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Chapter 118: Martial Order Medallion

Chapter 118: Martial Order Medallion

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Wei ChengPing snorted as he revealed an expression of dissatisfaction, "The strength of the Yu Family is profoundly deep. If I could draw upon this strength, it would be a boon to me. With the strength my Northern Wei's imperial family as well as the Yu Family’s strength, so long as we work earnestly, even conquering the entire continent is nothing at all! However, the Yu Family has all along dissociated themselves with the affairs of the Imperial Court, sitting high up loftily. Yu ManLou still refuses to see us Imperial Family as superior, even though I’ve went to pay him a visit so many times, he has never once seen me! How hateful, how frustrating! But thinking from another perspective, this makes absolute sense, so I can’t do anything about it!"

Meng LiGe guffawed in response, "If Your Highness can think of it in this way, that is considered having foresight. The Yu family had always held the position of absolute power in Heavenly Star Continent but has never taken part in any disputes. Neither do they have any close relations towards the other Great Families, always shrouding themselves in secrecy and facing any mortal problems indifferently. If you want to them participate in the tides of war this time, difficult! That’s all I can say."

Wei ChengPing forced out a bitter smile at this, "That’s why I placed my designs on that Yu BingYan. Heh heh, if I really become the Yu Family’s son-in-law, then let’s see if that jerk Yu ManLou would sit on the sidelines this time!"

Meng LiGe laughed out loud but did not utter any words. Instead, he expressed his disapproval in his heart, ‘For this sort of millennium-long aristocratic family, they naturally had their own set of rules. For them, a girl in the household is merely a political tool to form relations through marriage. Who would actually throw in the family’s resources just for a little girl? You are simply trivializing the whole matter!’

Wei ChengPing paced around the palace hall as he raised his head, "Mister might not be aware, in Yu BingYan's generation, she is the only female direct descendant. In addition," Wei ChengPing lowered his voice to emphasize his point, "According to the latest news I’ve received, Yu BingYan has been afflicted by the Heavenly Negative Locked Meridians since young and that fellow Yu ManLou pampers her like no other. If she wants the stars, he would not settle for just a moon. Hehehe…"

"Oh, so that’s the case! If it’s so, then to be wed with her would be the same as roping in the entire Yu Family!" Meng LiGe furrowed his brows as he spoke. Though in theory, this might be so; the probability in reality would be quite low. However, seeing Wei ChengPing’s excited expression, he still swallowed the harsh words he was about to say.

"The other time, I was helping my Royal Father with some affairs of the nation in the Imperial Study and came across a treasure in his imperial jade box by chance. This treasure would be able to treat Yu BingYan’s condition as well as solve that problem which has been giving Yu ManLou a headache for the past ten years. If at that time, I take Yu BingYan as my first wife, Mister Meng, what do you think Yu ManLou will say to that?" Wei ChengPing sounded complacent, as though the entire world was in his grasp.

I’m guessing Yu ManLou still wouldn't agree to the matter of taking part in the chaotic dispute. Meng LiGe thought to himself. ‘If Yu ManLou were to find out that you are in possession of a spiritual treasure which could actually treat Yu BingYan and you force his hand, he would probably raze the palace to the ground in order to lay his hands on it, rather than to give in to your demands. To think that you still look so satisfied with yourself, showing off over here.’

These words naturally could not be spoken. As such, he merely said what Wei ChengPing wanted to hear, "Mmm, if that’s the case, I believe that you'll have an added chance of success."

As he spoke, Meng LiGe sighed darkly to himself. When he first laid eyes on crown prince ChengPing, he felt that this guy did not put on any airs of a nobility and was willing to treat those with talents respectfully. Originally, he had thought that the crown prince would be one to succeed greatly. But after socialising with him, he began to feel more and more as though this person would not amount to much! It was as though he was someone ‘destined’ for great things, only a what-if, and this might not actually come into fruition.

"This item is called the ‘Martial Order Medallion’," Wei ChengPing took out a medallion from his bosom, which seemed to flicker between gold and jade, tossing it carelessly in his hands. He continued, "Placed together with this Martial Order Medallion is a booklet embossed in gold. In it describes a mysterious sect, as well as a mystical form of communication! As in turns out, there is the existence of such a group of people, who do not pursue material wealth, nor beauties. They only relentlessly pursue their own special field, be in medicine, divination, astrology or military skills, to the point of losing themselves. As for their influence, it could be said that they are the number one hidden sect under heaven!"

"The number one hidden sect?! This Meng had not heard of such news before, please elaborate further, crown prince!" Hearing this startling news, Meng LiGe could not help but show more interest in such a topic.

"It has been passed down since the olden days, that this sect was named ‘Beyond Heaven’, with enigmatic origins and unfathomable strength. Because it was considered taboo for any of them to hold positions of power, none of them have had the desire to progress in their careers. However, their strength is really on par with the legendary arhats!" Wei ChengPing indulged him by revealing more.

"On par with the legendary arhats? Is Crown Prince overestimating their abilities? If this sect actually possessed such strength, how could they have existed til now? The various countries would have long ago banded together to destroy them!" Meng LiGe asked in doubt.

"Mister Meng would not understand this. Though their strength was inhumane, they have an even more inhumane method to pass on their inheritance. Every successor of the sect must not only possess an immense amount of fate with the teacher, but also immense talent. The most unreasonable thing is that after entering the sect, they would have to cut all ties with the secular world, leaving behind any — and all — attachments they have for material needs!" Wei ChengPing dropped the bombshell.

"Ahh?! Isn’t that worse than a monk?" Meng LiGe answered in shock.

"That’s not completely the case, those in the sect only need to avoid all conflicts in the world. After they have completely mastered their respective arts, they are allowed to roam free and unfettered, only having to answer to the summons of the sect. Other than that, they can do whatever they want!" Wei ChengPing reassured him.

"Whatever they want? R*pe, pillage, arson and murder are also accepted?" Meng LiGe said in shock.

"The people in the sect usually avoid engaging in immoral activities and disdain to do such things. However, if they really wish to do so, then the various countries in the continent can only close one eye to their wrongdoings! They would definitely not dare to get themselves involved." Wei ChengPing replied helplessly.

"Why is that so?" Meng LiGe pressed on.

"This is because of the ‘Martial Order Medallion’! This Martial Order Medallion is somewhat like an imperial emblem, and also a tradition of the Beyond Heaven sect. They would never take part in disputes, or attempt to be tyrants, always living beyond the secular world. But once a country is successful in establishing itself, on the first anniversary of its founding, Beyond Heaven would gift the founder a Martial Order Medallion. This medallion can be used by the monarch or his successors, to request for assistance from the Beyond Heaven sect. ‘Gifting this medallion to the monarch, one medallion for one life’, anybody’s life is accepted!' However, every medallion can only be used once and would be taken back after that, leaving the monarch to his own devices."

"One medallion in exchange for a life, anybody’s life is accepted! Such an overbearing attitude!" Meng LiGe could not help but laugh out, feeling that this matter was too nonsensical."

"This is no exaggeration; in the hundreds of years, the martial order medallion has appeared seven times. Because of that, it has changed the destiny of seven people!" Wei ChengPing spoke grimly.

"I would like to hear the details." Meng LiGe replied.

"One hundred and twenty years ago, a terrifying devil appeared in the West Han, named ‘Blood Washed Heaven’ Ren PingSheng. This blood devil would go wild with happiness whenever he drank blood and killed people as though felling wheat and had murdered over a thousand peasants. Even though the various countries had sent out their experts to encircle and annihilate him, it was fruitless. Left without an option, the Western Han's King tentatively tried to use the Martial Order Medallion. In just three days, Ren PingSheng suddenly lost his life under a nameless expert. That nameless expert came under the capacity of the current generation of the Beyond Heaven sect. But after which, vanished without a trace," Wei ChengPing spoke.

"Even if Beyond Heavens have a high set of martial skills, this at most makes them the pinnacle of killers. This doesn’t mean that they can do as they will!" Meng LiGe remarked.

"Ninety years ago, the Southern Zheng's Emperor, Hao TianDi, was assassinated. He was attacked by unbelievably poisonous tools, and even with his martial strength and exquisite internal force, he was unable to drive the poison out. Even the imperial doctors were left helpless. However, when the monarch took out his Martial Order Medallion, a messenger from Beyond Heavens appeared once again and used unique medical skills, never seen before in this life, to save Hao TianDi and allowing him to return from the dead. In these hundreds of years, every time the Martial Order Medallion appears, it would change a person’s destiny without fail!" Wei ChengPing solemnly said.

"So that’s the case. A medallion for a life, one can choose to kill or save!" Meng LiGe said in shock.

"That’s precisely the case. If I use the Martial Order Medallion in my hands and invite the Beyond Heaven's saint doctor, I believe I can save Yu BingYan! The Yu family might be supremely powerful, but they are after all not regents and hence will not possess the Martial Order Medallion. However, this medallion has two limitations. First, it is prohibited to use the medallion to assassinate the monarch of another country. Second, you cannot provoke anyone from Beyond Heaven. This includes attempting to rope them over, and neither can you plot against them. Or else, the medallion will be confiscated!"