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Chapter 104: Affection, a Bitter Lotus

Chapter 104: Affection, a Bitter Lotus

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These few days felt like the happiest days Yu BingYan had ever been through, with him by her side.

After that bawling session, both of them suddenly felt a lot closer to each other. This was especially true for Yu BingYan. Whenever she came to the Ling Mansion, she loved to annoy Ling Tian with silly matters. A light laughter would be heard coming from her every now and then. It was as though her ten odd years of despair, pressure, loneliness and grief would be washed away whenever she was by his side.

Happiness welled up from deep inside her heart. Even for those protectors who had watched her grow up, this was the first time they witnessed something like this! All of them could not help but feel a pain in their hearts: Poor princess, she should be someone who had the right to enjoy all of these, more than anyone else in the world. Yet, the heaven makes fools of men; she was destined to lead a life of sorrow the moment she was born!

Ling Tian understood deep down that Yu BingYan knew her days were numbered. So, she took every single chance she had with him seriously. As such, he showered her with even more tenderness and affection.

These few days, Yu BingYan did not remove the face concealing powder that she wore. Ling Tian also seemed to have forgotten completely about it. In both their hearts, the mental connection they shared was more important; as for external looks, they were secondary. If any party were to talk about it, it would make them seem shallow.

Currently, Yu BingYan was wielding onto a brush as the corners of her mouth were curled up in a slight smile, displaying the joy in her heart. Her eyes were filled with an immense satisfaction as she attempted to replicate one of Ling Tian’s artwork in his study. With her head bowed, she seemed to be fully engrossed. But every time she lifted her head up to glance at his artwork, her eyes carried hints of bashfulness and tenderness. It seemed as though this girl had turned silly with love and emotions.

The door was opened gently and Ling Tian, clad in a white robe, drifted over elegantly. In his hands was a small bowl of porridge and he smiled gently as he spoke, "Lass, put down the brush and come and eat the porridge first."

Yu BingYan uttered a sound of joy, jumping up as she said, "Hehe… Tian'ge is so nice. Heehee… ouch, it’s hot. Eh? Where’s Sister Ling Chen?" [1]

"Hot? This bowl is about to freeze, and you still say it’s hot? Quickly eat it all, playing these little tricks with me are of no use," Ling Tian reproached laughingly, "Chen’er is out running some errands for me and she’ll be back soon. Don’t change the topic, hurry and eat it all."

With a light ‘Mmm’ sound, she began to eat the porridge in small mouthfuls. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something. Raising her head to look at Ling Tian with her sparkling eyes, she asked, "Tian'ge, speak the truth. Do you feel uncomfortable looking at this black face of mine day all day?"

"You silly lass!" Ling Tian guffawed and pinched her smooth face as he replied, "Is that important? In any case, I have long known that this isn't your true appearance. But since my little sister refuses to let me see her face, I can’t do anything about it!"

Yu BingYan’s eyes lit up at that sentence. "Is that true? Yan’er also would actually like to let Tian'ge see my true face, but Yan’er is worried…." As she spoke, her voice gradually grew softer and softer, and her expression grew dim. She thought to herself, "Silly brother, I’m afraid that you will not be able to let me go of me at that time. In the event that my disease cannot be cured, or I can’t survive what comes after, at least your heart will only have my ugly face and you won’t feel so sad. Yan’er really does not want you to be sad over me. If it really comes to pass, I hope that you can live happily, have a lovable wife, enjoy riches and glory, without thinking of me, ever!"

However, Ling Tian laughed out loudly, "I know what you’re thinking of. Rest assured, Yan’er is Ling Tian’s little sister and I’ll definitely save you! There must be a way to do it. In this world, there’s a type of phenomenon, we call it ‘miracle’! Yan’er, I will make this miracle happen on you." He silently added in his heart, "I won’t let you die just like that. Definitely not!"

Three days earlier, Ling Tian had already given the order: Use all your resources, I do not care what methods, I want everyone to begin collecting spiritual medicines! Ginseng, snow lotus, Lingzhi, vermillion fruits… as long as they contain spiritual energies, I want them all!

Ling Tian remembered how he was appointed by his family, in his past life, to steal the recipe for the Great Cyclic Pellet from the Shaolin Monastery. This was originally a death sentence and Ling Tian had to lay in ambush at the roof of the pill refining pavilion for three days and nights, without even twitching in the heavy snow, before finally managing to pull it off. As such, because of that mission’s difficulty, as well as the fact that he almost froze his butt off, the recipe was firmly engraved in his mind and brought over to this life of his!

If not for Yu BingYan’s illness jolting his memory, Ling Tian probably wouldn't have thought about the Great Cyclic Pellet. The moment he had heard of her Divine Black Negative Meridians, he suddenly thought of this plan to concoct the Great Cyclic Pellet.

While the Great Cyclic Pellet might not be able to open up her Divine Black Negative Meridians, the tyrannical medicinal efficacy would be able to alleviate Yu BingYan’s condition temporarily. This would prevent her from passing away at the age of twenty. Right now, time was something which Ling Tian needed the most. As long as he had enough time, he had the confidence that he could cultivate his Divine Shocking Dragon Formula to an apex in which none had ever seen! At that time, there was hope for Yu BingYan to be cured completely!

In addition, though the Great Cyclic Pellet would only serve as a method to alleviate Yu BingYan’s condition, to Ling Jian, Ling Chen and the rest, it was a treasure in which one could chance upon but not search for! Under Ling Tian’s hands, though the pellet produced might not have be as heaven defying as the original produced by the Shaolin Monastery of increasing ten years' worth of cultivation, it would not be a far shot to increase their cultivation by three to five years. This increase of three to five years' worth of cultivation would allow those cold blooded killers to grow to a terrifying state of power!

Never, in Ling Tian’s dreams, did he expect that the death sentence handed out by the direct descent of his family in his previous life to be the capital for him to rely on in this world! From this, one could see that life was indeed whimsical at times.

Today, Ling Chen had secretly slipped out the moment at dawn, heading to the Ling Family Courtyard to receive the first batch of medical herbs.

Ling Tian cradled Yu BingYan in his bosom gently, his chin rubbing on her smooth hair as he whispered softly, "Little Sister, believe in me! I will treat your illness!"

Yu BingYan pulled her face to Ling Tian’s chest. She nodded her head hard as her eyes begin to fill with tears. In an instant, Ling Tian felt a coolness coming from his chest. Tian'ge, you must know that even if you treat my illness successfully, I’ll still have to attend the Sixty Year Challenge of Three Generations. I am destined to never have the fortune of staying by your side forever…

As Ling Tian hugged her supple body, his inner self raged and his eyes hardened, "Anyone that I, Ling Tian, acknowledges, nobody can take them from me! Not even the heavens! Because I am Ling Tian and I can definitely rule the heavens!

[1]: Tian'ge refers to elder brother Tian, being an affectionate way for Yu BingYan to address Ling Tian.