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Chapter 92: Deploying Once More

Chapter 92: Deploying Once More

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Ling Tian folded up the reports in his hands and said blandly, "Sit!"

As the crowd shuffled to their respective places, Ling Tian continued, "Feng Mo, Wang Han, the reason I’ve called you here today is to inform you guys that the training from now on, will not be paused. However, in terms of noise, try to keep it to the minimum and do not attract any attention by doing something overly big! This is to prevent any unwanted attention."

"Noted! Young Noble, is there anybody who wants to deal with us?" Both Feng Mo and Wang Han stood upright as they gave out sounds of assent. However, Wang Han asked a question out of puzzlement.

Ling Tian merely lifted up the teacup in front of him, lightly blowing on the surface of the tea, not bothering to reply. He did not even glance at Wang Han, as though the latter had never spoken.

Ling Chen, Ling Chi, Ling Feng as well as the others in the room all suddenly developed frosty expressions. In that instant, seven to eight pairs of eyes viciously glared at Wang Han. These assassins, who were even feared by the military forces everywhere, did not even bother to conserve a bit of their killing intent towards him! If it were not for the fact that Ling Tian was merely sitting there calmly, Wang Han would have long turned into a cold corpse! And that corpse would definitely not be intact.

At this point, Wang Han’s face already resembled a waterfall, the cold sweat dripping unceasingly off his forehead! What a joke, to be able to remain standing with so many killing intents from world famous assassins targeted at him would already be an achievement.

As for Feng Mo standing beside him, his face took on a huge change when he heard Wang Han speak, and naturally also glared at him! He could not help but regret that he could not beat him up on the spot!

"Peng!" The teacup was placed back on the table as Ling Tian slowly spoke, "Forget it! This shall be the first, and also the last time!"

Once he spoke, Wang Han suddenly could feel that the suffocating killing intent had suddenly vanished, as though it was never there in the first place. Everybody’s eyes were still glued to him, but it was already lacking the previously ferocious intent!

Wang Han’s legs were trembling non-stop, his shirt already drenched with sweat. He stood there, eyes wide open, not knowing what had just transpired. Why was it that a single sentence of his resulted in everyone wanting to kill him?

Ling Chen then remarked coldly, "Wang Han, you should celebrate that Ling Jian is not here today. Or else, the moment you opened your mouth, you would have already turned into a corpse!"

Ling Tian waved that comment away, saying, "Forget it. Feng Mo, you two can leave first."

Feng Mo respectfully gave a solemn bow and dragged Wang Han out with a hand. Though Wang Han was still standing straight, he had no strength left in his legs and was on the verge of collapse!

Only upon walking out of the stone door of the cave, did Wang Han finally regain his senses. He then asked in a trembling voice, "Old Feng, what just happened? What did I say wrongly?"

Feng Mo glared at him for a long time, before his gaze turned slightly gentler as he sighed, "You have never been to the secret chamber, right?"

Wang Han nodded silently.

Feng Mo continued in a harsh tone, "That secret chamber is where the Young Noble personally assigns his commands and orders! Everybody who steps into there does not talk. They only need to follow his orders and this is without exception! After stepping out of that door, even if you want to engage the Young Noble in a spar, no one will stop you. They would only jeer at you for overestimating your capabilities. However, if you dare to speak out of line in the secret chamber, that signifies disrespect to the Young Noble! Lady Chen was correct in saying that you would be dead if Ling Jian was present. He would definitely not allow anyone to challenge the Young Noble’s authority!"

Thinking of Ling Jian, who was akin to Hades from Hell, Wang Han’s forehead began to sweat profusely once again. It was only after a long time did he manage to say, "Why didn’t you tell me that earlier!"

Feng Mo looked at him, giving a smile that was not a smile at the same time, "I thought that you had went in there before."

Wang Han muttered to himself, seemingly cursing and swearing at Feng Mo. He was also one of the thirty-six Blood Iron Warriors and always had a close relation with Feng Mo. It was only because he had an outstanding performance recently, that he was promoted to become Feng Mo’s assistant.

Feng Mo sighed as he spoke, "It took me such a long time to actually see the Young Noble once and I actually wanted to talk to him more, to see if he could give me some pointers. But, it was ruined by you." He held back another sentence, which was the fact that being allowed entry into the secret chamber meant that Ling Tian had given Feng Mo the authority and trust of one in his inner circle. However, because of Wang Han’s fault, this matter would be delayed for another few months! If Wang Han were to realise how serious the repercussions of his sentence was, he would be guilty for a long time!

Inside the secret chamber, Ling Tian told whatever that he inferred from the little princess of the Yu Family to them and added in his own hypothesis. All of them displayed an expression of shock without exception!

Ling Tian then continued, "Ling Chi, don’t let the First Pavilion take any business from the North, and try to avoid the Yu Family!"

Since Ling Jian was not around, the First Pavilion was supervised by Ling Chi, who was the youngest in age. Other than Ling Jian, Ling Chi was the strongest in the First Pavilion!

Ling Tian took in a deep breath, before giving more instructions, "The First Pavilion might not be moving around in the North, but Ling Liu, Qi, Ba, Jiu, the four of you must tighten your surveillance in the North instead! Other than Ling Liu who was originally responsible for the North, the other three must also put in your best efforts to assist him! Every little detail must be thoroughly investigated and report all findings back to the courtyard as soon as possible!"

The four of them stood up simultaneously, "Yes young noble!"

"Notify Ling ShiYi and get him to train another batch of messenger falcons as fast as he can!"


"Also notify Ling Wu to stop smelting the regular sabres and swords and to stop all outside transactions. Intensify the production of the high quality weapons that I’ve talked about to him! Ask him to hurry up as well. Within a year, I want all our brothers to be equipped with the better quality swords and sabres! This matter cannot be leaked as well!"

"Yes, young Noble!"

"Inform Ling San and Li Lin to speed up the infiltration of the Violent Wind Gang into the officials of the Imperial Court. Especially for the Rites Minister, Wei ZhengFeng, special attention must be given to him. I want them to scrutinise every single person who enters and leaves his mansion. Where they went, what they did, I want to know every single detail without any negligence! Furthermore, all of you have to be careful as there may be experts hidden in Wei ZhengFeng’s house! Those who are deployed there have to be trustworthy!" As he finished, Ling Tian’s tone seemed to be more gentle.

"Yes, Young Noble can be assured of this."

"Ling Chi, notify Ling Jian, tell him to tie up his loose ends and return back soon!"

"Yes! Young Noble, I’ll inform my big brother immediately."

"Good!" Ling Tian smiled. Everyone could then feel the tension in the room subsequently relax. All of these people sitting here were the confidants of Ling Tian. So, they all knew that Ling Tian would smile after issuing out all of his orders to mark the end of the meeting. Once he smiled, this would mean that the matters for today had come to an end.

But, Ling Tian’s next sentence made all those from the First Pavilion reveal bitter expressions, "After we get out, all those from the First Pavilion, come spar with me. I’ll check out your progress, and you can let your Sister Chen loosen her muscles a little too."

Feng, Yun, Lei, Dian and Chi looked at the eager Ling Chen and exchanged a look of despair with each other. Their Young Noble was better in the regard that he knew how to hold back. But, their Sister Chen did not hold back any punches. It was more like being tortured rather than giving pointers...