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Chapter 94: Water of Heavenly Wind

Chapter 94: Water of Heavenly Wind

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With no sound and warning whatsoever, the sound of an item wheezing through the air came from afar. The trajectory of the item was extremely ingenious and speed of it akin to light! Just as the white robed girl reached the apex of her jump, the item positioned itself under her feet, allowing the girl to daintily step on it, relying on it to exert force! In mid air, her robes fluttered with the wind, akin to a celestial maiden riding the winds. As for the object that she stepped on, it shattered into two with a ‘kacha’ sound, producing a whistling sound as it shot towards the two black robed men!

Both men simultaneously struck out with their palms, knocking the two objects onto the ground. They turned out to be only tiles!

Both the black robed men were experts with great status, how could they endure being toyed with? Both activated their movement techniques with a whistle, chasing after the white robed girl like a bolt of lightning.

The white robed girl merely floated ahead, neither too fast nor too slow, as though she did not put the two enemies on her tail in her eyes at all! Even as their swords was about to pierce her, she was still unmoved and indifferent!

As the swords tilted towards her, yet another white blur appeared out of nowhere like a ghost, with speed at least twice of the white robed girl! In a flash, the white blur had already appeared in the middle of the three. With a flip of his hands, he actually managed to trap the blades of the two swords belonging to the black men! This caused great shock to both the black robed men. Urging their internal strength, they attempted to retrieve their swords.

If the black robed men were to be relieved of their swords in a face-to-face confrontation by this white robed person, these two arrogant men would probably kill themselves out of humiliation! However, the white robed person seized the advantage while both men were focusing their strength to retrieve their swords. With a shake of his hands, two imposing forces were ingeniously projected respectively into both swords. Caught unawares and unable to defend, both the black robed men were forced backwards to the left and right with a bedraggled appearance.

The white robed person, however, did not press on. Instead, he took the white robed female in front and loftily soaring to another rooftop far away from them. He then spoke in a strange sounding voice, "What great talents the Yu family has! Having two experts trap a young girl in a pincer attack! This sort of courage and resource has greatly broadened this one’s horizons!"

Both the black robed men were still trying to catch their breaths, with their chests undulating inconsistently. One of them then spat out viciously, "Don’t think that I won’t know both of your identities just because the both of you are hiding behind masks! Water of Heavenly Wind, aren’t you people too unbridled? To think you people actually dare to disregard the millennia long contract signed between our ancestors! The Sixty Year Battle of Three Generations is only a mere three years away, but you people actually dare to appear here so brazenly, the both of your guts aren’t small either!"

The two white robed people were precisely Ling Tian and Ling Chen! Ling Chen now stood beside Ling Tian, her eyes cold and apathetic! As long as Ling Tian was by her side, Ling Chen was unwilling to have any thoughts, unwilling to use her brains. This was because so long as Ling Tian was present, all she wanted to do was to follow his instructions to a fault.

All women were like thus, if the man of their dreams was stronger than them, then she would not bother putting in the effort to think, blindly believing in their own beloved to take care of it. If a woman could display this sort of attitude in front of a man, this would also mean that her heart had been totally conquered by him.

"Water of Heavenly Wind! What is that supposed to mean?" Ling Tian’s heart thumped violently at this new information. He thought, "Seems like what I’ve hypothesized in the past wasn’t too far off!" However, his eyes remained clear, not betraying his inner thoughts as he continued in that strange voice of his, now laced with some unhappiness, "We merely heard that Little Princess Yu was residing here, and specially came to greet her. Is there a need to use our ancestors’ teachings to pressure us?"

"Hahaha…. Preposterous! Ridiculous!" In his anger, his originally dark face actually had a change in color as he retorted, "You people have turned your back on the treaty and have come to Heavenly Star of your own volition. This is already considered treachery! For you to have such guts to come over to spy on my house’s little miss, that alone already explains your treacherous intent! This Xue would rather perish here than let you despicable people leave!" The man refused to talk any more. With a flap of his arms, he soared up, brandishing his sword. With a sound akin to a clap of thunder, the sky lit up with sword beams! The man in question seemed to have turned into a Thousand Armed Asura, the swords all directed towards Ling Tian.

On the other side, the other silent black robed man also sprang into action. Even before both men neared, Ling Tian’s robes had already billowed out due to the gales that their sword arts created.

Ling Tian merely smiled in response, the night had not been in vain for him. Seeing the aggressiveness of both men, he know that the duo had planned to leave their lives here in return for theirs. He did not want to continue tangling with them, since he had already achieved his objective. Lingering around would be pointless.

Throwing out his hands, two jets of noxious white smoke spurted out. In a split second, one could not even see their outstretched hands. The duo rushing over could not help but turn sluggish, for fear that the fog contained poison. Since they did not dare to enter the white fog, they could only look at each other and sigh.

The black robed duo subconsciously felt that for the figure in front of them, even if they were to join forces against them, they would still be undoubtedly defeated! They did not imagine that the opposing aristocratic family would actually have an expert of such a class! For this sort of character, most likely, his skill may not even lose out to their Family Head! Such news was no minor matter and they had to inform their own Family Head quickly, so as to make ample preparations.

When the white fog dissipated, to no one’s surprise, there was already no sign of the two masked figures in white. As far as the eye could see, there was only the night breeze blowing gently against the plants, letting them sway in the night. One could only see the stars and river, with the bright moon against the sky.

The night may have regained its former peace, but those of the Yu Family felt as though there was a boulder weighing down their hearts! Everyone had heavy hearts upon thinking that such formidable enemies were actually in their vicinity, impossible to defend against. The rest of the bodyguards were even paler after seeing the exchange between those people just moments ago. That sort of stage was a realm where they could never interfere in. They could imagine what exactly would happen to them if it were them meeting with such people.

"Is it really them?"

"It shouldn’t be wrong, the sword intent was continuous like flowing water, the movements of that person as though flowing along a river, there can’t be any other. To think that they actually sent out such an expert!" A solemn atmosphere pervaded the Yu Family’s people.

Taking advantage of the darkness, Ling Tian and Ling Chen returned to their little courtyard without raising any noise.

"Chen’er, send out the news. Inform Ling Jiu and the rest to pick a few highly capable men, and proceed to the Heavenly Wind Continent to source for information." After hearing the exchange between the black robed man and Ling Chen, especially the phrase ‘Water of Heavenly Wind’, Ling Tian began to feel that this could be the lynchpin. Thus, he had no choice but to reveal himself, and true enough, he really obtained something of importance.

" The Thousand Year Treaty set by the ancestors. This phrase talked about a treaty. What treaty was that? Most likely, the treaty had something to do with the Yu Family."

"Sixty Year Battle of Three Generations… what was that supposed to mean as well? Was it a matter regarding two aristocratic clans?"

"You people have turned your back on the treaty, and have come to Heavenly Star of your own volition, this is already considered treachery!"

These three sentences had already given Ling Tian many clues and hints!

"There is indeed something fishy about all this." Ling Tian’s eyes flickered with a hidden light as he muttered under his breath. "I would really like to see how long you people can keep your presence veiled!"