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Chapter 81: All Swords Drawn

Chapter 81: All Swords Drawn

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Things are getting interesting!

As the young nobles by the side saw that the three great silk pants of the capital was gathered and pitted against each other, they all grew excited.

They all knew that of the three young nobles, Wang Bo and Ling Tian were usually in cahoots. Wang Bo’s father was the political enemy of Yang Kong. Usually, Yang Wei and his brothers would suffer more losses but would never show any weakness. Now that there they have a powerful supporter, the third young noble of the NanGong family, there will definitely be a good show!

NanGong Yu’s body trembled for a moment as she jumped in anger with her voice becoming high pitched, "Despicable scum! Hoodlum! Bad guy! Vulgar! Dirty! Vile! Bastard to the extreme!"

Fierce! Swift and fierce!

NanGong Yu then looked like an angered lioness, with the hair on her body standing up! She then glared at Wang Bo, as though she wanted to eat him up alive.

The near hundred young nobles in the main hall began to shrink their necks.

When they heard that she was the young miss of the NanGong family, many had the intention of seeking this phoenix. But now that they heard how fluent she was in scolding someone and how she was itching to hurt someone, she obviously wasn't someone kind. They all prayed to Buddha in their hearts! Better not let this lady end up liking me. If I were to marry such a lady back home, how will I be able to handle her?

Wang Bo originally had a hand behind his back with the other hand flapping his fan, trying his best to look extremely elegant. Just when he felt that he was looking elegant and poise, he heard the wave of scoldings. Looking at this cross-dressing and small built lady, he was dumbfounded on the spot.

*Cough cough cough* Ling Tian turned around and began to cough; if not, he would probably burst out into laughter.

After NanGong Yu taught Wang Bo a lesson, she began to turn her spearhead back at Ling Tian, "You of surname Ling, you will regret humiliating this lady today!"

NanGong Le then looked towards Ling Tian with a chilly appearance, "For young noble Ling to humiliate an unmarried lady as such, you have gone a little too far."

Ling Tian then acted as though he was angry, "Your sister keeps calling me ‘you of surname Ling’, I wonder what young noble NanGong has to say about that?"

NanGong Le then gave a cold laughter, "Don’t tell me young noble Ling will be so merciless towards a young lady?"

Ling Tian then twitched his lips as he said, "So it seems like it isn’t a crime for a lady to kill someone in the Southern Zheng?"

Yang Wei then interrupted, "Ling Tian, you went too far today! Humiliating the guest of my Yang family, my new brother-in-law, you are looking down on my Yang family!"

Wang Bo then burst out into laughter, "New in-law? Don’t tell me young noble Yang has an old brother-in-law? If that’s the case, young noble NanGong, you have really suffered a loss!"

All the few silk pants who had a good relationship with Ling Tian and Wang Bo burst out into laughter.

NanGong le was finally unable to maintain his demure and well refined young noble image. His handsome face became contorted as he gave a roar and pounced towards Wang Bo. This person actually dare to insult his fiance! That was something which cannot be forgiven.

Ling Tian then took a step to block him, "Young noble NanGong, we are in the Sky Bearing Imperial Palace! Do you want to let both our countries meet each other in war?"

NanGong Le then took a deep breath, looking at Ling Tian viciously, "Ling Tian, this is how your Sky Bearing Empire receive guests?"

"Cheh! You can be considered a guest?"

"That’s right, why don’t you think about who started everything?"

"Haha, what a joke. He does not have the manners of a guest, only remembering that he is a guest after suffering a loss."

"The NanGong family is only so much!"

"This is the Sky Bearing City, not the Gold Jade City in Southern Zheng. Young noble NanGong, you seemed to have made a mistake?"


Before Ling Tian could reply, the young nobles behind him all began to let out their comments. The moment NanGong Le arrived, it was as though his eyes were growing on the back of his head and his nose always pointed up to the sky. Following which, his own sister, NanGong Yu was also so arrogant. Everyone was extremely displeased already; now that they saw them suffering a loss in this war of words, they would naturally not let go of this chance to hit them while they’re down.

"Preposterous!" Yang Wei shouted with an enraged face, "How unsightly!"

"Preposterous!" Ling Tian also shouted. But, he shouted at Yang Wei instead. Following which, he chuckled, "Yang Wei, young noble Yang, with just you, it seems that you don’t have the rights to say that word."

Following which, he said to the people behind him, "You guys should not go too far either, take it easy on your words. Didn’t you see that young noble NanGong is long prepared, even bringing his personal guard? With just all of your weak bones, he will be able to deal with all of you here with a single hand."

As Ling Tian said that, everyone all responded in dissatisfaction. Everyone was here alone, on what grounds should he be allowed to bring his guard in?

"Young noble NanGong is really careful. Not to mention coming uninvited, he actually brought a bodyguard to my Sky Bearing Imperial Palace. Don’t tell me you’re afraid that we will eat you up?"

"That’s right, that’s right. So many of us are here alone and we didn’t even lose a single hair."

"No no, you guys may not know. Young noble NanGong may be a scaredy cat unable to take shocks."

"I see, this makes sense. Brother’s observation is so meticulous, this little brother here admires your observation."

"You’re too kind…"

The next moment, commotion filled the main hall and NanGong Le’s face turned green from anger. A bodyguard which he brought actually became the target of provocation. While this matter did not really follow the rules, people would think that he was afraid of the rest if this matter were to spread. In that instant, he fell into a dilemma.

The three brothers of the Yang family also began shouting, arguing with the crowds.

All the swords from both sides were drawn as the atmosphere became tense, looking as though it would become a brawl very soon. Ling Tian began to fan the flames all around as he was silently happy. As long as NanGong Le’s guard takes action, this young noble will be able to see through him in an instant. I will also be able to see through your NanGong family!

"The princess arrives!" A weird sounding shout sounded, destroying Ling Tian’s plan.

Everyone then looked at each other in anger before going back to their seats. After all, none of them was willing to lose their face in front of the princess.

Ling Tian shook his head as his playtime came to an end. They could not come earlier or later, coming right at this exact moment to ruin his plans! Ling Tian then gestured to Wang Bo as he whispered into his ears, "Brother Wang, the voice of this eunuch really sounds like yours."

Wang Bo thought that Ling Tian wanted to tell him a secret. In the end, he burst out into laughter as he heard what Ling Tian said and glared, "I think it sounds more like yours."

A wave of fragrance then entered and everyone’s nose twitched unconsciously.

In the pathway from the inner hall, the voices of females talking, bickering or laughing sounded as they walked out gorgeously dressed.

Ling Tian sighed in his heart, "I feel as though I just entered a brothel!"

In his memory from his previous life, the brothel keeper would wave her handkerchief as she shouts, "Ladies, time to receive guests!" Then, there would be a bunch of ladies appearing like that.

As the ladies streamed out, the tense atmosphere in the Eternal Music Palace was wiped away cleanly. All the lecherous beasts displayed amiable appearances, acting humble and righteous, acting in a dignified manner with an educated manner of speech. They suddenly looked like a group of scholars talking about worldly affairs together. However, their lecherous eyes swept around the bodies of the ladies as their thoughts were not even in their conversations as their responses were completely irreconcilable.

"Brother Zhong, how old are you this year?"

"Ah, yes yes yes. That’s right."

"Mmm, brother Zhang makes sense!"

Conversations like these were happening all around as the silkpants enjoyed themselves.

As Ling Tian took a look, he realized that there isn’t a single person who looked like his target. His target was naturally the little princess of the Yu family. Don’t tell me I’m wrong? She didn’t come to the Sky Bearing Empire?