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Chapter 111: Mission Accomplished

Chapter 111: Mission Accomplished

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Ling Tian sat crossed-legged on the bed, entering into meditation as he cultivated.

The Divine Shocking Dragon Formula had a total of twelve layers. From the sixth layer on, stepping into the next level was as difficult as ascending to the heavens! Ling Tian understood the principle of ‘more haste, less speed’. If he wanted to forcefully advance, not only would his cultivation not take a step forward, it would create a large burden, or even damage, for his body! Only by maintaining a calm and carefree attitude would his cultivation improve. No matter how small the improvement was, it was still an improvement.

After Yu BingYan came, she had destroyed Ling Tian’s optimal mental state. The earlier Yu BingYan’s Divine Black Negative Meridians was treated, the higher the probability of success. While Ling Tian was able to wait, Yu BingYan could not. Even if he is able to refine the Great Cyclic Pill, it was only a method to stall for time.

Tonight, Yu BingYan did not return to the Wei family but stayed in the Ling family instead, moving in with her guards. This made the originally spacious courtyard become a little squeezy. At the same time, Ling Tian’s actions also became more restricted. Because the Wei family was worried about Yu BingYan, they sent Wei XuanXuan to invite her back. However, with the reason of Ling Tian being injured, Yu BingYan insisted on staying there.

Helpless, Wei XuanXuan could only agree to pick Yu BingYan up at noon the next day.

The sky was already dark.

A soft snapping sound could be heard on the roof.

Ling Tian was awoken from his meditative state, opening his eyes slowly. His eyes fixed onto the person on the roof as his divine sense spread out. If this person had any malicious intentions, Ling Tian would kill the person with all he had!

"Young noble, it is me." Feeling Ling Tian’s sharp killing intent, the person on the roof quickly spoke: he was Ling Jian.

From the opened window, Ling Jian drifted in, "Young noble, what’s the matter? Why do I feel two unfamiliar experts in the house apart from young noble? Furthermore, they are both extremely alert. What is going on? Afraid that I will reveal myself, I jumped straight onto young noble’s roof from the outside."

Ling Tian praised, "Ling Jian, you are indeed more mature in recent times. You are now able to make flexible decisions when you realize that something is wrong. Haha, if it were a few years back, you would have probably walked in foolishly from the front door, right?"

Ling Jian rubbed his heads embarrassedly. His chilly face was like an immature child in front of Ling Tian, "Young noble praised me too much. The situation today was just too odd; this is the first time our house is on such high alert! If not for this subordinate knowing young noble’s ability, I would have definitely thought that something happened within the family."

"The little princess of the Yu family is in our house." Ling Tian said calmly.

"Oh, no wonder." Ling Jian’s eyes was suddenly burning with passion, "Are those two experts the guards of the little princess? Young noble, I…"

Ling Tian interrupted him, "No way! You cannot touch them now. They are both not your opponents. Once drawn, your swordplay cannot be retracted, resolute with killing intent. It is the sharpest and most powerful swordplay in the world today. While they are not your opponents, you will have to fight them with all of your might if they join hands to fight you. In the exchange between experts, life and death happens in an instant and the both of them will definitely die under your hands. However, the little princess of the Yu family is an extremely important affair and nothing must happen. The moment something goes wrong, we will be on the defensive end."

Ling Jian went silent for a moment before saying, "I will wait! There will definitely be such a day!"

Ling Tian giggled, "Ling Jian, when this day really comes, you will realize that you are no longer interested in the both of them."

Ling Jian’s eyes lit up, "Young noble, are we going to have special training again?"

Ling Tian laughed, "That’s not the case. It is just that I thought of another situation from your killing intent just now. Ling Jian, do you know that you no longer require any special training anymore? Special training can only improve the endurance, reflexes and agility of a person. It is already useless to you. The thing which you have to increase now is your cultivation."

Ling Jian seemed a little disappointed as he heard that, frustrated over the fact that special training will no longer be of use to him. Ling Jian knew just how cruel Ling Tian’s special training was. It is able to make an expert like himself live under the pressure of death every moment, afraid to even relax for a moment. While such a feeling was torture to an ordinary person, it was a rare experience for someone like Ling Jian who lived on the borders of life and death every day!

"Young noble, you said that you thought of another situation from my killing intent? What kind of situation did you think about?" Ling Jian asked.

Ling Tian’s eyes flashed, "The situation when you fight the both of them!"

Ling Jian was stunned for a moment, "Didn’t young noble say that I will be able to win the both of them, even if they joined hands?"

"While you are able to win the both of them, do you know what kind of a price you will pay?" Ling Tian asked.

"To serve the young noble, death is nothing. Ling Jian’s life already belongs to the young noble!" Ling Jian replied without thinking.

Ling Tian shook his head, "You are wrong. The both of them are top notch experts. With your ability, you will be able to win the both of them. However, you will have to pay a huge price which may be…" As Ling Tian said that, he was stunned for a moment. You have to know; Ling Tian was betrayed by his own family in his past life and humiliated by his blood brothers. He no longer had the feeling of brotherhood in his heart any longer. While Ling Jian was loyal to him, it was due to the favor which he owed Ling Tian and the effects of brainwashing. However, he had actually mention those words of concern without thinking. Did he really treat Ling Jian as a true brother and not a chess piece which could be sacrificed at any time?

The both of them did not speak for a long time.

"Is the matter settled?" Ling Tian was the first to regain his calmness and asked. While this was a question, it seemed more like a confirmation. Ling Tian would never doubt Ling Jian’s ability and Ling Jian had never disappointed Ling Tian. Furthermore, sending Ling Jian to deal with NanGong Le was akin to using a cannon to kill a chicken. It would be even more surprising if Ling Jian did not succeed.

Ling Jian chuckled before replying, "NanGong Le’s head had been thrown into the river by me. Young noble, I am not sure about something and I hope you can enlighten me."

Ling Tian opened his eyes and looked at Ling Jian, signalling for Ling Jian to continue.

"The strength of the NanGong family seemed a little too weak. None of the NanGong family’s guards were able to even block my sword. Don’t young noble think that there is something wrong?" Ling Jian asked with doubt plastered all over his face.

"The NanGong family is not the Yu family or ‘Water of Heavenly Wind’ after all. It is understandable for them to be slightly weaker. Not every family is able to have a large number of experts. However, the NanGong family definitely has experts; this fact is undeniable! As for why the guards of NanGong Le is so weak, this goes to show that a silkpants like him is not important in the family." Ling Tian said in a deep tone.

"Oh," Ling Jian nodded his head, "young noble, since the matter is settled, I will return to the Ling Family Courtyard."

Ling Tian smiled and said with a gentle tone, "There’s no rush, ah Jian, apart from when we were young and a few other night conversations, we rarely have any chance to interact. Especially after you exterminated the Blood Rose Hall and moved to the Ling Family Courtyard, you have been on the move for long periods of time, without a shelter over your head as you toiled away for long hours. It has been tough on you. Tonight, let us brothers have a gathering. You can also tell me about all the things which have happened in the past few years."

Ling Jian’s eyes reddened as he felt the deep sense of concern from Ling Tian, "Young noble is more knowledgeable than anyone in the world, with wisdom far exceeding his peers. Furthermore, Ling Jian owes the young noble a great favor and even death would repay only a mere fragment of it. How would I dare to be brothers with the young noble. I… am alright; no matter what I have to do for the young noble, I am willing to do so! I will always be young noble’s sword!"

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