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Chapter 103: Ling Jian“s News

Chapter 103: Ling Jian's News

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After considering for a moment, Yu ManLou issued an order, "Inform BingYan to not be in a rush to return. She can enjoy exploring for a while longer. Hehe…"

As Yu ManTang heard that, he could not help but hesitate. After all, he cared for his daughter as a father. For his daughter to face such a powerful opponent on his own homeground, how was it possible for him to not be worried?

Yu ManLou then looked at him calmly, "If it was me, do you think I will deal with a young lass who does not pose any threat?"

Yu ManTang replied without even thinking, "Of course not!"

Yu ManLou then laughed, "Then, he won’t either!" His words were filled with confidence and respect for an opponent!

"But three years later, BingYan…" Yu ManTang’s words trailed off.

Yu ManLou also grew serious, "You do not need to mention this again! This is BingYan’s fate! It cannot be changed!" After giving a long sigh, he comforted, "Second brother, I understand what you mean. As long as there is another female disciple in the family, I will definitely not let BingYan face that matter. But in BingYan’s generation, she is the only female direct descendant! This matter can be said to be the will of the heavens! BingYan has sickness on her and my Yu family also feels that we owe her too much, doting on her as much as we can. Thankfully, this child is also extremely sensible, making everyone dote on her even more."

As he said that, Yu ManLou smiled affectionately as though the niece whom he doted on was right in front of his eyes. Following which, his face became serious as his tone turned solemn, "But! When it is time for her to sacrifice for the family, she will have to stand out without hesitation as a disciple of the Yu Family! This matter is something that would never change no matter who she is! The interests of the family and thousand year tradition is always the most important!"

"Water of Heavenly Wind had already chosen their representative. I heard that this lady is already very capable. If this is the case, there isn’t a need to guess what the outcome will be three years later." Yu ManTang said with a gloomy expression.

Yu ManLou let out a long breath as he comforted, "BingYan is born with Heavenly Negative Locked Meridians. Even without that matter three years later, she will not be able to last for more than five years. Second brother, you cannot hold onto things too tightly. When it is time to let go, no matter how precious it is, you have to let go! If you are unable to do that, you will never be able to be a proper leader!"

Yu ManTang’s eyes were both reddened as he stood there emotionlessly. All of a sudden, he felt as though the spring wind was extremely desolate!

Yu ManLou then sighed again and changed the topic, "Are ShaoQiu and the few of them still hooked onto that matter?"

Yu ManTang just recovered from his daze and did not have time to consider his answer, "Mmm, it seems as though their actions are getting larger." The moment he said that, he snapped into realization about what he just said and could not help but break out in cold sweat!

Yu ManLou coldly snorted as his face turned chilly. With a resolute light in his eyes, he said, "If there isn't a way to control them, we can only give up!"

Yu ManTang’s face changed colors, "Elder brother, give it more consideration! ShaoQiu is your biological son!"

Yu ManLou’s face turned chilly, "No matter what his status is, he will have to pay the price if he does certain things! So what if he is my son? The thousand years of legacy handed down from our ancestors must not be ruined in my hands! Since he had done it, he must be prepared! ManTang, you must not inform them about anything. Since they have the ambitions, we cannot close an eye for them. These are things which we will have to do eventually; a moment of soft heartedness now can be the cause of the destruction of our family in future! You must remember that!" With a wave of his sleeves, Yu ManLou suddenly disappeared. It was as though he was never on this Moon Climbing Star Picking Tower!

Yu ManTang then let out a long sigh, "Elder brother has great foresight and is resolute in his actions. He is definitely a top notch character in the world today. It is just that his heart is a little too hard."

His thoughts could not help but drift onto his own daughter. Thinking about his daughter’s illness and his daughter’s fate, he could not help but feel bitterness. He looked towards the clouds, staring towards the south as he lamented, "BingYan, my daughter. Your life is really so bitter!"

In the dense forest, a wave of blood light rushed towards the skies.

A few bodies had already lay on the floor in contorted positions. However, they all still had a breath, panting heavily as they longer had any hope of survival in their eyes. Instead, their eyes were filled with a longing to die a swift death!

On their bodies, there was no longer be a piece of complete meat! Even a piece the size of a copper coin could not be seen.

From the side, it cannot be seen just how many bodies there were. They all lay there bloodied and without a single strand of hair on them. All of them were actually skinned alive! However, their chests were still rising and falling with a weak breath. Beside them, there were a few holes being dug with layers of human skin within them! The way it looked, they were first buried into the earth, tamping them down with layers of earth. Then, an opening was made on their heads, pouring mercury into it…

Facing this cruel and gruesome scene, a cold-faced young man dressed in black leaned against a tree leisurely with a few pieces of written confessions written by blood in his hands. His eyes were focused as he compared all of the confessions, as though he was trying to verify something. If one were to look closely, they would be able to see that on those confessions, different names were written in blood!

A short while later, that black dressed young man smirked as he mumbled, "It is completely the same; it seems that these fellows are not lying. I have finally finished young noble’s mission!" After letting out a heave of relief, he looked towards the contorted corpses on the ground. His eyes were cold, as though he was staring at pigs which were already slaughtered and had no feelings.

His dismal voice then sounded, "Very good! You guys did not lie to me indeed! Now, I will keep to my word and send all of you on your way! Let me give you guys an advice, remember to be a loyal person in your next life. If you become a traitor again like this life of yours, your outcome will probably be the same!"

Killing intent then exploded from his eyes and with a ‘shiiiiing’, a long sword was drawn. The black dressed man then walked forward slowly like a reaper of death, walking towards those barely breathing bodies. For those of them who still had eyes, not a hint of hatred or fear could be seen. Instead, they were filled with a look of liberation! Death, can actually be an extravagant dream for someone living in torture!

A cold voice then sounded, "After arriving in hell, remember the name of the person who killed you! I am called Ling Jian!" His long sword brandished…

A short while later, Ling Jian’s figure darted out from the forest and rode onto the back of a green bristled horse. With a wave of his sword, the rope which was tied to the tree was severed. Following the loud neigh of the horse and the sound of hooves rang out, kicking up a cloud of dust…

"After half a month of hard work, I finally obtained the name list which young noble wants!" Ling Jian thought to himself, "However, I am already a few days late from the stipulated time…" He could not help but grow nervous in his heart, "It seems that I am going to be punished by young noble when I return again…"

As he thought about that, a bitter smile hung from the corner of his lips. However, a look of zeal filled his eyes! Ling Jian was extremely clear that every time his young noble taught him a lesson, it was extremely useful for increasing his strength! His heart was full of expectations! "I am a sword for the young noble! His only sword!" Ling Jian thought to himself with pride!

Apart from I, Ling Jian, who else can be the sword for my young noble?!

For the ambitions of my young noble, I, Ling Jian, can kill everyone in the world! Who cares if I go to hell?! It is just a cycle of reincarnation!

He travelled for a long time tirelessly!

In the front, there was a clear river flowing calmly outside the Sky Bearing Empire! By the side of the river, the willow trees stood tall and proud. The grass swayed gently in the winds and birds sang beautifully. On the opposite, a majestic building stood up, proud and tall!

Ling Family Courtyard!

Ling Jian’s straightened back on the horse relaxed slightly. On his chilly face and sharp eyes, a trace of warmth was also revealed.

Here, is my young noble, brothers, hopes and dreams. For their safety, for the ambitions of my young noble, I, Ling Jian, am willing to be a bloodthirsty murderer!