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Chapter 86: Confidence

Chapter 86: Confidence

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"Good poem! Good words!" the four ladies praised together. They all then read the poem silently, imagining the beauty of the description within the poem. It was like the hibiscus out of fresh water, a naturally formed art of the world. It reached perfection and was beautifully crafted.

However, that lady looked towards how Ling Tian engraved his name and a tinge of disappointment could be seen in her eyes. She could not help but ask, "Can I ask young noble what these words ‘Teary Dreams of Worldly Affairs’ means?" What she meant was: Why don’t you write your real name but leave behind a weird line of words.

Ling Tian laughed involuntarily as he said, "Because Chang’e stole the elixir, she became lonely every night! I feel that there is only one chance for the most beautiful thing in life. If it is missed, then one can only be like Chang’e, dreaming about worldly affairs with tears. Furthermore," Ling Tian looked towards the lady with a smile, "isn’t the name which I left behind what Miss wanted to see?"

The story of Chang’e sprinting to the moon was also widely spread in this world and this lady would definitely know about it. She thought about the loneliness which Chang’e suffered for the thousands of years, living in regret as she looked down at the mortal world. She then thought about what Ling Tian said, ‘I feel that there is only one chance for the most beautiful thing in life. If it is missed, then one can only be like Chang’e, dreaming about worldly affairs with tears.’

Her heart could not help but tremble, "Don’t tell me I will become like Chang’e in the moon? No! Because Chang’e stole the elixir, she became lonely every night! I don’t want to be lonely every night! I don’t want to dream about worldly affairs with tears!" Her body swayed like the weak willow’s branch in the winds as tears filled her eyes. As she thought about Ling Tian saying, "isn’t the name I left behind what Miss wanted to see?", her heart wrenched in pain.

Ling Tian knew that he said enough. If he were to carry on, the words may have an opposite effect.

Looking at the lady’s teary eyes and pitiful expression, Ling Tian felt heartache in his heart as he thought, "I’m sorry! I actually really like you! I liked you ever since I first saw you! Although I am not able to see your true appearance, I cannot lie to myself about such a feeling! But while I feel something for you, you may not feel anything for me! To ensure that we will not have any regrets, and for the big plan in my heart, I hope you will forgive me for using such a scheme against you. Forgive me for purposefully harming you. I will definitely make it up to you in future!"

All of a sudden, everyone was silent. Then, laughter filled the place from afar, making this place feel even more desolate.

Ling Tian then gave a cough as he looked up to the sky and said, "I have disturbed you for a long time and it is getting late. I will be taking my leave." He then thought to himself, "I have already sowed the seeds. I just have to wait for her to come and find me. With her intelligence, she will definitely be able to find my real identity."

That lady never expected that this young noble couldn't even be bothered to ask about her name and status before leaving. While it was true that her appearance wasn’t real, sister Wei who was beside her was a real beauty. It seems that this young noble is really a gentleman! Thinking about this, she could not help but feel more admiration towards Ling Tian’s character. She then said reluctantly, "Is young noble going to leave so soon?"

Ling Tian took two steps forward and stopped. Thinking about how this lass loved painting so much, he gave a sigh and added on, "This conversation today made my mood really great. After the parting today, I believe it will be difficult for us to meet again. As people who love painting, I suddenly thought of a story which may be helpful to you. I came and go in a hurry and do not have anything on me. Before I leave, let this story be a gift for you."

That lady was elated as she bowed, "Thank you young noble. This little girl is all ears." She could not help but walk closer to Ling Tian.

Ling Tian then adjusted his thoughts as he said calmly, "There was a very famous painter called Wen Tong who was an expert in drawing bamboos."

"To draw bamboos, regardless of seasons or weather, he would always roam around in the bamboo forest to notice the subtle changes in the bamboo. At times, he would use his finger to measure how long each segment on the bamboo was. At times, he would record how dense the veins on a bamboo leaves were."

"There was once where the strong winds began to brew and lightning flashed in the sky. Thunderstorm was obviously approaching and everyone began to run home. But just at this moment, Wen Tong, who was at home hurriedly grabbed his straw hat and sprinted towards the bamboo forest on the mountain. Just when he exited from his house, the rain began to pour."

"Wen Tong was only interested to look at how the bamboo looked like in a thunderstorm and could not be bothered with the slippery ground! He lifted up the lapel of his robe and began to climb up the mountain towards the bamboo forest. By the time he arrived at the bamboo forest, he was already panting heavily. Not bothering about the water splashing at his face, he began to observe the bamboos unblinkingly. He then looked at how the bamboos bent in the rain and wind, swaying all around. Following which, he began to carefully remember how the bamboos looked in the rain and wind."

"Because of how he observed the actions of the bamboo for long periods of time, he was extremely clear of how the bamboo would change in all seasons. In the rain or snow, what the bamboo color was and how their postures would be. Under the intense sunlight of summer, how were the bamboos different. How are the different types of bamboos different from each other. He was extremely clear about all of that. Thus, when he drew bamboos, he does not even need to make a sketch."

"Then, people began to praise him saying, "When Wen Tong draws bamboos, his mind is already filled with bamboos."

As he finished his story, Ling Tian clasped his hands and said, "I will take my leave."

He hardened his heart, ignoring the look of the lady who wanted to keep him back. His footsteps then sped up as he walked out. Suddenly, he felt something — he had been wrapped by a large pressure!

Ling Tian was shocked in his heart, but his face was still calm as he stopped walking. This person obviously only wanted to test him; he only unleashed pressure but there was no killing intent! "No wonder I felt that there was something wrong previously. It turns out there was a super expert hiding behind this little princess’s back!" Thinking about this, it made more sense to him. While the two ladies were skilled in martial arts, they were only average at best. How was it possible for the Yu family to let their little princess out like that? It would only make sense for there to be a hidden expert protecting her!

The smile on Ling Tian’s face was still calm as he acted as though he did not notice this mysterious expert. His footsteps then continued towards the exit of the courtyard, walking at a pace which was neither fast or slow. The spiritual sense then lingered on his body for a moment before being retracted. It was as though he didn't find anything to be strange.

A high pitched laughter then sounded from ahead. Following this high pitched laughter, a lovable voice sounded, "Elder sister Wei, are you guys still painting?" Following the voice, a young lady with a bunch of flowers in her hands bounced in front of Ling Tian.

Ling Tian could not help but be elated in his heart, "The heavens are really on my side! A free messenger actually appeared, she is actually someone I know!"

This young lady was the daughter of Palace Hall General, Shen Rou’er! The both of their families friends.

However, Shen Rou’er was not as happy as Ling Tian. As she saw this infamous licentious number one silkpants of the capital appear here without a trace, she only thought that he had ill intentions. Or perhaps, he had harassed a lady here. Now that she saw him walking out briskly with a look of success, she could not help but be shocked! The flowers in her hands dropped to the ground as she exclaimed, "What is a scum like you doing here?!" Her voice was extremely high pitched and filled with disbelief!