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Chapter 99: Fighting Beauty With Beauty

Chapter 99: Fighting Beauty With Beauty

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Ling Tian chucked in his heart as he thought, "This lass is really difficult to deal with, not willing to suffer even the smallest of losses. Can that fake face of yours really fool me?" He then replied with a smile, "I called little sister as ‘little sister’ and you also refer to yourself as such. However, you call me ‘Young Noble Ling’. Hahaha, it seems that while this little sister addresses yourself as such, you still see me as an outsider." As Ling Tian said that, he let out a deep sigh. However, he purposefully said many ‘little sister’, making his whole sentence sound like a tongue twister. Thus, it made his sigh seem very artificial, carrying with it a subtle teasing.

Yu BingYan became displeased as she thought to herself, "If I don’t call you Young Noble Ling, should I call you brother Ling? Between man and women, apart from siblings with blood ties and a married couple, which female will address another man as a brother? For me to call myself ‘little sister’ is merely a means to close the distance between us. It is not wrong at all for me to call myself little sister. However, for you to also call me little sister, it is already a little rude of you. Now, you are actually claiming that I am in the wrong?"

Yu BingYan could not help but reply with a chilly tone, "Young Noble Ling, such a joke should not be cracked."

Ling Tian replied with a chuckle, "Since I said something like this, then do little sister think that I have any intentions of discriminating against your looks?"

Yu BingYan’s was stumped as she thought, "This brat! So this is where you were planning to trap me!" But, Ling Tian’s reply made her at a complete loss for words. If she was willing to call Ling Tian ‘brother’, he would definitely accept such an address. But, how could she bring herself to call someone ‘brother’ so easily?

The both of them had only met a couple of times. If Yu BingYan was not willing to call him ‘brother’, it made her seem very narrow minded. But how was it possible for Yu BingYan to bring herself to calling him ‘brother’? If she were to really call him that, this fellow will definitely have another hidden card awaiting her. At that time, with his thick skin, he may even insist that the both of them had already agreed to marriage. Then wouldn’t she be in trouble? At that moment, she was filled with awkwardness and did not know what to say.

As Wei XuanXuan saw how the both of them began to bicker the moment they talked, she observed them with a smile. But seeing how Yu BingYan was on the losing end, she giggled in her heart before helping her to defuse the situation, "Young Noble Ling lives up to his name as silkpants indeed, showing no mercy to a young lady at all."

Ling Tian then laughed to the sky as he replied, "I’m guilty. But this little sister from the Yu family is extremely witty. If I do not choose my words carefully, I would have already made a fool out of myself. I hope that you will not mind." As Yu BingYan heard that, her face turned around as she grunted in anger. Ling Tian feigned ignorance to the hidden spears in XuanXuan’s words, obviously only targeting his spear at her.

Ling Tian then smiled and continued, "This place is the main hall of the family and it is inconvenient to continue our conversation here. I wonder if I can have the honor of inviting the both of you to my study to continue?"

The eyes of both ladies lit up as they thought, "We were waiting for these words of yours. This fellow, pretending not to hear our hints just now. But now that we aren’t requesting for it, you decide to take the initiative."

Both the ladies looked at each other, sharing the same thoughts — Ling Tian was completely unconventional with the way he speaks, often catching them off-guard. At the same time, he is always able to defuse their original plans with just a few simple words without any difficulty. They could not help but be startled at his terrifying wisdom!

While Ling Tian led the way in front, both the ladies enjoyed the scenery along the way, following behind Ling Tian’s back. At the same time, the two female guards followed closely behind them like their shadows.

Ling Tian could also detect that with his spiritual sense that both the mysterious experts had also followed them here. It seems that ever since Yu BingYan saw him, that person’s aura had been locked onto him. He could not help but praise in his heart, "This person is a really good bodyguard! Even if I was in their shoes, I wouldn't be able to think of a better plan. If Yu BingYan were to have any mishap in the Ling family, it would be the best move to make me the first target!"

In the small courtyard, Ling Chen had already prepared everything well, standing by the door to welcome them.

As the two ladies saw Ling Chen, they were filled with shock with a tinge of admiration.

Ling Chen, who was by the door, was dressed in simple white clothes, with her clothes like snow, fluttering in the winds freely. She was like the fairy on the mood, sweeping the palace and awaiting her visitor.

On her waist was a green colored piece of jade drooping down, making her slender waist stand out all the more. Her black silky hair was tied up neatly with a simple jade hairpin. As though something was embedded within the jade hairpin, it reflected the sunlight and shone with a colorful light.

Her eyebrows were like willows, her almond shaped eyes were glistening in the sun, carrying with them a subtle smile. Her expression was like the ocean, as her lips was a shade of beautiful and natural pink. Her neck was like a beautiful swan, proudly holding up her beautiful head. Below her sleek shoulders was a busty but humbly concealed chest, elegant and natural. Below her waist, her rear was perfectly sized, giving her figure an elegant curve to further perfect her beauty. As the winds blew gently, the folds of her skirt fluttered, slightly revealing her perfect and smooth long legs.

Ling Chen stood there silently, as though all of the elegance in the world had converged on her! It was a completely dazzling scene! It was just like a beautiful painting, making one feel as though even a single trace of admiration in their heart would be a blasphemy against her and a cardinal sin!

Ling Chen and Ling Tian had been together for 10 years already and their chemistry came from deep within their bones. With a single instruction from Ling Tian to dress up well, Ling Chen had already understood Ling Tian’s true purpose. He wanted to use her own beauty to completely destroy the pride of the little princess from the Yu family which was accumulated over the years by growing up in an aristocratic family.

Ling Tian liked a proud woman. But, the condition must be that they cannot be proud in front of him. Now, Ling Chen was just like a fairy who was untainted by the secular realm. She only had a single accessory, the jade hairpin. But, it increased her eye catching beauty even further! Yu BingYan and Wei XuanXuan both felt that if there was even one more accessory on her, it would spoil her untainted beauty instead!

As graceful as a celestial! As elegant as a fairy!

There is actually such a beautiful lady in this world!

Both the ladies could not help but be stunned from deep within their hearts! At this moment, Wei XuanXuan, who always had great self confidence could not help but feel a sense of inferiority.

At this moment, Ling Tian’s sensitive senses felt that the aura locked onto him had a violent fluctuation! It was obvious that this mysterious expert was also stunned by Ling Chen’s breathtaking beauty!

"This is…" After finally snapping out of their daze, the both of them asked.

Ling Tian then replied indifferently, "Oh, her? She is my personal maidservant called Ling Chen. She is a lass who does not know anything."


Both the ladies felt speechless at that moment; such a beautiful lady being described as a lass who does not know anything! He is really tarnishing this beauty, spoiling such a beautiful scene.

Ling Chen then stepped up calmly as she took a half kneel, "Ling Chen pays her respect to the young noble and two ladies." Her voice was also sweet-sounding and pleasant to the ears.

Both the ladies stretched out their hands simultaneously and helped her up as they said with empathy, "Miss need not be so polite."

Ling Tian then laughed, "Ladies, this way please…" As he walked passed Ling Chen, he gave her a look of praise. As Ling Chen saw that, a trace of delight could be seen in her eyes.