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Chapter 87: He is Ling Tian

Chapter 87: He is Ling Tian

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As Shen Rou’er saw that this silkpants, Ling Tian, was here, she determined that he must have done something bad. Together with the evil looking smile on his face, she could not help but think to herself, "Don’t tell me he is afraid of his dirty deeds to being exposed and wants to silence me?" Thinking about this, her heart began to beat rapidly as she shouted out, "What is a scum like you doing here?!"

These words was not so much of a question but a reminder to her sisters that there was a baddie here, asking them to take precautions. Even if she were to be silenced here, Ling Tian would not be able to escape. It also had the intention of warning Ling Tian: Someone definitely heard my cry, I’ll see if you still dare to touch me!

As the lady who was painting saw Ling Tian’s figure leave, that tall and straight back view had an inexpiable feeling of loneliness; it was as though the person who just left was a person suffering from a thousand years of loneliness and desolation.

Loneliness! This was what the lady felt from deep within her heart when she saw Ling Tian’s back view! Cold and aloof, independent from the world! Don’t tell me this elegant and poised young man has such deep and heavy emotions? Then, the story which Ling Tian told her was seemingly recited in her ears again as she lowered her head in consideration, feeling the remnant fragrance in her lips. She could not help but fall into a daze as she stared at Ling Tian's leaving back view; she did not even hear what the lady by her side was saying.

Right at this moment, a scream sounded. As she took a look, she saw a lady appearing in front of Ling Tian as a scream of rage and fear followed, "What is a scum like you doing here?!" Her heart could not help but shake. Scum? Him a scum? Thinking about this, she could not help but shake her head in self mockery, "How can an elegant person like him be a scum?!"

Ling Tian then bent down and picked up the flowers on the floor. Handing it over to the lady, he said something before leaving from their sights. From the start to the end, he did not turn his head back even once! It was as though the things which happened today was just like a passing cloud, not leaving a single trace within her heart.

The lady who screamed seemed to have been scared silly, standing on the spot in a daze.

Wei XuanXuan who was by the side stared at the back view of Ling Tian as she sighed, "This person is really an amazing man!"

The girl who was painting turned around to look at Wei XuanXuan with a complicated expression.

Right at this moment, Shen Rou’er who was in a daze seemed to have snapped out of it. After throwing the flowers on the floor. she sprinted towards Wei XuanXuan with a frightened expression, "Sister Wei, where are you? Are you fine?" Worry filled her voice.

As Wei XuanXuan saw how she was, she could not help but laugh, "This Rou’er is always so hasty." She then shouted out, "I’m here."

Right after she shouted, Wei XuanXuan had already appeared in front of them with a pair of frightened looking eyes. She grabbed Wei XuanXuan’s arms and carefully looked at her all over. Seeing how Wei XuanXuan’s dressing was still neat with a calm face, she let out a heave of relief. Following which, she began to grow anxious again, "Don’t tell me that scum didn’t come here? He...went to find the other sisters?" In anxiousness, she wanted to go to another courtyard.

Wei XuanXuan then held her hands and asked, "Sister Rou’er, what’s wrong with you? What’s going on?"

At this moment, all the ladies in the courtyard had heard the cry of Shen Rou’er. Not knowing what was going on, they all came over to take a look; Princess JiaoYue was also included. She had been extremely nervous; the palace maids reported that they had brought Ling Tian to the back courtyard of the Eternal Music Palace, making Princess JiaoYue extremely nervous as she did not know what this little devil will do. She was also afraid for her sisters: if that fellow has a sudden outburst of lust and do something out of line in the back courtyard, it would be too late for regret.

But all the different young nobles tangled with her, not letting her go because of their admiration for her beauty. As such, Princess JiaoYue could only be worried but could do nothing about it. After finally finding an excuse to escape, she quickly sprinted to the back courtyard. However, she never expected to hear a frightened scream the moment she entered! She had recognized that it was the voice of Shen Rou’er, making her innards tangled up from fear! She could not help but curse Ling Tian in his heart for being so lecherous, actually harassing the daughter of the Palace Hall General. If things were to go wrong, it would be a mess difficult to take care of. In anxiousness, she sprinted towards the direction of the scream as she bitterly lamented in her heart with regret, "I should not have let him in!"

As Shen Rou’er saw her sisters all arrive without a single one missing, she heaved a sigh of relief again. She then patted her chest as she said while panting, "Thank goodness, thank goodness. I was frightened to death just now."

All the ladies began to ask her what was going on, extremely puzzled by Shen Rou’er’s actions!

As Shen Rou’er was still catching her breath, she stuck out her tongue and replied with a smile, "I saw that scum, Ling Tian, leaving here hastily just now. I thought that he had done something bad and got a bad fright. Seeing that all of you are alright, I am relieved."

All of the ladies let out a cry of shock as they exclaimed, "Ling Tian? What’s he doing here?"

Shen Rou’er grunted and she replied, "That fellow had always been lawless. Is there a place where he doesn’t dare to go?"

Everyone all revealed faces of fear; of these ladies present, there were many where the Ling family had made a marriage proposal before. But even if their elders wanted to accept the marriage, they were all rejected by these ladies who heard about Ling Tian’s infamous name. Now that they heard that Ling Tian had came here, they felt a chill run down their spine as they thought to themselves, "Thankfully he did not see me! If I let him find me, that would be trouble. General Ling had made such great contributions to the empire, if he were to request the emperor to appoint a marriage, the emperor would definitely agree. If my life is handed into this playboy, I would definitely be ruined!"

They then began to ask, "Where did he walk out from?" They all began to look at each other, seeing which sister was the unfortunate one who suffered from that scum.

Shen Rou’er then pointed at Wei XuanXuan, "He walked out from sister Wei’s place and bumped into me. He even made me drop my flowers from the fright. Eh? Where are my flowers?"

All the ladies then let out a sigh, looking at Wei XuanXuan with regret and pity. It was as though this sister of theirs had already fell into the wolf’s nest.

"You’re talking about that white dressed teen?" A voice full of shock sounded; it was the lady who was painting. She had already walked into the center of the crowd, asking Shen Rou’er that question.

Shen Rou’er replied, "Yes."

"You saw him and threw your flowers away?" The lady who was painting asked in astonishment.


"He...is the number one silkpants in the Sky Bearing Empire? The infamous playboy?" Her volume did not grow softer but grew louder and louder. At the same time, the shock in her voice also grew stronger and stronger.

Shen Rou’er became a little frustrated, "This sister, what’s the matter? He is the one; the scum who left from here was Ling Tian. Did he bully this sister?" As she said that, she looked towards the lady who was painting with a frown. Looking at her dark skin tone and scanning her body once, Shen Rou’er replied with difficulty, "But rest assured sister, he… probably won’t bully you."