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Chapter 115: Probing As Such

Chapter 115: Probing As Such

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At this moment, the Heavenly Blade Troops were already at the end of the street. With a sudden command, all 500 of them stopped in unison without any delay! Even the horses did not resist in the slightest or let out a neigh of unwillingness! These troops were like potent killing machines on the battlefield!

The 500 of them got off their horse together, landing with a unified ‘thud’. From afar, it seemed as though the leader of the troops was handing out instructions. The next moment, the few hundred people were reduced to almost nothing, sprinting in different directions and leaving one section behind to watch the horses.

Ling Tian revealed a cunning smile as he said, "Let me test their combat prowess."

Ling Jian began to itch with excitement, "Young noble, let me go!"

Ling Tian quickly held Ling Jian's excited body back and said quietly, "This time, there is no need for you to go. You have just killed NanGong Le; your body shape and strength is already revealed. It wouldn’t be good for you to take action again. They will be able to figure out easily that you were the preparator from your swordplay and the injuries on the corpses. If that’s the case, then things wouldn’t be fun anymore. We need to have something unexpected for more fun. This time, let your young noble show you a fantastic show. Then, I will bewilder that old fogey YangKong Qun to make him more confused. Only then will it be fun." As he said that, he chuckled, looking in a direction.

As Ling Jian followed Ling Tian’s vision, he almost burst out into laughter. In that direction was a carefully concealed figure in the darkness, XueLeng! At this moment, XueLeng seemed to be inching about in the darkness, as though he had the intention to leave.

Along the way here, XueLeng had been extremely careful as he eavesdropped on the conversations around him. Only after listening to a few different conversations did he understand what was going on.

It turns out, the young noble of the NanGong family, NanGong Le, was assassinated by a mysterious expert on the streets. Yang KongQun flew into a rage and sent out all of his forces to apprehend the culprit!

After knowing that this matter was completely unrelated to the Yu Family he was serving and their mortal nemesis, Water of Heavenly Wind, he naturally could not be bothered about the matter any longer. At the same time, he also became relaxed as he searched for an opportunity to return to the Ling mansion. However, being in the center of the investigation radius, he must exercise extreme caution. If he were to cause this incident to be related to his little princess, he would never be able to redeem himself, even with death.

Just when he was thinking about how he should leave, a section of orderly troops walked towards him slowly. While XueLeng was on top of a roof, he could also feel the dense killing intent emanating from the troops! They were obviously well-seasoned troops who had no qualms about killing! XueLeng’s heart tightened as he thought, "The Yang family actually has elite troops like these!" If there were only a dozen of them here, he would not place them in his sights at all. But, there were probably tens of them present currently. If XueLeng’s location were to be revealed, they were more than capable of trapping him into a bitter battle! Thinking about this, XueLeng hurriedly shrunk his body deeper into the darkness.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!" Three bricks exploded by XueLeng's side! The crisp sound spread out in the darkness as XueLeng felt his soul jump out from his body!

Which idiot threw these bricks to my side?! XueLeng almost wanted to scream.

But now, he no longer had the time to grumble. Now that he was found out, things were extremely grave! From afar, the black dressed men swiftly ascended the roof and sprinted over.

"He’s here!" A loud shout sounded from below! With the sound of a few ‘swish’, the black dressed men were all on the roof. Their blades reflected the moonlight, covering XueLeng with the reflection as they slashed down towards him.

XueLeng no longer had the time to be frustrated as his figure drifted into the sky. His snow like sword was unsheathed as he brandished it in the air. As the sounds of metal clashing rang in the air, XueLeng had already parried the incoming weapons as he began to retreat.

The sound of a blade slicing through the air sounded from behind him, approaching him ferociously with great force. XueLeng did not have the chance to turn back as he slashed out his sword in reflex, receiving the blade with a burst of spark. At the same time, XueLeng sighed in his heart and escaped towards the street.

Although he knew that his opponent’s intention was to force him off the roof to surround him, he did not have a choice! He really lost the whole game with a single error!

Now, XueLeng can already be certain that the person who threw the brick was definitely the true culprit, or an accomplice at the very least!

Before his body landed, more than ten blades were already slashing towards him. While XueLeng was still in mid air, he unleashed a move called, ‘Eight Direction Night Fight’. A layer of sword shadows could be seen around him, blocking all the blades as he landed on the ground.

The ten-plus black dressed men surrounded him tightly as experts occupied the high ground, sealing all routes of escape.

After a round of exchange, XueLeng already knew that the people on the roof weren’t weaklings. While one or two of them were not his opponents, he would be in trouble if all of them were to attack together. As for the ten plus men below, they were only elites who were just a little stronger than the ordinary army. While they were not martial arts experts, XueLeng could tell that they were a trained suicide squad who did not fear death from their actions and eyes. With the experts on the roofs and suicide squad below, escaping would not be an easy task.

The most troublesome part was the fact that his opponent’s experts were also rushing over at this moment! If he were to be surrounded in all directions, he would definitely die here tonight even if he had a heavenly ability!

Thinking about this, an unyielding spirit burned in his eyes. If that’s the case, then let’s end this quickly!

Following the movement of XueLeng’s body, his sword also stabbed out like a poisonous dragon! This move was not fanciful in anyway and was a killing move! Before the black dressed soldier had a chance to react, the sword had already pierced through his chest. The eyes of the black dressed soldier burned in anger as he advanced even further instead of retreating, charging at XueLeng with all of his strength. As XueLeng pulled out his sword and stabbed the throat of another enemy, this black dressed soldier, with a bloody hole in his chest, had already pounced onto him. He tried to hug XueLeng with his arms, as he groaned in agony with blood flowing out from all his organs.

This was the difference between a suicide squad and the regular army. Even if the troops of a suicide squad were going to face death, they would face death with a smile. Even if they were going to die, they would definitely create trouble for their enemy to help their comrades kill the enemy! Even if they were to die, they would definitely drag someone along with them!

XueLeng’s countenance was unchanged and calm as he dodged with a simple step and tripped the burly man charging at him. At the same time, XueLeng had already unleashed three attacks, amputating two enemies and piercing the forehead of another! The sharpness of his swordplay could be easily witnessed.

As the commotion of footsteps sounded from afar, more and more experts who flowed over constantly. As the experts on the roof saw that things were not going well, they let out a loud whistle before jumping down and joining the fray.

As these few people jumped down, XueLeng immediately felt the increase in pressure. Originally, he escaped as he fought and had already retreated a few meters. However, he was no longer able to escape a single step the moment these few men jumped down.