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Chapter 119: Vicious ChenPing

Chapter 119: Vicious ChenPing

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It turns out, this Martial Order Medallion was actually such an important thing! Meng LiGe felt his heart turn cold! Thinking about how Wei ChengPing could casually take it out and toss it around, Meng LiGe sighed in his heart. How can he treat such an important item so lightly? From just this alone, it could be seen how Wei ChengPing faced his everyday life.

"Mister Meng, you are eloquent and wise, I hope you can represent me to the Sky Bearing Empire. Tell her that I, Wei ChengPing, have the confidence to save her. At the same time, tell her my conditions as well. Of course, it is best for you to be more tactful with your words." Wei ChengPing said, as he kept the Martial Order Medallion.

"Crown prince, I do not have much confidence in this matter. Your subordinate will try his best." Meng LiGe bowed and did not reject the crown prince.

Wei ChengPing was delighted and said with a smile, "I knew that Mister Meng will not disappoint me," after pausing for a moment, a malevolent glare appeared, "if that lass does not appreciate my kindness and rejects me, you must also report the matter back to me immediately! There must be no delays!"

Meng LiGe immediately understood Wei ChengPing’s intentions. He could not help but stutter, "Crown prince, don’t tell me you…"

Wei ChenPing then remarked coldly, "That’s right! If that lass refuses my kind intentions, I will send people to the Sky Bearing Empire and kill her, regardless the cost, to frame the Sky Bearing Empire! Hmph, Yu family, I want to see if they will still distance themselves from worldly affairs if she is killed!"

For the first time, Meng LiGe looked towards We ChengPing with a trace of fear in his eyes! How can it be a good thing for the commoners of the Northern Wei if their crown prince was so vicious?

"Mister Meng, it is not that ChengPing wants to be vicious. Think about it, if we were to compare just the seven empires, my Northern Wei would not lose to any other empire. In fact, we may even be slightly stronger than them. But if we were to compare the our real strength, our Northern Wei would be obviously weaker. All of the other six empires has an aristocratic family, which has existed for countless of generations, to support them. Every aristocratic family is filled with talent and they are extremely powerful.

Ever since that chaos which swept the continent 50 years ago, heroes have risen everywhere. The ShangGuan and YuChi family, which were part of the original eight great families, were destroyed and replaced by the Ling and Yang family. While the Ling and Yang family are still new and cannot be compared to the other great families, both their families are supporting the Sky Bearing Empire and can be comparable to a large great family.

The Southern Zheng has the NanGong family to support them. The Western Han’s royal family is extremely close to the Ximen family. The Great Zhao Empire has the support of the DongFang family. The Wu Empire has the BeiMing family to support them. Even the Moon Deity Empire has the support of the DiLei family. As for my Northern Wei Empire, while we have the presence of the strongest Yu family, they choose to act like they are not bothered with worldly affairs and ignores all state affairs. In fact, they do not allow the disciples of their Yu family to even enter the imperial court! Instead of being a source of strength, the Yu family is a large handicap for us!

Currently, every country and aristocratic family is monitoring the situation in the world and will spring into action at any time! Even the Xiao family, who aren’t part of the eight great families, are also not laying down low! The moment the continent is thrown into chaos and the war for hegemony begins, the potential of the great families will become obvious. As for my Northern Wei, as long as the Yu family does not take action, this will become a weakness for us. At that time, we may well be the first empire to get eliminated when war breaks out! Even if we are not the first to be destroyed, we will not have the might to fight for hegemony! This is all because of the Yu family!

While the Yu family does not take part in state affairs, they are in the territory of my Northern Wei Empire. With the Yu family present, it is nothing more than a dream to support a family to become as large as the great families! Even with the support of my Northern Wei’s imperial family, no one would dare to rise to prominence with the risk of offending the Yu family!

Such a situation has already persisted for a long time. With the deep roots and strong foundation of the Yu family, it wouldn’t be too much to say that the Yu family is the most powerful of the eight great families. It is impossible for our imperial family to destroy the Yu family. In fact, no one would have such an ability either. With the presence of such a family, it is a humiliation to my imperial family! We can’t fight them or pull them to our side! Every time we deal with them, we have to be extremely careful. Isn’t this akin to erecting an ancestral tablet? What is the use of having such an aristocratic family?

However, we cannot just ignore this matter completely. Even if we are not going to fight for hegemony, we must also struggle for our survival! In the world, it is no longer a case where the victor becomes king while the loser becomes a thief. While the victor would definitely become king, the loser would die a terrible death for sure! There isn’t any room for mistakes!

Thus, even if the Yu family isn’t willing to accept the marriage, even if Yu BingYan isn’t willing to accept my terms, I will have to try my best to pull the Yu family into this chaos! This matter cannot be delayed. While the continent still seems to be peaceful, chaos is on the verge of breaking out! The earlier we make our preparations, the greater the chance of survival!"

Meng LiGe considered for a moment before nodding his head, "The crown prince’s words makes sense. However, this matter has to be planned carefully. If the Yu family finds out about this, the destruction of our empire will be right before our eyes."

"They definitely won’t! Mister can be assured about this point. Without confidence, how would ChengPing dare to touch the little princess of the Yu family?" Wei ChengPing said calmly.

Meng LiGe sighed in his heart and felt helpless again! While Wei ChengPing praised the Yu family so much and was wary of them, he underestimates the Yu family too much in his actions. It would be a wonder if he does not suffer any losses! If the Yu family could be dealt with so easily, they would have been destroyed many times over in the past 1000 years! How could it be Wei ChengPing’s turn to do so?

"Mister Meng, I will give you one thousand soldiers and twenty imperial guards. If Mister Meng is able to, I hope that Mister Meng can leave tomorrow and plan the matters tonight. How about that?" Wei ChengPing said with sincerity, "Unless Mister takes action personally, I will not be assured if anyone else goes to the Sky Bearing Empire. If the news were to be leaked and the Yu family finds out about it, things would definitely be troublesome!"

"Alright then, if that’s the case, we shall not delay the matter. I will go to the Sky Bearing Empire tomorrow. However, I am only going to relay a message, wouldn’t it attract too much attention if I were to bring so many men?" Meng LiGe said with a frown.

"Mister Meng is my trusted aide, who is like a pillar in my life. If your guards are too little, how can ChengPing be assured about your safety?" Wei ChengPing said with passion, "No matter what choice the Yu family makes, as long as Mister can support ChengPing for life, we will eventually achieve great things. In ChengPing’s heart, Mister’s safety is the top priority."

While Meng LiGe’s expression was as calm as ever, he felt warmth in his heart. While Wei ChengPing was extremely ruthless, he really took care of Meng LiGe ever since he entered Wei ChengPing’s camp. Taking a deep bow, he said, "This subordinate thanks the crown prince for his concern. This subordinate will definitely try my best to support the crown prince. I will try my best in everything I do, until my final breath!"

"Mister is too serious! ChengPing only hopes that if ChengPing is lucky enough to rule the continent, Mister can still be by ChengPing’s side, so I can continue learning from Mister." Wei ChengPing said with sincerity as he held onto Meng LiGe’s hands.

"Crown prince your highness…" Meng LiGe’s usually calm heart also became emotional as he said, "This subordinate will take his leave. I will pack up my things and report to the crown prince tomorrow morning before leaving."

"Please take care, Mister. Have a safe trip."

After Meng LiGe took two steps out, he slapped himself on the head and said with a bitter laughter, "Crown prince your highness, your subordinate has never seen the little princess before. For me to go to the Sky Bearing Empire to look for her, it seems a little… Furthermore, I believe that it is also a secret that the little princess is in the Sky Bearing Empire. If that secret is going to be leaked by me, I think the Yu family will not be too happy. I wonder if the crown prince has a portrait of the little princess?"

"This…" Wei ChengPing was stunned as well, "I shall not hide it from Mister; the little princess of the Yu family rarely goes out and ChengPing does not have her portrait nor know how she looks like. I have only heard from the legends that the little princess is a rare beauty. This…"

Meng LiGe did not know whether to laugh or cry. He felt contradictory in his heart as his heart turned a little cold. The warmth and excitement from being treasured so greatly had already disappeared greatly. The crown prince had not even seen the little princess of the Yu family before! He wants to marry her before even seeing her! He was obviously just interested in the power of the Yu family!

He originally thought that the little princess was an outstanding beauty who the crown prince happened to chance upon. From that moment on, he fell in love with her on first sight and decided to pursue her. With the driving force of love together with the influence of the Yu family, the crown prince decided to pursue this phoenix. If that was the case, this crown prince would still have some merits in his character. But now, he had actually admitted that he had never seen Yu BingYan before!

Meng LiGe could not help but feel disappointed and dejected in his heart. This person was just a vicious character who would use any possible means to get his way. He is definitely not a hero! Should I feel lucky or sorrow?! I would be able to enjoy fame and fortune with a hero; but a vicious character would be extremely hard to serve. From this day on, I probably can't give my best to serve him anymore…

Meng LiGe stood in a daze for a moment before letting out a long sigh, "If that’s the case, then LiGe will play by ear in the Sky Bearing Empire. This subordinate takes his leave."

Wei ChengPing smiled and responded with cupped fists, "I am counting on Mister. Oh, I hope that Mister will take note that the Martial Order Medallion is a large secret. Only the rulers of the various empires will know about this. When Mister talks about that, you can consider how to mention it."

Meng LiGe bowed in acknowledgement and exited the palace. His originally straight back suddenly seemed to carry a hint of melancholy. Looking at his back view, he looked like a scholar who had failed the imperial examination again.

After seeing Meng LiGe leave, Wei ChengPing revealed a devious smile and commanded his guards, "Get General ZhenNan to see me." With the temper of those from the Yu family, it was almost impossible for Yu BingYan to accept his proposal. Thus, he would have to prepare a backup plan in advance.

Sending Meng LiGe to the Sky Bearing Empire was just to display his sincerity to Yu ManLou. No matter what happens after, Yu ManLou would definitely not suspect himself. If Meng LiGe is unable to persuade Yu BingYan, then the both of them would have known too many secrets by then. Hehehe…

"A pity! A pity! A pity for Meng LiGe’s wisdom and Yu BingYan’s beauty!" Wei ChengPing sighed twice as his demeanor grew more and more vicious.

If one wants to achieve great things, sacrifices must definitely be made! Without paying a huge enough price, how is it possible to taste the sweet taste of victory?!

"As long as I can pull the Yu family into my camp, not to mention a Meng LiGe, even if I have to sacrifice… " Wei ChengPing did not continue his thoughts as the viciousness in his eyes grew thicker.