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Chapter 117: Northern Wei“s Crown Prince

Chapter 117: Northern Wei's Crown Prince

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Ling Chen’s hair looked a little messy, eyes a little dreamy and face slightly red.

Ling Tian fell into a daze as he stared at her — this lady who waited for him to come back quietly. All of a sudden, he felt extremely moved and a sense of affection overwhelmed him. He could not help but take a step forward and pull Ling Chen into his embrace. Before Ling Chen had a chance to say anything, she already felt Ling Tian lowering his head and kissing her on the lips!

Ling Chen’s body went frozen as her heart grew flustered. Following which, a sense of warmth and sweetness filled her heart. She knew that Ling Tian could not restrain himself in excitement and also felt the joy in Ling Tian’s heart! She could not help but relax her body as her slender arms wrapped around Ling Tian’s waist, hugging this man who she was deeply in love with. Let me share his happiness at this moment...

With a creaking sound, the window opened quietly again as Ling Jian’s neck stretched into the room. The moment he saw such a scene, he quickly retracted his head and said flusteredly, "I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything at all!"

Ling Chen was completely embarrassed as she pushed Ling Tian to the side. She panted softly as her face turned red, almost wanting to dig a hole to bury herself. Her eyes were filled with embarrassment and frustration but also joy and other mixed emotions, all at the same time.

Ling Tian never imagined Ling Jian to come back at such a critical moment. He could not help but shake his head with a bitter laughter, "Ling Jian, you had ruined my joy, come in and accept your punishment. Look at how you are like now, head in the house but body outside. Isn’t this bothering about your head but not your bum? Chen’er, what do you think?"

Ling Chen managed to barely suppress her feeling of embarrassment as she looked towards the window. She then could not help but burst out into giggles. But after a while, she felt that she should not have been laughing and so she stomped her foot angrily. She then turned around and ran away with her face all red…

Ling Jian then entered the room and laughed, "Young noble, this is the first time I saw Chen’er act like a little girl. Young noble’s means are really powerful." Ling Jian grew up with Chen’er since they were young. While they were not blood siblings, they were much closer than ordinary siblings. He had long known about how Ling Chen felt about Ling Tian. Seeing that Ling Chen’s wish finally came true today and had someone to rely on in the future, together with the fact that the person was his most respected young noble, Ling Jian naturally felt happy for Ling Chen in his heart!

Ling Tian then grunted, "While she looks cute now, when she calms down tomorrow, you will find that she is a hundred times cuter!"

Ling Jian then snapped into realization as he pleaded, "Young noble, the sun is about to rise. I think that I should make my way back quickly. If Chen’er that lass is going to see me in the morning, I will be in trouble. Young noble save me!" This cold blooded killer would only display such a human-like side when he was beside Ling Tian.

Ling Tian then chuckled, "That’s your problem. Besides, if you don’t let her vent her anger, she will vent it on me, Ah Jian, for your young noble, just sacrifice yourself for once."

Ling Jian then groaned in agony as he escaped hastily…

Northern Wei, imperial palace.

The crown prince, Wei ChengPing, turned around, "What did you say? The little princess of the Yu family is in the Sky Bearing Empire? Is this news accurate?!"

"Yes! Crown prince your highness! This is a piece of news which I only managed to get after great effort. The little princess of the Yu family, Yu BingYan, is indeed in the Sky Bearing Empire!" A middle aged guard bowed in response.

"Ah ah ah, Yu BingYan, Sky Bearing… Hehe… Not bad, not bad. But what is she doing in the Sky Bearing Empire?"

"I heard that she is in the Ling family now and is extremely close to the young noble, Ling Tian."

"Ling Tian?! General Ling Xiao’s silkpants son?"

"That’s right! He is the one."

"Haha, that silkpants is infamous all across the world for being extremely mischievous and incorrigible. He is nothing to be feared. He probably has nothing more than a suave face and isn’t worth much. If I am really going to be calculative with him, that would be thinking too highly of him." Wei ChengPing smiled, "Please invite Mister Meng over."

"Yes, crown prince your highness." The guard responded.

Mister Meng, or Meng LiGe, was Wei ChengPing’s number one strategist. He was extremely shrewd, careful and full of ideas. He was Wei ChengPing’s capable assistant and most trusted aide!

A while later, Meng LiGe rushed over hastily. He was wearing a long scholarly robe with his black beard swaying gently in the wind. But, he was only a 40 plus year old middle aged scholar. He then cupped his fists in respect, "I wonder what urgent matters the crown prince has?"

"Ah ah, Mister Meng need not be so polite. I indeed require Mister’s abilities for a matter today, to help me think of a plan for the Sky Bearing Empire." Wei ChengPing knew that this scholar in front of him was extremely wise and was a top notch character in the world today. If he does not make his request in person, Mister Meng may not accede to his request. Thus, he did not dare to be the slightest bit rude.

Meng LiGe then sat down calmly as he looked towards Wei ChengPing with a smile, waving his feather fan calmly like a well refined poet. If Ling Tian saw his current appearance, he would definitely exclaim, "Sir, are you the godly Mister Zhuge? If not, why would you have a feather fan?!" [1]

Wei ChengPing then smiled, "I just received news that the little princess of the Yu family is touring the Sky Bearing Empire, having a close relationship with the silkpants Ling Tian. Mister Meng is extremely clear about how I feel towards the little princess, Yu BingYan. Thus, I have found Mister to discuss a plan."

Meng LiGe laughed, "I see," he then frowned, "when the crown prince made a marriage proposal the last time, you were rejected by the Yu family already, right? The little princess of the Yu family is not the only beauty in our Northern Wei. The crown prince has a status high above everyone else in the Northern Wei, who would you not be able to marry? Why do you have to be so stubborn about the little princess of the Yu family? After all, the little princess is…"

Meng LiGe looked towards Wei ChengPing with a smile which did not seem like a smile. He naturally knew the real reason for Wei ChengPing to pester Yu BingYan. It was just that he had to hint to Wei ChengPing subtly — since you want me to help you, it is best that you are honest with me. There are some things which others will be able to tell even if you do not say. If that’s the case, things would lose its meaning.

Wei ChengPing’s face turned slightly red, "That’s right, Mister’s wisdom far outshines others and is extremely knowledgeable. How can my thoughts be hidden from Mister’s sharp eyes?"

After pausing for a short while, Wei ChengPing sighed, "The world today is about to be embroiled in chaos soon. As one of the seven empires on the Heavenly Star Continent, we will definitely be dragged into this wave of chaos. At that time, it will be unknown as to who will emerge the victor. From the way every power has their own strengths currently, no one will be able to proclaim themselves the victor for sure!"

Meng LiGe then straightened his back and asked, "So, the crown prince wants to pull the Yu family over?"

[1]: Mister Zhuge is a famous character, Zhuge Liang, from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.