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Chapter 108: Actually Injured

Chapter 108: Actually Injured

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"Ling Chen, send the medicine to my secret chamber." After investigating the medicine, Ling Tian nodded his head in satisfaction. Only a few more materials were required.

"Young noble, the information has arrived. The three brothers of the Yang family had booked the third level of the Smoky Thea Tower for 10 consecutive days. They are really despicable." Ling Chen stroked an obedient hawk as she said.

"Mmm, okay." Under the rack of grapes in the courtyard, Ling Tian lay down on a bamboo chair and said with his eyes closed, "Come, help me rub my shoulders. I was angered by that pig head Ling Jian to the point my shoulders is aching."

Ling Chen giggled in response, "Young noble, this is the first time I heard someone’s shoulders ache from anger."

"Whose shoulders are aching?" A bright voice sounded and Yu BingYan walked out from the room. After a good rest, her mood was obviously much better.

"Oh… I was saying that there is a little pig sleeping in my room. She is snoring to the point my shoulders are aching." Ling Tian looked towards Yu BingYan who had just woken up. He purposefully acted like a lecher and wolf whistled, "You have a good figure, lass. Come, let this young noble hug you. Hahaha…"

"Annoying!" Yu BingYan stomped her feet bitterly. While her face wasn’t red due to her disguise, her neck and ears were bright red, looking like a carnelian gem under the sun, "Since when did I snore? I wouldn’t snore!"

"Ah? You can ask Ling Chen if you don’t believe me. You were snoring to the point the rack of grapes almost fell down. In fact, it was Ling Chen who went to support it. Am I right, Ling Chen?" Ling Tian winked at Ling Chen.

Ling Chen was already bursting out into laughter while holding on to her belly as she leaned onto the bamboo chair. With her sides aching from laughter, how was it possible for her to find the strength to answer Ling Tian.

"You! You… I’m going to bite you to death!" Yu BingYan brandished her nails and plunged towards Ling Tian. Before she even had the chance to bite him, that bamboo chair could no longer take the three of their weights. With a crumbling sound, it died of old age and the three of them hit the floor. While Ling Tian was able to avoid Yu BingYan, he was afraid that she would injure herself. However, he never imagined the bamboo chair to be so weak, crumbling into pieces in such a crucial time. With a sigh, Ling Tian used each of his arms to grab both the ladies in front of him as he became the meat cushion. After all, a man has got to take some responsibility.

But this responsibility will require him to pay a price at times…

"Bang!" "Aiyah!" "Ah!" Ling Chen’s and Yu BingYan’s forehead bumped into each other and they let out a shriek.

Yu BingYan rubbed her forehead and complained, "Sister Ling Chen, your head is so hard!" She then turned and looked at Ling Tian, "Your bones are injuring me. Why didn’t you eat some more to grow more meat!"

Ling Tian grimaced in pain as he said weakly, "Both of you ladies are going to squash me to death with your weight. My poor bum still has bamboo pieces underneath it."

Ling Chen and Yu BingYan exclaimed together, getting up from Ling Tian’s body as quickly as they could. Ling Chen was extremely agile and got up in any instant. As for Yu BingYan, she was a little weaker and could only sit up with difficulty after using Ling Tian’s body as support. Following which, Yu BingYan could hear sounds of hissing. As she turned to look, she saw Ling Tian’s face grimacing in pain with his face full of perspiration. She could not help but ask with shock, "Tian'ge, are you alright? Is it painful?"

Ling Tian grit his teeth and continued to say, "Please stand up quickly… I am going to die already… mother…"

Yu BingYan responded with a ‘oh’ anxiously as she exerted strength with both her strengths to push herself up. However, she heard Ling Tian give a grunt as both his eyes looked as though they were about to pop out. Only at this moment did Yu BingYan feel that there is something wrong with the feeling in her hands. Looking down, one of her hand was on Ling Tian’s ribs and the other in the middle of his legs. Furthermore, there seems to be something… strange… err...

"Ah!!" Yu BingYan sat there in a daze for a moment before realizing what she had grabbed. She let out a high pitched shriek as she quickly pushed herself up again. Following a cry of agony from Ling Tian, Yu BingYan covered her face which was burning red as she darted into a room like a rabbit chased by a wolf. Her neck, which was exposed out of her collars, was completely bright red.

Ling Tian was no longer acting anymore. Even if he had Xian Tian Inner Qi, his most sensitive part as a man was just as weak as every other man! This is without exception!

Furthermore, Ling Tian is still an extremely normal man. When both the ladies had ‘squashed’ him, Ling Tian had already felt uncomfortable and could not control his reaction. It was a normal reaction, and also a large reaction! When this reaction was large to a certain point, Yu BingYan had used that 'reaction' as her support, pressing down hard on it. It was just like a firm metal pole receiving a powerful impact. Ling Tian felt his body tremble as he almost fainted on the spot.

His whole body began to tremble as cold sweat filled his face. For the first time, Ling Tian slouched in weakness as he stood up like a curled up prawn with his face trembling. Ever since he came to this world, this was the first time he experienced a serious injury. Furthermore, it was right before he was going to… Ling Tian let out a long sigh and wanted to cry! It seems that he would take at least three days to have a full recovery…

There is a large price to pay for responsibility…

Ling Chen’s face was also bright red and her eyes were darting around, not daring to stare at Ling Tian’s eyes. She did not know where to place her hands as she fiddled her fingers anxiously. While she really wanted to take care of Ling Tian, Ling Chen just did not have that… Without experience, she could only watch by the side anxiously.

With a flash, XueLeng — who was in the shadows — appeared in front of Ling Tian, "Shiiiiing". A long sword was pulled out of its sheath and pointed at Ling Tian’s neck, making him feel goose bumps from the energy emanating from the sword. With a cold an enraged expression, XueLeng scolded, "Speak! What did you do to the little princess?!"

Afraid that the little princess would blame him for being too near and affecting her mood, together with the fact that the little princess was sleeping, XueLeng had hid himself in a place slightly further away. But as XueLeng heard that high pitched shriek from her, he was frightened to the point his heart stopped beating for a moment! He could not be bothered to conceal himself and sprinted over.

Ling Tian frowned with a slouched back, with one of his hands rubbing his crotch gently with a pathetic face. After hearing XueLeng’s rude words, he could not help but feel angered. If not for the fact that he was immobile presently, he would have definitely flew into a rage, "F**k! What can I do to your little princess? Go and ask what your little princess did to me! I also won’t be able to do anything for some time already!"

As XueLeng saw Ling Tian rubbing his crotch with a depressed face, he immediately knew that Ling Tian was injured in that sensitive spot. In that moment, he was filled with an urge to laugh and fly into a rage at the same time, "If you didn’t attempt to do something to the little princess, how would you be injured there?" As he said that, he regretted immediately. No matter the truth of that statement, the little princess’s reputation would be greatly affected if this were to be spread out. These words of his should not have been said!

Ling Tian slowly straightened his back as he limped slowly in front of XueLeng and whispered into his ears, "Not to mention the fact that I didn’t do anything, even if I wanted to do anything, I had plenty of opportunities to do it and not let you guys hear a thing in the past few days. Dumb donkey! Scram!" He pushed XueLeng’s sword away and shoved XueLeng to the side. XueLeng was dumbfounded on the spot as he thought, "He scolded me! He actually scolded me! How bold of him!"

Ever since XueLeng started practising martial arts, even Yu ManLou had not scolded him before. Now, a little brat actually scolded him so arrogantly! In that moment, he was angered silly and did not have a chance to react.

He did not notice that Ling Tian had already shoved him to the side, as anger brewed in his heart. A long while later, XueLeng roared, "Ling Tian! You &#(!@^#* dare to scold me? This daddy here will definitely teach you a lesson!" As he looked around, he realized that apart from the broken bamboo chair, the whole yard was empty. Even Ling Chen, who was standing there previously, had already disappeared.

XueLeng then thought again, "It seems that this fellow is really seriously injured. At least, the little princess will be safe in the short run. He could not help but be determined to send the little princess back to the Yu family. This silkpants Ling Tian just posed far too huge a threat for the little princess. What kind of a person is he… having such contact with the little princess in just a mere few days."

In the room, Ling Tian was lying in bed with a bitter expression. It seems like he had really received a serious injury. Even if he was an unparalleled expert, his inner Qi just wasn’t useful now! Yu BingYan and Ling Chen looked towards him as their shoulders trembled slightly every now and then, as though they were having great trouble holding in their laughter.

The sound of XueLeng’s roar sounded and Ling Tian gave a long sigh, "Poor fellow, I scolded him an hour ago and he only reacted now! He is just too… sensitive!"

"Hahaha…" The both of them could no longer hold back their laughter as they heard what Ling Tian said. The next moment, they laughed to the point tears began to roll out as they held onto the sides of their stomachs.

Ling Tian then whined, "Little sister, if this brother is going to be… you will have to take responsibility. This brother is counting on you." After stopping her laughter with great effort, she replied him with a ‘tsk’. However, her heart was filled with a sense of longing…