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Chapter 105: Marvelous Acting

Chapter 105: Marvelous Acting

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After Yu BingYan was tired from crying, she curled up in Ling Tian’s embrace, sleeping soundly like an obedient kitten.

The sound of light footsteps sounded and Ling Tian placed Yu BingYan down on the bed gently, covering a blanket over her. He then looked at her closed eyes with tears still present at the tip of her eye lashes. After a while, Ling Tian walked out.

Outside the door, a skinny black dressed man was already standing there quietly. His body was straight, with a pale and chilly face.

Ling Tian smiled, "XueLeng, why aren’t you coming in? Are you not afraid that I will harm your little princess? Are you so confident in me? Mmm?"

The person outside the door was the mysterious man who had always been protecting Yu BingYan, XueLeng, who was an expert in the Yu family. He then replied coldly, "You will not harm the little princess, I know that!"

"Oh? You’re so sure about that?" Ling Tian looked at him teasingly as he thought to himself, "While this fellow seems like a blockhead, he isn’t a fool either."

XueLeng then looked directly into Ling Tian’s eyes and said, "While you definitely will not harm the little princess, I know that you will kill me without hesitation the moment you have the chance!"

Ling Tian burst out into laughter, "Kill you? I can kill you with a brush?" At the same time, he was startled in his heart, "This fellow is really so sensitive! Did he realize something?"

XueLeng stared at him unblinkingly, looking at the look of disbelief and innocence plastered over Ling Tian’s face. A while later, XueLeng averted his gaze from Ling Tian, "Forget it, I only wish that I can send the little princess back to the Yu family safe and sound. Your Sky Bearing Empire and Ling Mansion is too dangerous!"

Ling Tian nodded his head in agreement, "You are right, I will transfer more guards over. Mmm, if that isn’t enough, I will hire all the armed escort companies in the Sky Bearing Empire. Those people are all experts in the pugilistic world! They will definitely be able to ensure the safety of the little princess!"

XueLeng was completely speechless.

He was just unable to figure anything out about this young man. Whenever Ling Tian lied, he would do so calmly and without a trace, making it seem as though everything was from the bottom of his heart. This made XueLeng extremely helpless. Thus, XueLeng replied with displeasure, "Do whatever you wish, I will always be by the little princess' side. You'd better take care of your own safety. It is not your turn to bother about the little princess’ safety." In the end, he still let go of his doubts.

When he first saw Ling Tian, he felt that Ling Tian’s body size was a little familiar. However, he would never believe that this number one silkpants was a martial arts expert! Only until he saw Ling Chen and Ling Tian stand together did he begin to have his suspicions.

The past few days, he had tried to silently investigate plenty of times. However, this young man would always be a little evil and frivolous. As for the young lady, she was naive and lively, not bothering about worldly affairs! Slowly, he even began to doubt his own judgement. In the end, he decided not to remain in hiding and step out openly instead. After a few frontal probing, he still had no results at all. He felt that this young man in front of him was just like a slippery loach, making him feel completely helpless. Today, he had finally confirmed that this fellow was only a scholarly aristocratic young noble. Apart from the few words of poetry and strokes of painting, he did not have any other abilities!

XueLeng began to lament in his heart, "Just how did this weak fellow attract the liking of our little princess?! If the family head finds out about this matter, he will definitely skin me alive!" He sighed with frustration. After hearing the even breathing of the little princess, his body flashed and he disappeared into the darkness again.

Ling Chen’s giggles then sounded. Ever since XueLeng followed Yu BingYan into the Ling Mansion, Ling Chen acted like a cheerful lass without any worries in the world, as opposed to her usual cold demeanor, under Ling Tian’s command.

After following Ling Tian for so many years and acting alongside him, Ling Chen’s acting skills was extremely well trained under Ling Tian. If she were to be placed in the modern day generation, she would definitely be someone like Zhang ZiYi and Liu YiFei. [1]

Behind Ling Chen, there was a black dressed young man who seemed a little too stiff. A sharp face with distinct body shape. Every single action he took seemed to be rhythmic. Like a hunter out searching for prey, he was emanating a vicious aura.

When the black dressed young man entered the courtyard, XueLeng — who was hiding in the shadows — felt that his heart suddenly sped up. A dangerous feeling overwhelmed him as his hair began to stand! Suddenly, he was reminded of the feeling he felt when he was walking in the cemetery at night! That was a feeling of death!

The young man was holding a few boxes in his head. After walking past XueLeng’s hiding place, his eyes did not turn and pace remained unchanged. Even his breathing was also kept the same, as though he did not know that there was someone like XueLeng hiding in the dark.

Ling Tian then walked out from the room calmly. After seeing that black dressed young man, he displayed an exaggerated expression, "Little Jian Jian?? Oh? Since when did you return? Did you miss this young noble?!" Ling Tian's voice made XueLeng’s hair stand as he cringed from the gentle tone. At the same time, he thought to himself, "Don’t tell me this darn silkpants is actually a homosexual?" After thinking about that, he realized that it was probably a better thing if Ling Tian was a homosexual. After all, the little princess would be in no danger if that was the case.

The face of the black dressed young man, who had his back facing XueLeng, contorted oddly and formed an odd expression. The look of zeal which he had in his eyes were already completely gone. Replacing them were eyes wide as saucers as though his eyes was about to pop out at any time. Only after Ling Chen glared at him did he snap out of that with cold sweat all over his forehead.

This black dressed young man was Ling Jian.

XueLeng, who was in the shadows, began to ponder, "Little Jian Jian? While it sounds a little disturbing, this name suggests that he is a servant in the Ling family, right? He is probably the study attendant or bedside companion of this silkpants. But why does he give me such a dangerous feeling? It must definitely be a misperception. How is it possible for a young man like him to emanate such killing intent?"

With a face full of smile, Ling Tian wrapped his arms over that 'Little Jian Jian’s' shoulders and brought him into the room. Only then did he ask, "How's the harvest?" This question was naturally posed to Ling Jian.

Ling Jian’s face finally turned back to normal as he stood up straight respectfully. He then took out a bundle of paper and handed it over, "I did not disappoint you. Young noble, I have investigated it all."

Ling Tian unfolded the paper and looked through it with a smile. After looking through the contents, he placed it on the table and looked towards Ling Jian with a smile, "Ling Jian, I have not seen you for a few days only and you have changed your habits already? This was actually written with ink? You’ve learnt to be gentle? This doesn’t seem like you!"

Ling Jian coughed awkwardly and laughed dryly, "Young noble knows me the best. The confession statements which they had written were all in blood. It is still a little bloody after all and I am afraid that young noble may be uncomfortable with seeing it. So, I made a copy of it. It isn’t very troublesome anyway. Hehe…"

Ling Tian then tilted his head and said, "While your young noble has not seen as much blood as you in my life, I have still seen plenty. Are you afraid that I am disgusted? You are probably afraid that Ling Chen will seek trouble with you after seeing it right? Afraid that I will be uncomfortable? What a lousy excuse!"

Ling Jian nodded his head sorrowfully and said, "The lass Chen’er, I am indeed afraid."

Ling Chen began to glare at him, "Little Jian Jian, what do you mean? This young lady haven’t seen blood before? I’ve seen it three times already!"

Ling Jian retorted, "You did see it before three times. First time, you fainted. Second time, you fainted again. Third time, you did not faint. Lass Chen, I remember that I chopped off a person’s arm that time and was stained with flesh and blood. Who was it who puked after witnessing that and even took a metal rod to beat me up? You still didn’t allow me to dodge the rod! After seeing a ghost, of course I would be afraid of the dark!"

Chen’er’s face turned red as she said, "What are you talking about, who is the ghost? Are you seeking to be beaten up!" At the same time, she shot a glance at Ling Tian and immediately reminded about how she puked all over Ling Tian the other time. At that moment, she felt a wave of shame and sweetness in her heart.

Ling Tian burst out into laughter as he looked at the piece of paper, "It is indeed as I have expected. Ling Kong is indeed an orphan which my grandfather picked up and does not have any background. Even if we were to give him the Ling family, can he handle it? Indeed so! Yang family, NanGong family… hahahaha. I have always found it strange that our Ling family was able to contend for the number one family in the Sky Bearing Empire with our strength. So… it was Yang KongQun, that old bastard, who is treating us as his own puppet! That old bastard really planned so far ahead, planting a secret pawn in our family so far ahead! But for the NanGong family to participate in this matter, it is a little strange." As he said that, he looked towards Ling Jian with a questioning look.

Ling Jian then replied, "According to what I know, the person who contacted the NanGong family is different from the one contacting the Yang family. Furthermore, they both do not know about the existence of the other party. This subordinate think that the NanGong and Yang family are both trying to stick their leg into this matter but are not colluding with each other."

Ling Tian responded with a ‘Mmm’ before asking, "That’s right. If that’s the case, how will you deal with this matter?"

Ling Jian thought for a moment before replying, "This subordinate humbly thinks that Ling Kong is nothing but a clown. Now that he is already in our grasp, he will never be able to escape. While the Yang family is always at odds with us, without them, our Ling family will become the target for the imperial family to exterminate. Thus, we can just warn the Yang family a little. As for the NanGong family, since they have such an ambition, they should receive our vengeance! This subordinate think that we should wipe out their whole family!"

As Ling Jian said to ‘wipe out their whole family’, his face was still calm as though it was nothing at all.

[1]: Zhang ZiYi and Liu YiFei are famous Chinese actresses.