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Chapter 80: Young Noble NanGong

Chapter 80: Young Noble NanGong

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Amused, both the palace maids began to giggle as they replied, "The princesses and all the young miss are still preparing in the inner hall. They have not come out yet."

Ling Tian responded with an ‘oh’ before saying, "Then I will come back later."

"Haha, isn’t this young noble Ling? I have not seen you for so long and young noble Ling seems to be even more charming." Just when Ling Tian wanted to leave, a scruffy voice sounded from behind. As Ling Tian looked over, he saw a guy who was dressed in brightly colored clothes talking to him with a smile. While the weather was not warm, he was already gently waving his fan, wanting to look like he was very elegant. However, when coupled with his sleazy and vulgar appearance, he looked extremely bizarre.

*Cough cough cough* "So it was brother Liu." Ling Tian struggled with the urge to spit on his sleazy appearance as he forced out a smile. This ‘brother Liu’ was called Liu ChuanZhi; he was the only son of the chief of defense, Liu Qing. It seemed as though he was having the same struggle as Ling Tian, struggling to get married.

Ling Tian did not quite understand — in his understanding, the son of an aristocratic family like himself should be the target of all the ladies. Why is it such that no one was interested in him up until now? Can it be possible that the people of this world are not concerned with fame and fortune? But does not seem to be the case either.

How would Ling Tian know that before proposing a marriage to his family, the status of both the families must be matched appropriately. How would the small families dare to bridge that social class difference before his first wife was settled? They would only dare to approach after the first wife was confirmed. As for those families of similar status, they would want their daughters to marry into a good family. Thus, it was only natural that they would not consider a silkpants like Ling Tian. As such, an awkward situation like this was created.

Liu ChuanZhi’s voice immediately attracted the eyes of everyone else to the entrance. As they saw that the leading silkpants of the capital had arrived, they all swarmed around to greet him. Only six people remained unmoved, and Ling Tian also locked his gaze on the six of them.

One of them was someone familiar, the young noble of the Yang family, Yang Wei. The two behind him were the younger brothers of Yang Wei. To the left of Yang Wei was a handsome man dressed in white robes, looking at Ling Tian with a look of mockery. Beside him was a delicate looking young man with thick make-up all over. With Ling Tian’s eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that she was a female with a single look. Behind them was a tall and sturdy burly man. As Ling Tian looked at the position he was standing, he was sure that the burly man was the guard of the white robe man.

With regards to this white robe man, Ling Tian was sure that he was definitely the third young master of the NanGong family, NanGong Le. Everyone else who came here were all alone but this brat actually brought a guard and a lady!

Ling Tian grunted in his heart, "Since you are so close to the Yang family and displayed such an attitude. It is obvious that you are going to oppose me!" Facing an enemy, Ling Tian would never show mercy.

"Who is that guy who looks like a dog?" Ling Tian asked with his nose pointed up in the sky.

Liu ChuanZhi and the rest present were already extremely displeased with the lofty NanGong Le. The moment he arrived, he carried with him a proud disposition, ignoring everyone present. It was as though he did not place anyone present in his eyes. The moment they heard Ling Tian speaking with such ill intent, they were elated! Dammit, while we can’t provoke you, someone who can provoke you is finally here! They all began to introduce him to Ling Tian with spices and seasoning added in the introduction.

At this moment, NanGong Le had already stood up with poise. He smiled to Ling Tian from afar and said, "This must be young noble Ling, right? I have long heard of your famous name. Seeing you today, you do live up to your name indeed. Young noble Ling is indeed a frivolous character."

Yang Wei and his brothers did not even bother getting up as Yang Wei said with an eccentric tone, "That’s right, the name of young noble Ling had spread far and wide. While this brother-in-law of mine is so far away, he has also heard of you."

Brother-in-law? Confirming the marriage so soon? They are really fast. It seems that the Yang family is also eagerly waiting for this marriage! Looking at the delighted look on Yang Wei’s face, he looks as though he is afraid that the world does not know that this young noble NanGong is his brother-in-law. It seems that the Yang family is extremely pleased with this marriage.

Ling Tian laughed and took two steps forward, "Brother-in-law? Ling Tian is indeed ignorant and uninformed. Since when did the famous young noble NanGong become the son-in-law of the Yang family?"

NanGong Le smiled with elegance, "This little brother is here in the Sky Bearing Empire for this matter. Thanks to the grace of the Yang family, this matter was confirmed last night."

Ling Tian responded with a surprised ‘Mmm?’ before saying, "I heard that the Yang family has two beautiful flowers. I wonder which flower brother NanGong picked?" These words of his were extremely frivolous, making the faces of Yang Wei and his brothers turn ugly. Yang Wei then replied with black lines all over his face, "The family head had made the decision to betroth my elder sister to NanGong Le."

Ling Tian then sighed with regret as he said, "I see. I wonder why brother NanGong is here in the Eternal Music Palace for? Don’t tell me you aren’t satisfied with the young miss of the Yang family and want to find a concubine here today?"

At that moment, all of the silkpants behind him began to parrot Ling Tian. This fellow, not only did he marry the young miss of the Yang family without a sign, he actually still came here today. It is obvious that he does not have good intentions.

NanGong Le’s face became ugly as the cross dressing lady frowned and shouted, "You with the surname Ling, how is what my second brother here for any of your concern?" The moment she shouted, all the young nobles present could immediately tell that she was a lady. They all turned towards her in unison, sizing her up from bottom to top. From the way she said ‘you with the surname Ling’, it can be seen just how poor an impression she had of Ling Tian!

Ling Tian responded with a ‘oh’ before saying calmly, "So it is miss NanGong. No wonder." He purposefully dragged his words, making him sound extremely profound.

NanGong Le looked at his sister with rebuke before responding, "This is my sister, NanGong Yu. She is still young and does not know her manners, I hope that young noble Ling will not blame here. As for why I am here today, I am only here to see the world a little with a thick skin." Since the identity of NanGong Yu was already exposed, it would seem too petty for him to try and conceal it again. Although he was courteous on the surface, the flash of viciousness in his eyes did not escape Ling Tian. It was obvious that he was only concealing his anger in his heart. The burly man behind NanGong Le had a face full of anger as he glared at Ling Tian.

However, this miss NanGong did not have such a good temper. She continued to ask, "You of surname Ling, when you said, ‘no wonder’, what did you mean by that?"

Ling Tian burst out into laughter and all of the young nobles who already understood what Ling Tian meant laughed along with him.

The face of that miss NanGong turned red immediately. She was an extremely spoilt lady at home, used to being arrogant and bossy. How could she endure being laughed at by so many people? Furthermore, after listening to how Ling Tian was when she was in the Yang family, she could not help but scold, "What are you guys laughing about? Shut up! You! Tell me what it means?" The last question was being said to Ling Tian.

Then, a chuckle sounded from the door, "Since young noble NanGong is not here to find a concubine and he still brought her sister, then he is definitely here for to choose a husband for Miss NanGong. I am 16 years old, extremely charming and not married. I wonder if I can live up to the expectations of Miss NanGong?" As this duck like sound sounded, everyone knew who just arrived without even looking. He was the young noble who was part of the three great silkpants in the capital, Wang Bo. With just this phrase of his, he lived up to his name of being a silkpants!

As everyone turned to look, they saw a person standing by the door wearing a light green silk robe. He even had a large peony flower on his head with a long strand of hair growing on the mole on his cheeks. At this moment, he was twiddling with that hair, looking up and down at NanGong Yu with a pair of lecherous eyes, clicking his tongue at the same time.

He was seven feet tall, but not even a hundred catties heavy. Coupled with his dressing, he looked like a bamboo pole by the side of the door.