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Chapter 97: The Beauty Visits

Chapter 97: The Beauty Visits

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Wei XuanXuan and Yu BingYan were afraid that if they came late, Ling Tian would be out pretending to be a silkpants again. Thus, they decided to arrive earlier. However, they never expected to witness such a show the moment they stepped into the mansion.

They saw their idol, Ling Tian, kneeling on the floor pathetically and the usually demure and elegant wife of General Ling teaching her son a lesson with a finger pointed at him and her other hand by her waist.

This scenario in front of them was miles apart from what the two ladies expected to see! They could not help but look at each other as they both thought, "Don’t tell me we walking into the wrong house?" If not for the fact that the one kneeling down was the young man who painted the beautiful painting and composed the amazing poem, both the ladies would probably turn and walk away immediately.

Chu Ting’er was even more surprised; ever since the infamous name of her son spreaded across the capital, this was the first time that a young lady of such an age walked into the gates of their Ling mansion. Furthermore, her unsightly behavior was witnessed by both the ladies. In awkwardness, she forced out a face full of smiles as she welcomed her guests. At the same time, she used her foot to nudge her own son, hinting him to get up quickly.

"I wonder what both of you ladies are here at my Ling mansion for?" Chu Ting’er tried to make her voice sound gentler. But after flying into a rage a moment ago, her voice sounded extremely unnatural.

Wei XuanXuan and Yu BingYan took a deep bow as they said, "This must be auntie Ling right? This niece is Wei XuanXuan and my father is Wei ZhengFeng; beside me is my younger cousin. I have always heard from my mother that auntie is an outstanding person in the capital. After seeing you today, the rumors are indeed true."

Chu Ting’er immediately held her hand, "Haha, so you are XuanXuan. I have heard my son mention your name these past few days. Haha, the way you look… it must have been difficult for your parents… how did they bring up such a beautiful daughter like you…" No matter what, she first chose to praise her son. But she did not forget to add on some pleasantries, "XuanXuan, are the health of your parents good? I have not seen your mother for quite some time and I really do miss her."

"Thank you auntie for you concern, father and mother are both healthy. Mother also wants to pay a visit to auntie; but she has not been able to find time because of the many affairs within the family. I will definitely relay auntie’s goodwill to my mother and I believe she will be very happy." Wei XuanXuan was extremely tactful with her words and also a polite individual. The more Chu Ting’er looked at her, the more Chu Ting’er liked her.

"Haha, I wonder why XuanXuan is here today…" Chu Ting’er asked with confusion as she thought to herself, "I am only vaguely acquainted with Miss Wei. Ling Xiao, as a general, would almost never come into contact with Minister Wei who was the Minister of Rites. Why did his daughter come knocking on my doorstep?"

"Us sisters are here today to find Young Noble Ling." Wei XuanXuan looked towards Ling Tian as she said that. Chu Ting’er could not help but grow nervous as she thought, "Don’t tell me Ling Tian had harassed these two ladies? Mmm? Doesn’t seem that way, it doesn’t seem like they are here with bad intentions." Chu Ting’er began to grow excited as she thought, "Don’t tell me it was true when Tian’er said that he had a pleasant conversation with the ladies? This is a miracle!"

Ling Tian, who was just previously embarrassed in front of these two ladies, was now full of a self-satisfied expression without a trace of awkwardness. As the two ladies looked at him, Ling Tian also returned a smile with elegance, as though nothing had happened previously.

However, Ling Chen who was behind him helped him feel embarrassed on his behalf, "This young noble of mine, not only is his martial arts unrivaled under the heavens, his skin is also probably the thickest in the world."

Looking at how Ling Tian was acting, the two ladies almost could not control themselves from laughing. If it was any other person who was caught in such a pathetic situation, they would have probably lost the face to see the world, escaping at the quickest possible speed and never leaving the house again. But this Young Noble Ling was actually able to act completely indifferently and even had a look of self-satisfaction. They could not help but think to themselves, "It seems that these few years of acting as a silkpants was not for nothing. Not only is young noble Ling’s painting and poetic skills amazing, his skin is also unnaturally thick!"

"After seeing the spectacular display by Young Noble Ling the other day, this little girl thought that young noble must have been of royal descent, a royal prince. I never imagined that you were the young noble of the Ling family. I hope that young noble will forgive me for my rude behavior the other day. This little sister also hope that young noble will forgive us for visiting on such short notice and not blame us for the uninvited visit." Yu BingYan said calmly with a smile. The moment she opened her mouth, she narrowed the gap between them by changing ‘this little girl’ to ‘this little sister’.

With regards to how thick Ling Tian’s skin was, Yu BingYan was not surprised at all. After silently enduring for so many years, it would be a wonder if he did not have such thick skin.

Seeing that these two ladies were here to pay a visit to her son instead of finding trouble, Chu Ting’er’s eyes widened in pleasant surprise. The ancestors of the Ling family had finally came through for her. If her son is able to change his ways and hug a beauty back home, Chu Ting’er would feel as though she have no more regrets in life! Thus, she quickly invited the two ladies into the main hall.

Before Ling Tian had a chance to greet Yu BingYan, his mother had already warmly welcomed the both of them into the room. The two female guards of Yu BingYan also followed closely behind her.

With a bitter laugh, he looked at Ling Chen, only to see her trying to conceal her laughter as she asked, "Young noble, is this Miss Wei a candidate for your future wife?"

Ling Chen shook his head and said, "Nope, but I am more interested in the one beside her."

Ling Chen was startled; thinking about how Yu BingYan was so tan and unattractive, she could not help but look towards Ling Tian with a strange appearance as she thought, "Don’t tell me young noble’s perception of beauty is also so different from others?"

As Ling Tian saw that weird expression on Ling Chen’s face, he understood what she was thinking about. He did not know whether to laugh or cry, rubbing her head as he whispered to her, "Foolish lass, that lady is the little princess of the Yu family. She concealed her appearance! Stupid! Go back quickly and dress up properly!"

Ling Chen came to an immediately realization as she began to giggle. "The young noble is indeed the young noble, his means are indeed exceptional, not having any problems with hooking up girls!"

In the guest room, Chu Ting’er had already commanded the maids to serve fragrant tea as she sat there with a smile, studying the two ladies like a mother-in-law studying her future daughter-in-law. From time to time, she would nod her head with a smile, making the faces of both the ladies turn red from embarrassment, wanting to bury their heads in the ground.