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Chapter 93: Testing The Yu Family

Chapter 93: Testing The Yu Family

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Ling Tian and Ling Chen were on horseback, rushing back to the Ling Residence.

"Chen’er, how was it just now?" Seeing Ling Chen’s flushed cheeks, full of joy, Ling Tian could not resist laughing.

Ling Chen pouted in response, "Those few jerks are becoming more and more sly, it took me a lot more trouble to beat them up this time."

"Hahaha, how easy did you expect it to be?" As Ling Tian thought of how the five of them lying on the ground in miserable conditions when he and Ling Chen left, he could not help but laugh out loud. Even though those fellows were mostly pretending, it was no lie that they did suffered under the hands of Ling Chen! Ling Tian had merely given them a few tips before he left the courtyard with Ling Chen.

Ling Chen shook her waist, rolling her eyes flirtatiously at him. Then, she giggled and urged her horse forward, rushing in front.

Ling Tian laughed as he chased after her. Their conversation was faintly discernable, drifting about in the wind, "Tonight, you can go try out that secretive…"

In the Rites Minister’s Residence.

The lanterns were lit in the early evening, turning the residence into a mass of flickering lights.

Within a specially constructed courtyard, a few people sat facing each other with grim expressions on their faces.

With the same disguised face, the little princess of the Yu Family, Yu BingYan, sat between two parties, a hand propping up her chin with her expression filled with worry.

Those two middle aged women who had accompanied her during the daytime were sitting by one side. Inside the room, there were another five to six more people, all seated in an orderly position. In the shadows of the room sat another indistinct silhouette, without uttering a single word.

"...that Young Noble Ling definitely hidden himself very well. Someone so knowledgeable yet able to conceal himself so well, this is the first time I met someone like that." One of the middle aged women was talking. In her tone, one could sense traces wariness as well as an unrestrained admiration.

"That’s right. Although this man is well-learned and cultured, his schemes run deep. This humble one feels that little princess should maintain your distance from him." The other middle aged female bodyguard replied.

Yu BingYan's brows knitted in hesitation before turning to the silent figure enveloped in darkness, "Uncle Xue, you’ve always been by my side, what do you think of this?"

The shadow at the corner shook, and it was only after a long while did he finally reply. His voices was sonorous and grating, much like two metals colliding with each other, "I am unable to see through this person. He feels, very dangerous!"

"Dangerous? Uncle Xue, could you possibly be mistaken? He is only a feeble scholar, how could he let you feel danger? And where would the danger be from?" Yu BingYan giggled as she spoke.

"He, definitely feels dangerous!" Uncle Xue, who was in the shadows, did not attempt to refute her, and only heavily repeated what he just said before closing his mouth.

Yu BingYan pondered deeply for a while before revealing a desolate expression in her eyes, "Even though he might be dangerous, but what else can I do? I only wish to learn painting from him, what else could I amount to with my body, my status, as well as my incoming fate?"

Everyone turned solemn at this, as they looked towards Yu BingYan with concern in their eyes.

One of the middle aged women could not help but comfort her, "If Little Princess only wishes to learn painting from him, that can be easily settled. The celebration will go on for another three days and he will definitely reappear. At that time, if Little Princess could request for him to teach you together with Lady Wei, I’m sure he won't reject you right?" Although this was phrased as a question, the woman’s tone was full of confidence.

Yu BingYan slowly nodded and did not mention this matter any longer. Obviously, she had already came to a decision in her heart. Turning her head instead, she addressed those beside her, "How about the other side? Any news?"

The way she asked had no heads nor tails, but it was clear that all present understood her meaning. The other female bodyguard moved her mouth, but no sound came out from it. Finally, she lowered her head instead.

Yu BingYan only responded calmly, "It’s alright, just speak your mind. The outcome has long been set, what are you so hesitant about?"

The female bodyguard in question replied in a low voice, "Based on reports, Miss Shui is blessed with extraordinary intelligence and is already a top class expert. She has begun to practice the family’s sword art.

Yu BingYan smiled lightly as she said, "She has already started on the family’s sword art? Haha, most likely she has already mastered it, hasn’t she?" Lowering her head with a sigh, she continued, "I’ve long wanted to pay her a visit and have a heart-to-heart talk with her. After all, we both have the same fate, who knows, we might actually end up as friends. Haha, then this would be such a great story. Three years. There’s still three years! There’s only three years…." At the last part, she sighed once more. A lingering sigh sounded from her frail and delicate chest, full of helplessness and sorrow.

As though infected by the little princess’s melancholic mood, the crowd sunk into silence. Thinking about the little princess’s fate, everyone immediately felt as though they were being pressed down by a heavy stone slab, pressured to the point of being unable to breathe.

From the window outside, there was a sudden sound of clothes rustling, followed by a light laughter resounding in everyone’s ears. The shadowy figure hidden in the corner suddenly twisted his body. Sword light flashed past the crowd’s eyes, as man and sword, combined as one, pierced through the window! This was followed by ‘ding ding’ sounds as the weapons clashed with each other outside, as though a torrential downpour had started!

The group of people all ran out into the courtyard, raising their heads to catch sight of the unknown intruder. What they saw made them all take in a breath of cold air.

A blur of black and white flashed passed each other. For a moment, no one could tell each of them apart. They only knew that the drifting black shadow was the shadowy figure belonging to their side. But, the agile white shadow was indistinct and they could only assume it was a woman from the party’s lithe figure.

The two swords flashing in the night sky was incomparably magnificent. Occasionally, both figures would soar through the air and exchange a few blows, then stagger apart from each other. However, by the next moment, both halves would have merged back into one whole. Their movement skills were exquisite beyond belief. Suddenly left, then right; appearing south, then north, akin to spirits.

"Dang!" The crisp sound of weapons clashing sounded, as sparks flew in all directions mid air. Both parties did an aerial flip, separating from each other and landed far apart with swords still pointed towards the other person. Two pairs of eyes let out equally ice cold expressions, staring unblinkingly at the other.

Only then was the audience able to see that the white shadow was actually a masked person dressed totally in white, with a tall stature and delicate curves. Behind the mask was a pair of limpid eyes akin to the autumn waters and long hair like a waterfall cascading down. This elegant figure of a woman stood on the rooftop, looking like an immortal who had descended down to Earth; the sword in her hand looked like a river under the moonlight. Even after such a fierce confrontation, she actually remained relaxed, unrestrained and elegant.

The black shadow stood up straight with sword pointing forward, the sword tip shaking incessantly, leaving afterimages behind. Evidently, all his energy had been compressed into the sword he was holding. Once he moved, it would be akin to a flash of lightning!

After that brief exchange, both parties had a rough gauge of their opponent's strength in their hearts. Though the girl in white was young, she could be considered one of the most skilled experts the man had ever met in his life! Now that the little princess was residing in the Sky Bearing Empire, the presence of such an expert is definitely a grave threat! The black shadow had made a resolute decision in his heart: No matter the consequences, I cannot let this girl leave tonight!

A cool breeze blew gently, the robes of both waving in it. The white robed girl’s body seemed to follow the gentle breeze to float upwards, and with a flick of her slim wrist, the sword in her hands transformed into a dazzling brilliance, tearing apart the night sky! To think she took the initiative to attack! Her sword was like an antelope’s horns thruting forward, leaving no vestiges behind. The sword intent flowed like waters in a spring, continuous and unbroken!

The black shadow, who was about to release his own move, suddenly turned sluggish as he exclaimed in shock, "Water of Heavenly Wind?!"

Once this sentence was spoken, all the experts within the Yu Family crowd had a complete change in expression! In the corner of the small courtyard, another black shadow suddenly rushed towards the sky like an arc of electricity. The sword in his hands appeared like a venomous snake, aimed at the back of the white robed lady! It was as though hearing the four words ‘Water of Heavenly Wind’ had triggered some sort of response within him, making him attack with no concern for his own safety! With one in front and one behind, both black robed men attacked at the same time in a pincer attack!

The white robed girl flipped upwards, avoiding the sword in front of her. With a flash of her sword, much like a bolt of lightning, it clashed with the sword behind her. The man behind her had urged on with his full strength, but discovered, to his shock, that her sword seemed to be without any strength, as light as a feather! He could not help but exclaim in his heart, " I was tricked! "

What happened next was even more surprising. After receiving the sword head on, the lady in white did not rely on the force to pull apart their distance. Instead, she flipped upwards 30 feet into the air! Right now, she had nothing to rely on for support in mid air. With the old force fading off and no new force applied, she was in a perilous situation. Seeing how she actually dug her own grave, both the black robed men were flabbergasted. But, they raised their swords to await the moment she dropped down, for that would be the time for her to go to the Yellow Springs!