just like this; if he were to mention such a thought in his previous life in front of his girlfriend, he would definitely be given two tight slaps. However, Ling Chen was now filled with joy and happiness, as though she had received great grace from Ling Tian.

Feeling the depressing atmosphere, Ling Tian could not help but joke, "Mmm, I heard that already. Chen’er said that she wanted to be my women. Should I let her fulfill her promise now?"

Ling Chen was startled as she became both embarrassed and angry at the same time. But, she was also at a loss as she ran away saying, "Hmph, in your dreams, young noble!" She then rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue at Ling Tian adorably.

As Ling Tian saw that, his heart began to itch. He then could not help but jump up and chase after her. Ling Chen then giggled as she avoided his hands, escaping out of the room.

Ling Tian then pretended that he was angry, "Running again? I will definitely catch you today!" Then he began to chase after her.

Outside the door, Ling Tian’s mother, Chu Ting’er, walked over with joy on her face. As she saw the both of them fooling around, she could not help but smile. No matter how lousy her son is, he would still be the apple of her eyes. Ever since Ling Tian’s infamous name of being a silkpants spread throughout the capital, Chu Ting’er’s hair almost turned white from worry.

When the children of other government officials are as old as Ling Tian, the number of marriage proposals had flooded the household! But, Ling Tian was already 15 and there was still no one who showed any interest! Every official who has a daughter would avoid Ling Xiao whenever they saw him in the royal court! For no other reason but Ling Tian’s infamous name. Which parent would be willing to send their daughter into a fireplace?

As Ling Tian and Ling Chen saw that Chu Ting’er had arrived, they restrained themselves. Ling Tian then walked forward and paid his respects, "Why did mother come here personally? You just need to send a maid to inform me and this child will visit you."

Chu Ting’er then smiled warmly, "Tian’er, mother is here to discuss something good with you."

"Something good?" Ling Tian felt depressed, "Please speak, mother. This child will definitely obey you."

Chu Ting’er laughed and continued, "A few days later, your father will be back from the borders. At that time, the emperor will be hosting a large banquet to celebrate for three days. I heard that the princesses will be hosting a banquet in the Eternal Music Palace and all the famous young ladies will be present. Since you have nothing to do at home, you should go and take a look. If you see any lady you like, come back and let mother know. Mother will request the emperor to give a decree to appoint your marriage!"


Ling Tian was dumbfounded! Looking at the scheming smile on his mother’s face, he could not help but ask bitterly, "Mother, for the princesses to hold a banquet in the Eternal Music Palace for three days to mingle with the different young nobles, that can’t be your idea right?"

Chu Ting’er then nodded her head as though it was only to be expected, "Of course it is my idea. If not, they would all hide their daughters at home, how is it possible for you to meet them? You disappointing thing, not finding a wife even though you’re so old! If I am not going to worry for you, just when would I have to wait until before having a grandchild to hug!"

Ling Tian almost fainted on the spot! He wanted to cry but no tears flowed out!

When Wang Bo came over previously, Ling Tian found it strange — these ladies usually do not leave the house, why would they suddenly have a banquet? The victorious battle does not seem to have anything got to do with those little girls anyway. So it was the scheme of his mother! She really put in a lot of effort with this move of hers!

Chu Ting’er also had no choice! She was helpless. All of her good friends in the past who had a daughter in their family would avoid her completely. Even if they were to meet, they would find an excuse to escape the moment the topic changed to their children. Even though Ling Tian had already grown up, there still wasn’t a single marriage proposal!