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Chapter 116: Escape

Chapter 116: Escape

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Not too far away on a tree densely filled with leaves, Ling Tian looked at the battle below with interest. Occasionally, he would look towards the people who were rushing over from afar, observing their numbers, skills and etc.

Ling Jian’s eyes were filled with a crazed glow as he looked at the fierce battle below, hating the fact that he was not the one being surrounded to unleash another massacre!

"It’s about time. If all of them were to really rush over, XueLeng will be dead for sure. We have seen most of the experts from the Yang family already and they are only worth so little! To think that old fellow still hid them like treasure for so many years! Ling Jian, go and fetch him out. You must achieve it in a single strike and retreat immediately." Ling Tian commanded calmly.

Ling Jian acknowledged in excitement as his face turned red from exhilaration.

Ling Jian disappeared with a ‘swoosh’ as he appeared almost hundred feet away in a flash. Before the troops surrounding XueLeng could do anything, he had already appeared at the backlines of the intense battle. His body made a few strange turns, and with the flash of sword lights, there were a few black dressed men who had died under his sword.

This was Ling Jian’s real capabilities! As an assassin, this was his true skill! Killing with a single strike.

As an exceptional assassin, even if he had full confidence, he would never fight an enemy head on! This was something which Ling Tian taught him the most frequently.

Now, Ling Jian knew that things were urgent and he did not have much time left. Thus, he unleashed his swordplay and movement techniques to the maximum, his body moving swiftly as the enemies died under his sword!

Sword light could be seen flashing around XueLeng as he was trapped in the center of the circle. There were more than ten black dressed experts surrounding him with a frantic wave of attacks. Outside of this circle, Ling Jian was like a formless ghost, drifting around without rhythm as his sword light flashed out without warning!

Reinforcements came at the most desperate moment! XueLeng, who was already in desperation, had been awarded with an opportunity to survive. He could not help but be energized as he slashed out a total of 19 densely packed attacks. At that moment, the attacks of the black dressed men were slowed down for an instant! A chance!!

Ling Jian pushed his movement technique to the extreme as he dashed into the center of the circle. His sword was like the wind, brandishing it with every step he took. Everyone thought that he wanted to borrow the force from XueLeng’s attack to break out of the encirclement. However, none of them realized that his true purpose was the three people behind XueLeng. Being caught off guard, their throats were penetrated as blood spewed out from it like a fountain. At the same time, a hole was made in the encirclement! Before the three corpses even landed on the floor, Ling Jian and XueLeng had charged out of the encirclement and flew onto the roof!

At this moment, the experts from the Yang family were all within a hundred feet away from here! The both of them did not dare delay as Ling Jian flew up from the roof towards the tree that Ling Tian was hiding in. XueLeng followed closely behind him and the both of them landed on the tree like two gigantic birds.

The place where they previously on already had a couple of black dressed men on it.

Without delay, Ling Jian and XueLeng sprung off from the tree as their figures flew up into the sky again.

The experts from the Yang family gave a roar of rage as they dashed over to give chase. They followed behind the both of them closely and refused to give up!

Right before the black dressed men were about to use the tree as a springboard, 10,000 hair like silver needles shot out from the tree, like a peacock spreading its tail! The needles blocked all routes of the black dressed men!

The bodies of the black dressed men were in mid-air, as the force from their previous jump was about to be expended. Looking at the tree in front of them, they began to relax slightly but the situation changed drastically right in front of them! A wave of fatal hidden weapons appeared in front of them! The timing was just too accurate and cunning! All of the experts began to curse in their hearts; from the sharp sound of these needles penetrating through the air, this person was definitely much more powerful than the two who had just ran away! They had never expected that after the both of them had escaped, there was an even more powerful expert behind bringing up the rear!

"Ah! Aiyah!" Being caught off guard, the experts of the Yang family suffered from the attack of the silver needles. They landed on the face, bodies or limbs of the black dressed men. For a few unlucky ones, the needles even penetrated their eyes. In that instant, all the experts from the Yang family fell from the skies like dumplings.

The two old men, who were at the very front, waved their sleeves as they circulated their inner Qi to block half of the silver needles. But without a platform to spring themselves forward, they could only float down with a sigh. As they took a close look, both their faces changed greatly! The silver needles were flashing on the sleeves of their robes. In the dim moonlight, it was as though the silver needles were mocking the two old men. With their cultivation of a few decades imbued within their sleeves, their sleeves were no weaker than leather! But even if that was the case, it was still penetrated by the weak and thin needles! The both of them could not help but suck in a breath of cold air!

There was actually such a martial art in the world! There was actually such an expert in the world!

Who is this person?!

From the tree, a figure rose into the sky like an eagle. As his body shook in the sky, he disappeared into the night sky like a shooting star! The next instant, he was nowhere to be seen!

As the troops stared at him leave, they did not dare to stop or pursue him!

The cold winds blew lightly in the desolate night. The floor was littered with corpses as blood filled the streets. There were even a few black dressed men covering their eyes as they screamed out with agony and desperation! In between their fingers, blood flowed out from the gaps as it dripped on the floor…

XueLeng finally managed to escape death. While he was already escaping, his heart was still pounding in his chest! Facing the person in front of him, he was filled with a complicated emotion. If not for this person, he would not have been discovered. It was because of the three bricks from this fellow, dragging him into this whole mess.

But, it was also this fellow who saved himself in times of danger! With regards to why this fellow would do such a thing, XueLeng was completely confused!

He was completely unable to explain the matter with common sense. Such an action can be said to be almost crazy! But no matter how frustrated XueLeng felt, it was still important for XueLeng to give thanks out of courtesy.

"Friend, thank you for saving…"

Before XueLeng could complete his sentence, the black dressed figure in front of him sped up and widened the distance between them. Originally, the both of them were less than 10 feet apart. But the moment this black dressed figure sped up, the distance between them increased to over 70 feet. Furthermore, the gap was still increasing further!

XueLeng knew that the other party was uninterested in talking to him. Such an action had already displayed his attitude. With a sigh in his heart, XueLeng slowed down and began to conceal himself as he made his way back to the Ling mansion stealthily. If he were to be exposed again, he would cause grave trouble. Not only would he implicate the little princess, he would also pull the Ling family into this mess.

A soft but clear voice then sounded from afar into his ears, "The expert of the Yu family is indeed extraordinary. We will meet again if fate permits!"

Before the sentence was complete, that black figure had already disappeared into the horizon and not a trace of his presence could be seen.

XueLeng laughed bitterly as he thought, "You had created so much trouble for me. The next time I see you, I really don’t know how I should be facing you. Should I pull out my sword or face you with gratitude for saving me?" Then, XueLeng turned and disappeared into the darkness as well.

Ling Tian then returned to his courtyard joyfully. The matters today had allowed him to make an accurate estimate of the Yang family’s power! It would definitely be a great help to his actions in the future! He will also be able to formulate a more focused plan to allow his chances of success to increase!

As Ling Tian entered the room, Ling Chen, who was in the room, felt his return. She then lit the lamp up silently and looked to Ling Tian with a smile. As she saw the look of excitement on Ling Tian’s face, she knew that his trip did not go to waste. She then could not help but feel excited as well.