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Chapter 102: Yu Family Head

Chapter 102: Yu Family Head

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In the north, the Yu Family, Moon Climbing Star Picking Tower.

The family head of the Yu family, Yu ManLou, sat by the window and looked at the clouds drifting in the air with a pair of distant eyes.

"...three more years… three years! Three years later, just what would the situation be like?" Yu ManLou was filled with worry as he took a long sigh.

Behind him, a middle aged man dressed in white stood there silently without saying anything. After hearing those words, his body trembled slightly, revealing a complicated gaze.

Yu ManLou turned back and looked at him gently, "How is BingYan?"

The middle aged man’s eyes turned dull as he said, "She should be roaming around the Sky Bearing Empire now. This lass, haiz!" He ended his sentence with a deep sigh.

Yu ManLou looked as though he was thinking about something and laughed, "Sky Bearing Empire? Mmm, good choice! When she went out back then, I recommended her to go to the Sky Bearing Empire. Today, she is indeed there. Good, good, good! Haha…" After saying three consecutive ‘good’, he let out a wave of laughter.

That white dressed middle aged man asked with doubt, "Up until now, I have not understood why elder brother wants BingYan to go to the Sky Bearing Empire."

Yu ManLou’s eyes flashed as he laughed, "Haha, you will know eventually."

The white dressed middle aged man replied, "Yes." In front of this elder brother who he trusted since young, the middle aged man would not ask any questions. He knew that his elder brother definitely had a reasoning for everything he does. The only thing he had to do was to obey.

The sound of flapping wings then sounded from afar and a white figure dived down from the sky, flying into the tower and perching itself on the shoulders of the middle aged man. This was a snow white messenger pigeon, rubbing its face on the clothes of the middle aged man, making them look extremely close to each other.

The middle aged man laughed and took down a slim bamboo container from the legs of the pigeon. From within it, he retrieved a delicately folded piece of paper and opened it up.

As he looked through it, his face changed and looked up, "Elder brother, Water of Heavenly Wind sent someone to the Sky Bearing Empire! They even fought BingYan! Xue Leng requested for us to provide additional protection for BingYan. Elder brother, should I make a trip there?"

Yu ManLou frowned and began to read the piece of paper as well. But after reading the piece of paper, he relaxed, "Don’t need to be so nervous, BingYan is fine. With the stubborn brain of that old fellow in the Heavenly Wind, he would never send anyone to the Heavenly Star. This matter is definitely unrelated to the Heavenly Wind." He then revealed a mysterious smile and said calmly, "This matter is related to someone else.

The middle aged man was taken aback for a moment as he asked, "How did elder brother determine that?"

Yu ManLou laughed, "In the Sky Bearing Empire, there is an extraordinary talent who cannot be fathomed! I only found out about his existence two years ago. I have once sent someone to investigate him. In the end, the results were very interesting! Hahaha…"

"Extraordinary talent? Interesting? Who is he?"  There was actually an extraordinary talent in the Sky Bearing Empire that can allow his own elder brother to have high expectations of? This was the first time the middle aged man heard his elder brother speak with such a tone and could not help but be curious.

Who was Yu ManLou? He was the family head of the number one martial aristocratic family! With his martial arts reaching perfection and a large amount of strength within his grasp, even if they were to mention Water of Heavenly Wind, Yu ManLou would only just pay a little more attention to them! But now, there was actually someone who Yu ManLou thought highly of! The middle aged man was just too curious.

"This person," Yu ManLou said with consideration, "I have sent men to investigate him for two years already. But, every report that comes back would be different and with stark contrast. His actions are always unexpected and completely wild. However, his schemes run deep and he plans extremely far ahead. He is definitely a rare person in the world today! If this was the only case, it would not be worth for me to pay much attention to him. But the problem is, after sending the Nineteen Flying Eagles, they are still unable to fully evaluate him after two years!"

The middle aged man’s face changed! There is actually someone like this in the world? "Who is this person?"

Yu ManLou responded with a strange expression as he said slowly, "Ling Tian."

"Ling Tian? That infamous number one silkpants in the Sky Bearing Empire?" The middle aged man asked with shock and disbelief.

"Silkpants? Hahaha… if he is the number one silkpants, then all of the so-called elites of our Yu family are nothing but trash! Do you know how his name as silkpants came about?" Yu ManLou gave a grunt.

Yu ManTang rubbed his head in difficulty, "How did his name as silkpants come about? How else can it come about?"

"Hmph! Pighead! Do you really think I am so free to observe a silkpants thousands of miles away?! Let me tell you, Ling Tian’s name as silkpants is fabricated by the number one gang in the Sky Bearing Empire, the Violent Wind Gang. After the investigations of the Nineteen Flying Eagles, I found out that the person behind the Violent Wind Gang was Ling Tian! No wonder the rumours of him spread all over so quickly. All of it was just a plan of his and he played along with them."

"This…" Yu ManTang became confused, "then didn’t he fabricate himself? Destroy his own reputation?"

"That’s right, that’s indeed the case!" Yu ManLou’s eyes flashed with an investigative light, "This child is so young and yet able to fool everyone in the world! But, these little tricks of his are unable to fool me!" His words were filled with anger. Before he knew about Ling Tian, he indeed did not place Ling Tian in his sights at all. In other words, at that time, he was also nothing but a fool in Ling Tian’s eyes!

"The most frightening part is that after two years of investigation, I was only able to find out that the Violent Wind Gang is his, the military workshop of the Xiao family is also under his control and the Ling Family Courtyard has an extremely powerful private army with about 20,000 troops. As for the rest, we are completely clueless! All of these are only his strength on the surface! With his wit, how is it possible for him to display all of his might for the world to see? In other words, the only ones in this world who know his true trump cards are his trusted aides!" Yu ManLou said with excitement! This was excitement from meeting a match. He had finally realized that he was actually not lonely at the peak of this world!

"Elder brother, it seems that Ling Tian is less than 20 years old still. How can it be possible for someone so young to be as how you described? Did elder brother exaggerate a little?" Yu ManTang asked with hesitation.

"I definitely did not exaggerate! In fact, I underestimated him greatly!" Yu ManLou said with confidence, "This person is the number one genius I have met in my life! Thus, I wanted BingYan to go to the Sky Bearing Empire this time! As long as BingYan reaches the Sky Bearing Empire, he will definitely find out about it and will also approach her for sure. I do not need BingYan to do anything. I only want to know how he treats my Yu family!"

"But, I never expected him to test us! Hahaha… if not for that, I would not have known that he actually has such an expert under him!" Yu ManLou laughed with satisfaction. For the first time, he felt as though he was having the upper hand in this hidden battle.

The two of them had never met before but already considered the other party as an opponent. While they did not know that they were plotting against each other, they both decided to test each other at the same time. Two people who had never met before had achieved such a chemistry unknowingly. The same actions, the same measures, the same concealments, and the same pride! If they both knew about it, they would be shocked for sure!

But now, both of them thought that the other party did not know about their own existence. Both of them also felt that they had touched upon the trump card of the other party and was secretly in delight…