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Chapter 107: Driving a Wedge

Chapter 107: Driving a Wedge

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After Ling Jian heard Ling Tian’s analysis, his face changed and he broke out in perspiration.

"I have a third question to ask you!" Ling Tian asked for the third time.

Ling Jian was first stunned before replying, "Young noble, please ask!"

"What do you think about Ling Kong and his son!" Ling Tian said.

Ling Jian was first stunned before answering, "Ling Kong and Ling Zhen are both despicable and malicious. But, they are also extremely scheming. Especially that Ling Kong, giving it his all in the affairs of the Ling family, winning the approval of everyone in the Ling family. That Ling Zhen is even more amazing, actually hiding from the sharp eyes of Old Madam Ling and acquiring her liking. Old Madam Ling even kept him by her side to groom him personally. In the Ling family presently, everyone believes that this child has a bright future, with many people cozying up to him. That Ling Zhen is also extremely tactful, expressing his intentions to aid young noble in front of others. This is already a story which has spread across the Ling family, earning him the praise of everyone in the family. He also gained the favor of Grand Sire and Sir. Thus, Ling Jian thinks that this father and son pair are hypocritical, malicious and scheming. If they are not gotten rid of quickly, they will become a big problem for young noble eventually!"

"You are wrong again!" Ling Tian said with disappointment.

"I’m wrong again? Don’t tell me Ling Kong and his son don't stand out at all?!" Ling Jian asked with astonishment.

"That’s not the case, this father and son pair hides a knife under their smile and are extremely scheming. Being able to hide everything perfectly from the world shows that they are indeed talents with their own merit. You are not wrong about this!" Ling Tian smiled. In Ling Jian’s and Ling Chen’s eyes, they felt that the young noble’s smile was filled with ridicule at this moment. They could not help but look at each other, puzzled about the young noble’s expression.

"Then… why does young noble say that I’m wrong?" Ling Jian asked with doubt.

"You are wrong about another person!" Ling Tian said solemnly.

"Someone else?! Ling Jian is ignorant and hopes the young noble will educate me!" Ling Jian bowed in doubt. Is there another extraordinary character in the Ling family apart from the young noble?

"You are wrong about two people. First, the head of the Yang family, Yang KongQun. From our previous conversation, you should already know that Ling Kong is a chess piece which the Yang family planted in the Ling family. Yang KongQun had already been planning this for over 20 years. At that time, Yang KongQun was already aware that his own influence was too huge but yet did not have the strength to usurp the throne. Afraid that the Emperor will deal with him, he sent his daughter into the palace as a mean of seeking peace and displaying that he did not have malicious intents, winning him a few years of breathing space.

Then, he purposefully allowed our Ling family to grow and aid us in becoming a powerhouse comparable to the Yang family, allowing balance for his self protection. However, our Ling family had always been the number one opponent of the Yang family. While he wasn't afraid of us, he would definitely guard against us, afraid that we will grow to a point he cannot control. Thus, he made a secret ‘Ling Kong’ plan. He turned Ling Kong into an orphan to obtain the pity of my grandfather, becoming a godson!

Yang KongQun’s plan was to make Ling Kong the new family head of the Ling family. Since he would be able to control this puppet family head, the Ling family will be in his complete control to maintain the balance of the three powers. If this old fellow is really successful, he will be able to retreat and advance. Once the time is ripe, he can usurp the throne. This would ensure that his Yang family wouldn’t be taken over by the imperial family and he would always have an avenue of retreat! This old thing really has great foresight and laid down a frightening plan. His wit is really to be praised!"

After hearing Ling Tian expose the many plans of Yang KongQun, Ling Jian and Ling Chen were startled! After thinking carefully about the many things which happened in the past few years, they felt that what Ling Tian said had really made sense!

"Young noble is right, Ling Jian is convinced. Can I ask who the other person is?" Ling Jian asked with sincerity.

"The other person is my grandmother. Grandmother is old and sharp, running the huge operations of our Ling family for decades. Her wisdom and shrewdness is exceptional. She had already seen though Ling Kong’s plan a long time ago. Thus, she took the initiative to keep Ling Zhen by her side. While she says that she is nurturing him, she is actually keeping an eye on him. It was also akin to having a hostage! The more amazing thing is that grandmother would intentionally reveal some fake news to that little thief, thus misleading all of Ling Kong’s plan. She had played a fool of the old fox Ling Kong. The way she was so precise with her actions makes one astounded. The shrewdness of grandmother does not lose out to that old man Yang at all. These two fellows are really old people without…" Knowing that he said something he should not have, he quickly stopped there.

Ling Chen and Ling Jian were both in consideration, mumbling to themselves for a moment. Shortly after, Ling Jian raised his head with viciousness in his eyes, "Young noble, since we cannot touch the NanGong family and Yang family, why not we just get rid of Ling Kong and his son!"

"Definitely not!" Ling Tian rejected without hesitation, "We had already allowed Ling Kong to do what he wants for so many years just for a good opportunity. The opportunity is going to be ripe soon and we must definitely not alert him! The moment we take action, we must do it lightning fast, cleaning up all of his accomplices. Especially all of the spies which the Yang and NanGong family planted into our family, they must all be cleaned up! After this incident, we must make sure that the Ling family is completely clean! There must be no one in the Ling family with any malicious intents! We cannot allow anyone with malicious intents into our very bedside!"

Ling Chen then pouted unhappily, "We can’t touch the Yang family, can’t touch the NanGong family. We still can’t touch Ling Kong now… young noble, isn’t this too frustrating?"

"Hahaha, since when did I say that we cannot touch the Yang and NanGong family? These two families must be touched, and they must be greatly touched!" Ling Tian smiled.

Ling Jian and Ling Chen were both puzzled as though they didn’t know what was going on anymore, "Didn’t young noble say…"

Ling Tian sighed, "Two pig heads. I meant that we cannot touch them openly, I did not say that we cannot do so in secret. How can we let them off so easily? Hmph, do they really think it is so easy to take advantage of me? If they want to take advantage of me and retreat fully, it isn’t so easy!"

Ling Jian and Ling Chen lit up, "Please enlighten us."

Ling Tian narrowed his eyes with a sinister grin, "While we cannot move against them on the surface, we must collect some interest. Coincidentally, the young noble and miss of the NanGong family are here in the Sky Bearing Empire." Ling Tian thought for a moment before adding on with a cunning smile, "Ling Jian, if NanGong Le were to suddenly die in the Yang family and the NanGong family receives news that the Yang family was aware of their other plans, what do you think will happen?"

Ling Jian’s eyes lit up as he said, "The NanGong family will think that their own plots caused the death of their son. Both the families would definitely break out in dispute and may even fight each other. At that time, we can receive the benefits from that."

Ling Tian replied, "Mmm, that’s right. While the NanGong and Yang family will not turn against each other and fight immediately, the Yang family will still be responsible for not protecting NanGong Le properly. The doubts between both families would definitely grow. Even if it grows at the slowest rate, it will still delay their alliance! Investigate where NanGong Le and Yang Wei have been hanging around lately. Then, this matter will be handed over to you completely. Remember to do it cleanly and lay the trap nicely. Go and think about it yourself."

Ling Jian laughed, "Young noble’s plan is really flawless and ingenious."

"Ling Chen, send the medicine to my secret chamber." After investigating the medicine, Ling Tian nodded his head in satisfaction. Only a few more materials are required.