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Chapter 84: God-like Brush

Chapter 84: God-like Brush

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Ling Tian then walked forward to the painting and bent down to look at the uncompleted painting. With a sigh, he said, "For all of the external painting skills, Miss has already perfected them. There is no need for any improvement."

"External painting skills?" The lady’s expression changed as she stood up, "Don’t tell me there is still internal painting skills? I hope that young noble will teach me a thing or two." The beautiful lady by her side also looked at Ling Tian unblinkingly with a myriad of expression in her eyes.

It is finally time for me to plagiarize something swindle someone! It has been 15 years already, it really wasn't easy! Ling Tian became excited in his heart. However, he was calm on the surface as he said, "Painting skills are like mountains, painting intent is like the ocean. The mountain can be climbed and the ocean is limitless. Miss’s painting skills are already high up on the mountain. But for painting intent… ah ah ah…" Ling Tian laughed softly.

The lady’s eyes gleamed for a moment, obviously extremely excited, as her tone also became more courteous, "I hope young noble will guide me out of this maze." She had never heard about painting intent before. Now that she heard this young man mention it, it was obviously a completely different skill. This lady had already been studying painting for many years already. The moment she heard what Ling Tian said, it was as though she had arrived at a whole new world. However, the world in front of her was extremely hazy and she was unable to grasp it clearly. It seemed as though the haze could be easily broken with a single finger, but yet she lacked the strength of that finger.

Ling Tian then lifted up his hands and said, "Miss, please watch." The lady's gaze was directed to where Ling Tian was pointing at, only to see the branches swaying gently in the air and ripples over the surface of the water. However, she felt that it was no different from what she saw previously.

Looking at her face full of doubt, Ling Tian could not help but laugh, "Miss, please take a look at your drawing again and see if there are any differences between what you just saw."

That lady did not look down at her painting. Instead, she looked towards Ling Tian and said, "That’s right, while my painting is similar to the scene in front of me, they are actually miles apart."

Ling Tian then chuckled, "This is where the problem lies."

As he said that, he took the brush in her hands and the lady also moved away from the painting.

Ling Tian then stood up straight with an arm behind his back and the other arm holding the brush. He then bent his body forward slightly. His brushes were as swift as a gust of wind, in an instant, the swaying branches were already on the paper. When he lifted up the brush, the fishes in the painting also looked extremely energetic, as though they would jump out from the painting at any time.

In a single instant, this ordinary painting was given a soul and became much more lively.

The four people stood by the side and watched with their eyes opened wide. However, they were not able to spot anything special that Ling Tian did. They felt that the only difference was the quicker speed. But, why was there such a large difference in the end product?

Ling Tian then placed the brush on the ink stone and smiled, "I’ve made a fool out of myself."

The four of them were filled with shock! They looked at Ling Tian as though they were staring at a monster. The eyes of the two ladies were filled with an intense admiration and worship. As for the two older ladies, their eyes were filled with respect.

In just a few brushes, he was able to transform an ordinary item to a precious jewel. There was actually someone like him in the world!

Why hadn’t they heard about such earth shattering painting skills before? Someone who had such painting skills should be world renowned! Why was it that they had never heard about this youth in front of them?

The girl who was painting then took a bow as she said with admiration, "Young noble is extremely talented and this little girl admires you completely! In just a few brushes, it looked as though you breathed live into this painting. This little girl has viewed countless of paintings but I have never seen skills as exquisite as yours. I am amazed. I wonder if young noble can…" as she said that, her eyes became dull. Obviously, she thought that Ling Tian was a prince. How was it possible for Ling Tian to become her teacher with such a status? Thus, she swallowed the words about wanting to learn from him.

Ling Tian naturally understood her intentions. However, his expression did not change as he pointed to the drawing and said, "If Miss does not find me irritating, I will give an explanation."

The eyes of both ladies lit up in surprise.

Ling Tian then pointed and said, "Look at this place, the willow trees are swaying in the wind and water rippling. The reason why this scene is so intoxicating is without a doubt due to the wind gently caressing them. Just like the saying, ‘the willow branch faces the west while the willow leaves faces the east; this is not a drawing of the willow but of the wind’, as long as you are painting things like willow, clouds or water ripples, the main focus of the painting should be the wind."

"The willow branch faces the west while the willow leaves faces the east; this is not a drawing of the willow but of the wind!" The lady who was painting mumbled as though she came to a sudden realization, as her eyes lit up in excitement. She felt as though every single word that came out from Ling Tian’s mouth was different from the secular world, capable of amazing her with shock. She could not help but think, "If this person can become my master, it would be the greatest fortune of my life! It is a pity that he is a prince. It seems that this idea of mine can only be buried in my heart."

Ling Tian then pointed at the fake landscape and continued, "Just as the saying goes, you do not need to be afraid of simplicity when splashing ink, cannot loathe complications with brush techniques. This is why…"

The lady who was painting could not help but ask, "Can I ask young noble, what is splashing ink? What are brush techniques?"


Ling Tian was taken aback for a moment. He then realized that he had gotten too carried away, forgetting that there was no difference between the different brush techniques in this generation.

Helpless, he could only say, "A knowledgeable person speaks less, a skilled person uses less strokes. The intent should first fill your brush, with your intent painting the picture before your brush arrives, this is known as your brush lacking but your intent sufficient. Before you start painting, it is best for you not to rush. Before you use ink, the painting should already be in your mind. You will then be able to paint beautifully." Realizing that he was unable to explain, he could only steer the conversation in another direction, diverting her attention elsewhere.

With worship in her face, she praised, "Young noble’s words really reveals the true essence of painting with a single phrase. Your words are extremely thought provoking and is like a loud bell, ringing in my head. To Bing...err… to this little girl, it is like sacred anointing. You widened the horizons of this little girl and I have received much from it. Please accept a bow!" As she said that, she took a deep bow.

However, Ling Tian noticed that when she was talking, she stuttered for a moment, "To Bing...err… to this little girl," this phrase has a big problem! The ‘Bing’ word which didn’t fully exit from her mouth would probably be her real name.

Ling Tian then laughed, "Miss, you do not need to be so polite. I was only speaking from a moment of inspiration. It is rare to see a lady love painting as such, so I could not help but say a few more words. I hope that you will not blame me."

The lady smiled and said, "Young noble is too humble. This little girl is only filled with admiration and gratitude towards young noble."